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With these tricks you can recognize gold easily and quickly

How to know if the family jewel you have inherited is gold or how to recognize the value of a piece that you have?On many occasions, at first glance, golden accessories are identified as composed of this metal.However, that is not all that shines.

We can be before a pure gold necklace and another that is simply covered by layers of the same.Here, the question is how to distinguish between both.

If you have come to mind the typical image of an athlete biting a medal, you are not unchanging.According to jewelry and purchase-sale, this is a way to distinguish the authenticity of the piece.If you do the tooth - with care - and leave a deep mark, you will know what it is gold.Although there is an exception for this case, since it can be treated only of lead coated with a golden layer.This metal is softer, so it leaves a similar cleft.

Precisely, to know if a necklace is only bathed, you can discover in it several shades or a more worn color.

Con estos trucos podrás reconocer el oro de forma fácil y rápida

Another test that you can do in a simple way is to check the effect of a magnet on the piece.Gold is not magnetic, so it should not be attracted.In case this happens, you are not facing an object as pure as you thought, according to the same jewelry.

"There is a risk that they give you cat for hare, and the jewel that compres is not gold.

According to Castmay, an effective way to verify the quality we are from is a density test.And yes, you can do it at home, just with a millimeter container.First, put on a precision scale the jewel or object you want to examine.Once you know its weight, put it in the water vessel water.Check how much marks and to what extent the liquid has risen.

Then, divide the mass of the accessory so it has increased the content of the container and you will get the density.For example, 24 carat equals 19.32 grams per milliliter.