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The best toys and other Christmas gifts for children: the Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing, a Real Madrid Monopoly...

After a delicate year like 2020, in which the pandemic has swept away personal losses and many hugs, it's time to be cautious at Christmas but, beware, also enjoy yourself. Virtue lies in balance and children know that perfectly. Not surprisingly, they have been the ones who have best adapted to the new normality, the ones who have given the best examples and those who have complied with the restrictions with good degree and exceptional compliance.

Now Christmas is here and it's your time. More than ever. At Bazar we have prepared a selection of toys to fulfill your dreams as much as possible. Dolls, construction games, board games to enjoy with the family, stuffed animals, the mythical Tragabolas...


We offer you a list of ideas for children up to 14 years old, so you can find the most fashionable toys and those with the best prices. The e-commerce giant has put all the meat on the grill so that the orders arrive in a timely manner and thus help the Three Kings and Santa Claus in what are the hardest weeks of the year for them.

Although magic and illusion make the impossible possible, give them a cable and don't leave it for last. The days fly by!


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The world of dinosaurs and Paleontology have always been attractive to the little ones. For those who hide a scientist inside, this game combines both disciplines. Those over 6 years old will discover what fossils are and what the best excavation techniques are. They will learn everything about Paleontology and the extinction of the dinosaurs, discovering the characteristics and curiosities about the Triceratops, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Stegosaurus, the Velociraptor and the Brachiosaurus with mini fossil excavations. It has 57 pieces and includes a book with 36 pages and more than 100 euros in tickets for Science Museums.

You can buy it here for 19.99 euros

world map magnetic puzzle

Knowing the world through a different world map is something always stimulating. This proposal is made up of magnetic pieces of wood, no less than 92 pieces, forming a fantastic 70 x 43 cm mural. It is perfect to have it hanging on the wall and always at hand. Each magnet represents a country or a region of the world, with its name, its capital and an illustration that characterizes that part of the globe.

You can buy it here for 38.95 euros


This game will delight little scientists aged 8 and up. It includes 150 chemical experiments that do not carry danger and thus, they will be able to elaborate mixtures and discover what to experiment with products used in the kitchen, such as eggs, vinegar, oil. Includes a glass Erlenmeyer flask, test tubes and protective goggles.

Why does oil float on water? How does baking soda react with vinegar? How to make liquid for soap bubbles? All the answers here. Includes color illustrated instructions.

You can buy it here for 29.90 euros


With this game, children over 8 years old will have fun building a fantastic robot and then starting it up. It has an extensive illustrated manual to help children learn robotics and electronics, adapted to their age and learning. The game has been designed inspired by the stem methodology (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to develop manual skills; intelligence and creativity. Includes 237 pieces and an educational book with 36 pages.

Buy it here for 25.31 euros


Ravensburger GraviTrax is a construction game with over 100 components, suitable for children aged 8 and up. It is the best-selling marble run on Amazon and it is a Stem methodology game, which guarantees hours of pure fun alone, with friends or with family.

With the GraviTrax Starter Set you can build an exciting world of tracks, assembling its more than 100 components, including accessories, rails, vertical height modules and base boards.

You can buy it here for 44.89 euros


This game is suitable for children from 4 years old who are starting in the adventure of learning to write. They will practice their first strokes and learn to write the first letters in uppercase and lowercase and some words in a simple and fun way. It has a self-correcting system through which, through the base with light that the desk has, they can check if they are making the correct line. Inside the pupipre-case you can store the sheets in the compartment, transport it and draw on it. So they can take it anywhere and everything will be collected.

You can buy it here for 43.18 euros


This lamp is absolutely ergonomic and is able to rotate 360 ​​degrees. It can be adjusted to any need. It has a lithium battery and can also become a pencil holder or even a mobile phone holder.

It has 3 brightness levels, although the light is always soft and comfortable, without flickering, and is also perfect for reading, working or studying. In fact, it causes less fatigue.

You can buy it here for 17.99 euros.


Interior design has been boosted in recent years by the important action of many stylists with an international reputation in broadening their aesthetic horizons beyond the art for which they are already known. Many of them have been governed by providing the same element with an aesthetic sense and functionality within a room.

A clear example can be this decorative lamp, whose use goes beyond its basic principle: to illuminate. It is also capable of serving as an elegant exhibition sample when it is not on display. It only needs three batteries (AA) and the light it gives off is warm and does not dazzle.

You can buy it here for 20.99 euros.


When children begin to eat alone, they feel exhilarated by such an important advance. For this reason, a precious gift for them is their own crockery, adapted to their amounts of food and cutlery, to their little hands. This one is inspired by the famous literary character of The Little Prince. The plate and bowl are made of porcelain and the cutlery, made up of a fork, knife, spoon and teaspoon, are made of polished stainless steel. They are easy to clean and scratch resistant. This gift will be a nice memory and a companion in his growth.

You can buy it here for 47 euros


Hologram lamps are becoming one of the gifts this Christmas. Those that project the image of the millennium falcon or R2D2 are triumphing among Star Wars fans. You can put them on the bedside table and enjoy the holograms while you sleep, or even serve as a night light for the little ones in the house.

