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The fringes are in a trend again, pure fantasy in motion

Breaking dresses, designs of large firms or the classic jackets suede in the purest cowboy style fill the closet, one of the trends of the season.

The singer Rosalia in her last video clip, the Queen of Spain Letizia during a prize delivery, actresses Sienna Miller, Penelope Cruz and Regina Hall or Paulina Rubio are some of the women who know how to adapt the trend in their day to day or aboutThe red carpets.

With a finesse in the thread such as Manila, Wide or round shawls with beads or in the purest leather, the fringes have never broken up in the female wardrobe and neither in the accessories, where footwear and bags adopt them to creatediverse styles.

This winter will not abandon the closet, a trend that will refresh next spring, where Chanel's collections, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, Hugo Boss or Hermés bet on them subtlely, to finish skirts or pants, or throwing at risk and makingJackets, dresses or panties that are pure fantasy in motion.

In the crazy 20s the fringes fur in the dresses of the ladies, the beads were fallen with frenzy to the rhythm of the charleston.An era marked by hedonism, parties and luxury that "The Gratsby" ("The Great Gatsby"), by Scott Fitzgerald, knew howHe made more free.

Los flecos vuelven a estar en tendencia, pura fantasía en movimiento

Glitters and fantasy that today move to the female closet combined with socks, ankle boots and t -shirts, a mixture that, despite what it may seem, works, as Virginie Viard demonstrated, the creative director of Chanel, during the presentation of the Crucero Crucero collection.

Dior has not been left behind and his daring has taken Maria Grazia Chiuri to create a dress of long and fine gold fringes that has not hesitated to combine with sports shoes.

In Balmain, Olivier Rousteing wants to recover the joy of living with a lot about.

In his Prêt-à-Porter collection, Louis Vuitton brings to female blouses a fantasy plus with fringed details made with Azabache.

Sober, but just as fun and playful, the fringes have been the teaching of the jackets and pants of the distant west, a way of decorating garments made with resistant textiles that admitted, in their first moments, few dressings.

Paco Rabbane, Loewe, Dsquared2 or Khaité have known how to reproduce them without losing their original style, but adding current details, adapting them to very feminine dyes and patterns, who have managed to conquer Katie Holmes and Olivia Palermo, in winter and in summer.

Complements such as boots and bags get an informal and youthful "look" that Celine has known how to move to round a "boho style", beyond the Coachella festival.A style that is rounded with hippie inspiration skirts, with loose vests and garments, naifs creations.

The traditional Oxford have returned strongly to eliminate the tyranny of the heels, while at the opposite point are the sophisticated boots with pearls forming fringes of the Asian designer Andrew Gn, a proposal for this fall that does not leave anyone indifferent.

The movement has returned to the locker room, with play and fantasy in all options.


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