For the same reason, this lamp capable of generating a 3D image of Mario Bros can be a great gift for those who enjoy the saga of the Italian plumber. It offers seven different color options (red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink and white) and is able to vary from one to another gradually or can be alternated from the button on the base or from a remote control.

You can buy it here for 19.89 euros.


It is one of the latest releases in the field of video games for different platforms and is becoming one of the best-selling titles this Christmas on Amazon. At least this version for Nintendo Switch, which is recommended for people over 12 years old, which makes it suitable for most children as well as for the elderly.

As for the theme of the video game, it is centered on the world of Greek mythology. Specifically, it places the famous Phoenix, the semi-winged god capable of rising from his own ashes, at the center of the action. In this adventure, he will have to face monsters, titans and other mythological beings to protect the gods of Olympus. In short, a magnificent idea to give (and succeed) this Christmas.

You can buy it here for 34.90 euros.


Having a small child requires being aware of him 24 hours a day. With this playground you can rest peacefully at least for a while. It has an anti-tip structure, mesh sides for easier visibility and a weather-resistant canvas floor for both indoor and outdoor use.

It is XL in size (measures 120 x 120 cm) and stands out for its easy assembly.

You can buy it here for 39.99 euros.


This diary is not a daily diary. In its full color pages your children will find challenges to paint, break, transform and unleash their creativity; a mix of your favorite challenges and completely new ones. Destroy this diary. Now in full color invites you to shred in colors: mix paints to create mud, let luck choose the hue, cut brightly colored strips of paper, and much more.

"For the little ones it is very entertaining. They are very surprised with some extravagances that and they have a lot of fun," says one of the comments.

You can buy it here for 10.40 euros.


"I've spent a couple of hours looking through this instrument. The resolution is amazing for how simple it is. The magnifications are similar to a lab magnifier, rather than a microscope." , but that does not mean that very small things like the eye of a fly can be seen", says one of the comments on this pocket microscope.

It stands out for its lightweight design (measures 10 x 6.6 x 3.8 cm) and includes a 60-120 x magnification. Runs on one AA battery (not included).

You can buy it here for 17.43 euros.


Cobra Kai, the Netflix series based on the Karate Kid franchise, is one of the series of the year. The fourth season premieres on January 8. Until that date arrives, you can whet your appetite with this Daniel LaRusso Funko. Without a doubt, a perfect gift for collectors and lovers of the adventures of Mr. Miyagi.

You can buy it here for 31.32 euros.


If you have children and you're tired of looking for the Nintendo Switch in all the shopping malls and websites in the world, take a break and fill Santa's sack with other proposals (there are some). This labyrinth with 125 obstacles puts the skills of the little ones (and the adults) to the test. You have to take the ball through the numbered track and overcome the obstacles. If you fail, you must start from scratch.

Work with gravity and changes of direction to complete the course. A perfect proposal to exercise motor skills, dexterity and improve hand-eye coordination.

Buy it here for 29.99 euros.


Your Hogwarts letter may not have arrived yet, maybe next year, but that doesn't mean you can't return to class after the holidays with a little magic. If your little one is a fan of the most famous wizard in the world, take advantage of this Christmas and take a look at this Harry Potter backpack. Its back part and the straps are padded to guarantee maximum comfort, it is also breathable and adaptable to a car. It has two secure compartments for all kinds of electronic devices. You can also charge your mobile phone or any device thanks to the USB port included in the backpack.

You can buy it here for 29.55 euros (26% discount).


This Christmas disconnect the smallest of the house from the television and the tablet and go out to have fun in the street like always. This rocket launcher is the ideal gift for grades, for the wise men or simply because you want to surprise your children or nephews one day. This product is safe and easy to use, simply: connect the other end to the blue tube and connect the three pins to install the transmitter. Help the little ones stay fit, develop coordination and social skills.

You can buy it here for 15.99 euros.


It was difficult for a brand as prestigious and internationally renowned as the Italian Lamborghini not to have its replica in Lego, another of the most successful toy firms in existence.

In this construction set, two real racing cars are proposed for racing. The Urus ST-X and the Huracán Super Trofeo Evo. The pack includes a starting line with a stoplight and 2 racing driver minifigures.

You can buy it here for 42.41 euros.


The love of photography is one of the most endearing there is. Who does not want to store and remember their memories in a physical way? Even the smallest undoubtedly insist on properly retaining and storing in their scattered head all that information that overflows into their brain every day. And nothing better than being the ones who select what they want to immortalize.

With this digital camera, equipped with a two-inch ips screen and a 100-degree wide-angle five-megapixel lens, they will be able to do it and also with great quality. It is easy to use, very intuitive, and even includes several games, such as snake or Tetris.

You can buy it here for 14.62 euros.


This is the most original gift you can give: experience the ultimate science of anatomy and immerse yourself in the bloodstream, lungs and small intestine with 360 virtual reality videos. It's exciting, educational, and perfect for kids ages 6-14.

And unlike other games, this gift is easy and fun to use: download the included app, put on the t-shirt, open the app and point the device at Virtuali-Tee. Interact with the body by clicking on points where anatomy expert Hans Glover will guide you through the body's vital organs. There are several sizes of t-shirts.

You can buy it here for 29.95 euros

experiment book

Any scientists in the room? Surely you know a child who loves experiments, making potions with crazy ingredients, trying homemade rockets, mixing food coloring with baking soda and waiting... That's what My Big Book of Experiments is perfect for. It is bound in a spiral, so that it is totally practical and some are collected like turning an egg into a ball or some noodles into real dancers, how to make a spaceship... It's not magic, it's science!

You can buy it here for 11.69 euros


This BPA-free bottle is ideal for children and adults, the former so as not to confuse it in the park or at school, and the latter so that the same does not happen in the gym or at work. It has a capacity of 440 ml, it is personalized with the name of each one and thus there are no errors. The body is finished in heat resistant tritan material (70º). It has a dosing cap and a carrying handle and for greater customization, you can choose between red, blue and yellow. You can put it in the dishwasher.

You can buy it here for 13.99 euros


This bike without pedals is designed for children between the ages of 1 and 2, who are between 70 and 85 cm tall. It is very simple, without brakes and without pedals, perfect for children so young that they use it at home (it is not suitable for use outside). It is very light, weighing just 1.8 kg. and that is why they can maneuver with it comfortably, turn it, change direction, etc.

It's secure, with no protruding screws, and is made of powder-coated stainless steel. And an important detail: the non-slip wheels do not make noise and will not damage the floor at home. It's available in various colors.

You can buy it here for 43.34 euros


This set of nails will be the delight of girls and boys who want to have their nails well cared for and decorated. Various designs are available in various sizes and it is very easy and fun to use. Getting a manicure has never been so much fun. They will be able to create a beauty salon at home, the base layer is put on and then the device is pressed to stamp the chosen design. There are five different ones that can also be combined and mixed to make totally personalized creations. Unicorns, cupcakes, flamingos... dare with everything.

Includes: 1 GO GLAM studio, 1 travel bag, 5 design cartridges, 2 GO GLAM nail polishes, 1 top coat, 1 bag of sealer and a nail file.

You can buy it here for 54.95 euros


"That backpack with the weird name that"... We still don't know how to pronounce that Swedish root Fjällräven, but the backpack with the rolled-up fox -the logo is also a reflector- is the most desired model today. Although the design is a fundamental basis, the success comes from its resistance -being so light- and from its very high utility.

With two side pockets and one more with a zipper on the front, its biggest secret lies in the spaciousness of the main compartment, favored by its top closure. Its straps and handles allow it to be carried either hanging from the shoulders or as a bag. A backpack that adapts to you.

You can buy it for 72.09 euros


Real Madrid kit for boys this season 2020-2021. T-shirt, shorts and socks with shield and embroidered brand name. Coral in color, it is made from a fabric made from recycled materials that stands out for its light, silky touch and has quick-drying technology.

It is available from size 7-8 years to 13-14.

You can buy it here for 65.96 euros.


Nothing like learning and improving one's abilities while having fun and cultivating a hobby. That's just what this 1,000-piece, full-color puzzle offers. In high quality, his image includes the superheroes and heroines of the Marvel factory.

Hulk, Thor, Cyclops, The Thing... The most emblematic characters of the Marvel universe are included in this puzzle, die-cut with precision, so you can spend hours of concentration and fun.

You can buy it for 12.77 euros

Table football

Both for the little ones to start in this game and for the older ones to remember those games in the bars, now impossible to repeat. A tabletop foosball table to organize large games at home and, as purists of this like best, with a complete wooden structure and players with only one foot. The players are distributed in three lines of three players to make individual duels easier. The wooden structure is compact and very resistant, with four legs that guarantee 100% stability anywhere. It includes two balls of 2.4 centimeters in diameter and two manual markers in each goal.

Buy it here for 29.95 euros.


Once upon a time there was a princess... a princess? Than?! There was once a girl who wanted to get to Mars. Once upon a time there was a woman who became one of the best tennis players in the world and another who discovered how butterflies metamorphose. A Goodnight Story for Wild Girlsreinvents classic tales, proving that women can be anything they want to be.

From Frida Kalo to Jane Goodall, from Coco Chanel to Nina Simone, from the Bronte sisters to Marie Curie. This book chronicles the extraordinary lives of 100 courageous women and is also illustrated by 60 artists from around the world. Scientists, astronauts, weightlifters, judges, chefs... a hundred examples of determination and daring for girls who dream big.

You can buy it here for 18.95 euros.


The Color Monster is a color book that helps children to easily identify the different emotions they experience throughout each day and learn to put happiness, sadness, anger, fear and calm in order. This new edition includes fold-out illustrations.

"I knew this book before, having worked in a daycare and absolutely ALL the kids love it. It's great for teaching them to identify their emotions," reads one comment

You can buy it here for 21.75 euros.


Card games became fashionable again with more intensity during the past confinement. Especially many of those games that, almost in all probability, many have not even heard of, such as julepe, cinquillo or even broom.

Sushi Go! presents you with another challenge, that of designing your own food with playing cards, using speed, memory and, above all, cunning. You will only have 15 minutes to win the game.

You can buy it here from 12.39 euros.


It does not matter what time we are in: a pair of walkie talkies is one of those gifts that always triumphs in children. This is confirmed by one of the comments. "I took them as a gift to the son of some friends who had been for years. 6 specifically. He simply loved the gift. Although children are already familiar with mobile phones, being able to talk to other people at a distance, these walkie talkies allow free rein to the imagination, being able to play 'spies', 'go on secret missions' and other such games. Plus, they're cute and sturdy looking."

Easy to use, they have high quality sound, adjustable volume, call reminder function and noise reduction. They are recommended for children from three to 12 years old, they only weigh 200 grams and they work with three AAA batteries (not included).

You can buy it here for 21.99 euros.


An original and appetizing gift for those who love the PlayStation and video games above anything else. With a size of 12.5 x 7.5cm, this cocoa figure emulates a Play controller with great detail.

Made of milk chocolate, it is sure to be a surprise for whoever receives it. It comes wrapped in a plastic box and tastes fantastic, as confirmed by the more than 3,000 reviews of Amazon users who have already tried it.

You can buy it here for 15.55 euros


For those who are passionate about handlettering or for those who want to discover a new hobby, this notebook in DIN A4 size can be a most original gift.

With explanations and basic calligraphy exercises inside, you can get started in the art of lettering in a simple and educational way. Thus, you will learn and also improve your concentration and dexterity, while having fun.

You can buy it for 7.99 euros


Although the little ones in the house were born already glued to the Tablet, there are gifts that never fail. And it doesn't matter what generation you were born in, finding a doll under the tree is exciting at any age. Although the world has changed a lot since dolls and cars were in their heyday, playing mommy and daddy doesn't go out of style.

This toy from the famous Nenuco brand includes a blanket and a dress with pink and blue lines. It offers a super realistic experience as it emits baby sounds. In addition, this type of toy favors the socialization, imagination, creativity and emotional development of the little ones in the house. Not recommended for children under three years of age.

You can buy it here for 19.99 euros (18% discount).


This Christmas, embark on a Jurassic adventure with the little ones in the house with these toys from the world of dinosaurs. This product features 11 different types of these prehistoric creatures, a fascinating dinosaur park mat and a book that stimulates children's curiosity about dinosaur knowledge.

The best gift for all boys and girls who are passionate about dinosaurs. Includes a storage bag so they can continue the adventure wherever they want.

You can buy it here for 27.42 euros.

NBA 2021 FOR PS4

Basketball lovers, if you've been good this Christmas you can't miss the new installment of the well-known best-selling series NBA 2K. With significant graphics enhancements, this unparalleled PlayStation 4 experience offers a unique immersion into the world of the world's most famous basketball league. In addition, it offers incredible online gameplay features where you can create your own community and find deeper and more varied game modes. These parties sleep is for cowards, do not stay without yours.

You can buy it here for 31.99 euros.


One of the greatest pleasures in life is to enjoy while you discover the world. Traveling and getting to know other cultures is one of the most rewarding things we can do throughout our lives. And although we are not at the best moment when it comes to taking planes, that does not mean that we do not get bitten by the bug to continue learning where the most remote country on the planet is located.

With this set that has two world maps of different sizes you will be able to discover and play to guess where Greenland or Kazakhstan is located while scratching with a guitar pick to see if you have got it right. A very enjoyable way to learn geography.

You can buy it here for 17.99 euros.


It has taken off on Amazon with a note of perfection among early adopters. This Minecraft children's bathrobe impresses with its creeper design; because with its hood it has an original touch, because it gives pleasure to the touch and warmth to the body with its fleece lining.

Designed for children between 5 and 14 years old, with up to five different sizes to adjust to their age. Machine washable, 100% polyester, the manufacturer boasts of its durability without losing the luster of its colors with washing. A company for several winters.

You can buy it from 21.99 euros


If your little ones are fans of Anna, Elsa and Olaf and you have seen the movie of the new Disney queen more than a thousand times, surprise the children of the house and get them to have sweet dreams with Frozen. This comforter set with matching pillowcase is reversible. Its size is for a single bed and the care of the comforter is very simple. It is easy to wash (40°C), quick-drying, durable, can be tumble dried on low and requires minimal ironing. This Christmas, redecorate the room in the ice queen style.

You can buy it here for 19.30 euros.


Who has not seen it in the background of a youtuber's room with some provocative or ingenious phrase standing out against the luminous background? Or how not to identify it as part of the official catalog of millennial decoration? The illuminated signs are already a classic of our days and, of course, they are a magnificent idea to complete the Christmas gift of your son or your teenage nephew.

This from the Bonnyco brand is the best-selling product on Amazon in the "Indoor lighting" category and has 1,787 user ratings, which give it an average score of 4.6 points out of five. It has a customizable luminous background in 16 colors thanks to its remote control, and including white light. As for the foreground, the pack has 210 letters (half in black and the other in assorted colors) and 90 emojis so that you can express practically any short phrase or emotion with them. And if that wasn't enough, it also comes with two markers and 30 transparent cards to paint hearts or other symbols on.

You can buy it here for 26.99 euros.


They are not a novelty at this point, but activity bracelets are going to be one of the Christmas gifts this year and they are also becoming fashionable among the smallest of the house, who see their parents measure the steps daily, calories burned, hours of sleep... and they want to emulate them.

This Xiaomi model is an excellent option to give as a gift since it offers you, as is often the case with the Chinese brand, very good features at a more than affordable price. What benefits? Well, it measures the parameters listed above, it allows you to read SMS on the screen, receive calls and notifications from applications and music... In addition, it has great resistance to water and a more powerful battery that allows it to stay in operation for more than 20 days-

You can buy it here for 39 euros (3% discount).


Builders & Biomes is a board game that offers a real and shared gaming experience with fans of Minecraft and strategy games. Whether you're playing with video game fans, classic strategy game lovers, or with your family, this game is great for an entertaining afternoon.

It is valid for 2-4 players from 10 years old and the games last between 30 and 60 minutes. The instructions are accessible and you can start playing right away.

You can buy it here for 39.95 euros


The stage of learning to control the sphincters is a big step for children. For this reason, this urinal is of great help in those months in which they are internalizing and making progress. The Learn and Have Fun potty has all the features of real toilets, with a lid that goes up and down, a chain that makes noise when pulled, and a roll holder that can be attached and removed.

A character in the back invites the child to sit down for as long as he needs. And the little one's learning is rewarded with entertaining music and sounds, so that he wants to repeat. For the little ones, the potty can be placed on the floor. When the child is ready to use the grown-up toilet, the seat and lid can be removed and added to the regular toilet bowl.

You can buy it here for 44.50 euros


One of the keys to Lego's indisputable success is that its bricks can shape everything or almost everything and that, of course, they adapt to the characters that dictate fashion without any problem. In this case, we propose this set for kids from 9 to 14 years old who, in addition to being fans of construction, like the Harry Potter characters.

Recreates the Hogwarts Great Hall (with tables, head table with seats, a fireplace, 2 reversible banners with house crests, 4 floating candles, food, brooms, a trophy and a teapot) and a tower, and also includes 10 minifigures. and a boat with a hanging lantern. This purchase option meets two conditions: it arrives on time and it is cheaper.

You can buy it here for 124.40 euros


This game is recommended for ages 10 and up. Catan is a board game for the whole family that has become a worldwide phenomenon. Since its appearance in Germany it has sold more than many of the more traditional games.

It combines strategy, cunning and the ability to negotiate and in it the players try to colonize an island, Catan, rich in natural resources, building towns, establishing trade routes, etc... Catan has sold more than 2 million copies in Europe and America and has received awards in Germany and the USA.

You can buy it here for 35.90 euros


Customize your house and your character, decorate the landscape (even with furniture, if you want!) and gradually create your own paradise island. This is the letter of introduction to the game in fashion this Christmas: Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch.

You can participate in many activities such as gardening, fishing, decorating... Up to eight players can reside on the same island and four can play together simultaneously on the same console.

Buy it here for 49.95 euros.


With this Air Hockey table you will no longer have to go to a recreational place to have fun: you can do it in your own home and whenever you want. The table measures 122x61x75 cm, the corners are round and reinforced with plastic stops. Includes 2 pucks, 2 table goalkeepers, 2 manual markers and a fan with direct connection to the light.

It is easy to assemble and also comes with instructions. Suitable for ages 5 and up, this game enhances aim, hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

You can buy it here for 109.95 euros


With this chicken, children can stuff its neck with modeling clay and press on its head to see how it grows. They are born in the neck and also in the head itself. Then they can be shaved with a cutter and start over. She also makes hilarious clucking sounds every time her head is pressed and eggs can be shaped, placed in a secret compartment and triggered by the chicken to lay them. Includes four different colors of modeling clay.

You can buy it here for 16.65 euros


Inspired by Disney's Frozen 2, Arendelle's Ultimate Castle is a doll set for fans of these movies. They will be able to open the imposing doors and explore the 4-story castle with 7 rooms, a kitchen, a music room, a throne room on the first floor, a room with a dressing table and rooms for Anna and Elsa (not included), a library on the third floor and a lookout tower at the top.

The castle measures 1.5m high and 1.20m wide, and includes 14 accessories to decorate it (a piano, throne, banquet table, dresser, sofa, etc.). If you press the button on the moving balcony you will see a colorful light show inspired by the Northern Lights. You can also spread the rug in front of the throne to complete a royal decoration.

It is suitable for children from 3 years.

You can buy it here for 151.99 euros


It is the fashionable console. The standard Nintendo Switch, in neon blue and red (2019 model) is one of the objects of desire par excellence among children and not so children. Surely it is present in many letters to Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men. You can take it wherever you want, because it's portable, but it also allows you to connect it to the TV and play in company or in desktop mode, with which you can share the screen and have a great time with multiplayer games.

It has two controllers, one on each side of the console, that work together (Joy-Con). Si acoplas los dos al soporte para mandos, funcionarán como un mando convencional, mientras que por separado funcionarán como dos mandos individuales plenamente funcionales.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 329 euros

cuento zumo de nube

Este cuento infantil, escrito por Raúl Alelú y con las preciosas ilustraciones de Israel Cuadrado, está pensado para divertir, enseñar y quitar el temor a las tormentas que tienen algunos pequeños. Elioth, el protagonista de la historia, es un niño al que le dan mucho miedo los sonidos y las luces que vienen desde el cielo. Una noche, muy asustado por el ruido de los truenos, recibe la visita de Olivia, una simpática duendecilla que le explicará cómo se forman las tormentas, los rayos y los truenos. ¡Y lo hará desde dentro de una nube! En tapa blanda.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 14,17 euros


Es original a más no poder y absolutamente válido para cualquiera a quien le guste el cómic, independientemente de la edad que tenga el regalado. Tiene 100 originales plantillas de cómics en blanco para adultos, adolescentes y niños. En tapa blanda, podrás liberar tu creatividad con este tebeo, que tiene viñetas vacías listas para ser rellenadas, tendrás un cuaderno con un papel de calidad de 90 g/m2 y una divertida portada en mate. Es un regalo muy divertido para el amigo invisible.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 5,99 euros


Este libro para niños recopila seis cuentos para potenciar la positividad y autoestima de los niños. Está escrito por Anna Morato García y es el más vendido en Amazon en el segmento de Ficción Infantil sobre valores. Se trata de reforzar la autoestima de los más pequeños y de, cómo no, divertirse también.

Con el embarazo de su hija, la autora quiso transmitirle desde su nacimiento la importancia de ser positiva ante los momentos difíciles que le traería la vida. Así, empezó a escribir para sus hijos, para enseñarles los valores más importantes para ser felices en su vida. Y de ahí surgió este libro, con tapa dura y perfecto para regalar.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 17,05 euros


Se vienen épocas en las que no hay colegio ni escuelas infantiles y hay que llenar mucho tiempo libre infantil. Y claro, los especiales navideños en la televisión son muy entretenidos, pero tampoco es plan de tener a los más pequeños enchufados todo el día al televisor.

Para evitar o al menos paliar esto, nada mejor que contar con un amplio espectro de colores para que nuestros pequeños den rienda suelta a su imaginación pintando y coloreando todo aquello que se les viene a la cabeza. Este set de pintura incluye 48 ceras de colores, 48 pasteles al óleo, 24 rotuladores, 24 lápices de dibujo, 12 acuarelas, y un libro de sketch para dibujar.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 29,99 euros.


Aquí tienes a tu alcance el genuino cuartel general de los curiosos personajes de Superthings, que no son otras cosas que la representación de objetos cotidianos transformados en superhéroes y supervillanos.

En este cuartel, serás capaz incluso de capturar al supervillano Mr King, con el firme propósito de convertirte en el héroe de todo Kaboom City,

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 34,79 euros.


Los juegos de mesa volvieron a ponerse de moda durante el período que pasamos en casa en el pasado confinamiento. Tanto es así que muchos de los más jóvenes de la casa conocieron juegos de cartas tan clásicos como el Cinquillo, el Julepe o la Escoba. Pero los juegos de mesa se llevaron la palma.

Este, por ejemplo, es tan familiar como divertido. Ya que el dispositivo evalúa si estás nervioso o alterado cuando hablas y el resto de jugadores sabrá si está o no diciendo la verdad. Incluye hasta 500 preguntas.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 39,99 euros.


En los últimos tiempos estamos acostumbrados a ver a los sanitarios casi como superhéroes con bata blanca. Sin duda, en los últimos meses se lo han ganado a pulso. Por este motivo no sería nada extraño que los más pequeños de la casa pidan este año en su carta a los reyes magos un disfraz de médico en lugar de Supermán.

Con este maletín sanitario casi no tendrás que asistir al centro de salud, ya que cuenta con todo lo necesario para afrontar las enfermedades más comunes en esta fría época. Hasta 35 accesorios posee para jugar a todo tipo de especialidades médicas.

You can buy it here for 24.99 euros.


Seguro que os ha ocurrido en más de una ocasión. Sobre todo si eres de esas personas que echa en un frasco o recipiente las monedas que te sobran al final del día y, cuando lo has llenado, tienes la ardua tarea de contar todo ese amasijo de cobre cilíndrico acumulado.

With this practical jar with a digital coin counter, the little ones will keep their piggy bank up to date. the method is simple, as the device counts the coins as they slide through the slot. You can store up to 1,000 coins.

You can buy it here for 12.99 euros.


Los Lego y la Guerra de las Galaxias son una combinación infalible. Con este set los niños podrán interpretar el papel de combatientes y revivir las emociones de Star Wars en las Las Guerras Clon. La caja contiene soldados de la Legión 501, un caminante AT-RT y un speeder BARC.

También incluye 4 minifiguras LEGO: 3 soldados clon de la 501 (novedad en 2020) y un soldado jet de la 501 (equipado con un elemento que representa una mochila propulsora), dos droides de combate y armas para las batallas.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 28 euros

playstaion 4

Aunque la PS5 ya está en el mercado, queremos proponerte el modelo anterior, por si quieres aprovechar el momento de hacerte con esta súpercosola a un precio más competitivo. Se trata de la Sony PS4 Pro 1TB, que lleva el nuevo chasis G y, además, incluye una tarjeta prepago de PlayStation para recargar tu monedero virtual con 20 euros, exclusiva para esta edición de Amazon.

Do not lose this opportunity!

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 409,99 euros


El Monopoly es el juego familiar favorito para los aficionados al clásico y que, además, sean forofos del Real Madrid. Elige tu peón favorito, como por ejemplo el balón, el silbato o el trofeo y muévete alrededor del tablero comprando tantas propiedades como puedas. ¡Pero estate atento para no pagar impuestos o ir a la cárcel, ya que podrías acabar arruinado! Avanza hasta La Cibeles, el espectacular estadio Santiago Bernabeu o visita la Sala de Trofeos en el Tour Bernabeu mientras recorres los momentos históricos de la historia del Club, ¿conseguirás que te paguen el alquiler?

Invierte en casas y hoteles (Gradas y Estadios en esta edición) y consigue ganar la partida.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 33,64 euros


The Baby Pelones are solidarity dolls designed for all children to play with, even those who have cancer and have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. For their part, healthy children will be able to understand the feelings of other children who are going through a difficult situation.

It belongs to the Juegaterapia Foundation, an organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of hospitalized minors, with playgrounds and outdoor spaces. The scarf has been designed by the singer David Bisbal.

You can buy it here for 13.25 euros (5% discount).


Esta versión de la famosa consola Nintendo Switch Lite está pensada para su uso portátil porque no puede conectarse al televisor ni es compatible con la base de Nintendo Switch.

Es compacta y ligera para que sea fácil de transportar y tiene los controles integrados, por lo que carece de vibración HD y de cámara infrarroja de movimiento. Permite jugar con todos los títulos de Nintendo Switch que sean compatibles con el modo portátil y en el caso de juegos que no sean compatibles con el modo portátil, los jugadores pueden conectar mandos Joy-Con de manera inalámbrica a Nintendo Switch Lite.

Se pueden conectar hasta ocho consolas Nintendo Switch o Nintendo Switch Lite para jugar a juegos competitivos o cooperativos, tanto en multijugador local como online.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 218,85 euros


El regalo ideal para las primeras navidades de tus pequeños. Este proyector para bebes te permitirá ambientar su habitación con distintas luces de colores. Sirve tanto de luz de noche como proyector. Incluye 12 melodías musicales diferentes Cuenta con cinco sensores táctiles sensibles y un control remoto que funciona a una distancia de cinco metros. Podrás apagarlo desde cualquier rincón de tu hogar cuando tu pequeño este dormido. Además, puedes programar el temporizador para no tener que preocuparte de que este encendido toda la noche. Este producto es el favorito de las mamas y por ello pertenece a la selección de Amazon Choice.

Puedes cómpralo aquí por 29,99 euros (20% de descuento).

Lego NinjaGo

Uno de los muchos productos de Lego inspirados en la propia serie de animación de la franquicia, Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Con esta entrega los más pequeños podrán recrear uno de los escenarios más importantes de la serie, Monasterio del Spinjitzu. La construcción no es muy amplia pero incluye un sinfín de espacios, entre los que destacan el salón del té y la estación de entrenamiento. En esta última, con la ayuda de sus personajes favoritos, los niños pueden entrenar el corte de frutas y utilizar todas las armas incluidas en este pack de Lego.

Cómpralo aquí por 99,76 euros (5% de descuento).


Fans of Star Wars and all the associated fetishes have this night lamp as a perfect gift. It is a 3D and LED one that offers three different images: the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star and the famous R2-D2 robot. It has 16 different colors and will accompany you at night or simply decorate the room with originality. Take a USB cable to power or 3 batteries can also be used. It is manipulated remotely or through a touch button.

You can buy it here for 23.99 euros


Seguro que en algún momento, si tienes niños, ha salido el delicado tema del slime, porque aunque parezca que no, se forma un poco de lío en casa. Este kit es, no sólo el definitivo, sino un modo de tener en una sola caja todos sus accesorios. El quid de la cuestión es poder empezar a hacerlo inmediatamente porque trae todo lo que hace falta. Este kit fácil de slime proporciona la consistencia perfecta para jugar, puedes usar recetas de otros o crear la tuya. También incluye herramientas y recipientes para evitar el temido desorden.

Podrán elaborar todos los slimes de moda como el de espuma, de nube, de perlas de gelatina, de pecera, de purpurina, de arco iris, que brilla en la oscuridad, de mantequilla, y frutas y chocolate no comestibles; todo ello gracias a los complementos para mezclar, que permiten hasta 100 combinaciones diferentes.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 22,90 euros


Ya se sabe, a nadie le amarga un dulce. Endulza estas fiestas con esta caja de gominolas. Tiene un peso de 700 gramos y contiene 80 chucherías (divididas en tres capas), entre nubes y gominolas de azúcar de máxima calidad.

"Fue como complemento para otro regalo por San Valentín. Tal y como dicen otros comentarios son gominolas de calidad. Gustaron mucho y también la presentación", dice uno de los comentarios.

Puedes comprarla aquí por 15,90 euros.

Lego de 'Friends'

La cafetería más famosa de la historia de la televisión, ahora en Lego. Recrea el Central Perk con todo detalle y con las figuras de los `protagonistas de Friendsincluidas gracias a este lote del juego de construcción para niños por excelencia. Cuenta con el mítico sofá donde Ross, Rachel, Joey y el resto de personajes, una zona de servicio con máquina de café y barra (con Gunther el camarero), una caja registradora; botes de galletas; un escenario para los conciertos; tazas de café; la ventana decorada con el logotipo Central Perk...

Esta edición especial de Lego salió al mercado en 2019, cuando un diseñador y seguidor de Friends trató así de hacer un homenaje a su serie favorita en el 25º aniversario de su estreno.

Cómpralo aquí por 65,99 euros (6% de descuento).


Este juego ha ocupado horas y horas en las tardes familiares, mientras unos compraban propiedades inmobiliarias y se enriquecían y otros, en cambio, quedaban arruinados por malas decisiones inversoras. Este juego mítico de mesa permite que construyas casas y hoteles en tus propiedades, que puedas venderlas por una fortuna y, en definitiva, que te hagas con gran parte del callejero de la ciudad. Es perfecto para jugar entre dos y seis personas y es apto a partir de 8 años. Hay una versión clásica, con el callejero de Madrid, pero también otro en versión barcelonesa, portuguesa y española. Escoge el tuyo.

Puedes comprarlo por 22,49 euros aquí


Este peluche es dos en uno porque es reversible y puedes mostrar con él tu estado de ánimo. Tiene un tamaño aproximado de 20 x 20 x 10 cms. y es lavable. Es muy suave en ambas caras y, aunque te mostramos este en burdeos y negro, está disponible en otros colores, como rosa y azul, morado y verde, gris y beis, etc. ¡Podrás coleccionarlos! Por su pequeño tamaño, a tu hijo le encantará llevárselo a todos sitio o, incluso, ¡dormir con él!

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 2,99 euros


Los niños ven todo el rato cómo los adultos hacemos montones de fotos cada día. Y ellos, claro, quieren replicarnos. Para eso sirve esta cámara infantil que viene con la carcasa en dos colores: rosa ya azul. Es pequeña, perfecta para ellos, y viene con una tarjeta micro SD de 32G, que puede almacenar más de 10.000 imágenes. También lleva un lector de tarjetas de memoria, cable de carga USB, un protector por si hay caídas accidentales, cinco hojas de pegatinas para decorar las fotos que hayas imprimido y una bolsita para transportarla.

La pantalla de alta definición es de 2.0 pulgadas, con una lente de 13 megapíxeles de resolución y una batería incorporada de 400mA. Además de fotos, se pueden grabar vídeos.

Puedes comprarlo por 25,99 euros aquí


Esta es la versión en juego de mesa de la aplicación Apalabrados. La dinámica es la misma y el juego también. La diferencia es que tus contrincantes están frente a ti. El objetivo es anotar tantos puntos como sea posible mediante la formación de palabras en el tablero. Admite de dos a cuatro jugadores y contiene 97 fichas en cartón, 4 atriles para colocar las fichas, un tablero de juego, una bolsa para recoger las fichas e instrucciones detalladas. Es apto para niños a partir de 8 años.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 19,94 euros


Este juego consiste en ser el último en conseguir guardar el equilibrio y mantenerse en pie. Hay que girar la ruleta y descubrir el siguiente movimiento mientras el jugador trata de mantener los pies y manos sobre el tapete de juego, aunque el cuerpo quede retorcido. Si apoya una rodilla o un codo en el tapete, o si se cae, ¡está eliminado! El último jugador que quede en pie es el ganador. Un apunte: los niños tienen ventaja frente a los adultos porque ellos, a diferencia de nosotros, ¡son de goma!

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 17,39 euros


Te mostramos el juego clásico que desafía a los niños a quitar las piezas sin hacer sonar la alarma. Incluye 13 piezas del cuerpo muy divertidas pero, ojo, cuando las pinzas tocan los laterales, la nariz del muñeco se iluminará en señal de alerta. El que quite más piezas del cuerpo, gana. Es apto para niños mayores de seis años.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 21,19 euros


Te lo pasarás en grande comiendo bolitas con este clásico y divertido juego Tragabolas de los hipopótamos tragones. Los hipopótamos están preparados para tragar bolitas, y cuando las sueltes en la base de juego, ¡intentarán tragárselas todas! Puedes ser Verduripótamo, Dulcepótamo, Glotopótamo o Tragapótamo. Elijas a quien elijas, tendrás que moverte rápido, ¡porque si tu hipopótamo traga el mayor número de bolitas, tú ganas!

Es fácil de guardar y apto para niños a partir de 4 años.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 21,95 euros


Si hay algo que reina en Navidad es la magia y la ilusión. Con esta caja de Magia Borrás tendrás ambas durante todo el año, gracias a los 150 trucos que podrás aprender. El set recoge los secretos de los mejores magos del mundo y, si practicas, dejarás alucinados a familiares y amigos. Es divertido, original y podrás hacer, además, trucos espectaculares con luz. Está recomendado a partir de 7 años.

Incluye un carné de mago con un código para poder registrarte en el exclusivo club de Magia Borras y acceder a los clips de vídeo, con instrucciones detalladas y un auténtico Show de Magia.

Puedes comprarlo aquí por 31,34 euros


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