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The phenomenon of the new viral makeup cases or how to wear a luxury bag for 200 euros

A favorite luxury firm's bag at a much smaller price?Yes, thanks to the Christmas collections of this time of the year, where the bright details and metallic finishes conquer everything, and the last viral trend in Tiktok: transform a makeup case into the most special party clutch.The origin of the proposal has been the ideal Minaudière Rouge de Dior, a golden box originally designed to store lipbar, but in other of the most coveted houses we have located other options to sign up for this inspiration according to your taste.

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The most viral dior jewel of the moment

Actually, it is a collector case inside which you find four of the most iconic lipstick tones of the Maison (466 Pink Rose, 858 Red Pansy, 862 Winter Poppy and 873 Sparkling Peony).However, after a Tiktok user (Megan Tinxie) proposed to take it as a bag in combination of your seasonal looks, it has gone viral.And is that for 200 euros - a much lower price than those usually have the bags of this firm - you can obtain the most beautiful and special metallic clutch, as well as four great hits from the Dior makeup collection.One of his most special touches is, without a doubt, the engraving that stars in: a recreation of the mythical facade of his Parisian store in 30 Avenue Montaigne.

El fenómeno de los nuevos estuches de maquillaje virales o cómo lucir un bolso de lujo por 200 euros

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A polvera with its own name

This success focuses on an initiative that other firms also adopt with the arrival of Christmas.Valentino is one of them.In its case, the Italian firm decides to innovate and, instead of a bag to reuse again and again, offers compact trapantojo style powders.That is, instead of makeup it looks like one of the most trend of the year.It is called Go-Clutch + Minirosso and it is a bag inside which you find its light-lastingtm dusts.With him, retouch your makeup in public in the most glamorous way will only cost you 199 euros.

The most luxurious travel bag

Maybe 2.55 or the boy are not precisely affordable but how about introducing your essential beauty supplies to travel in a Chanel bag?It wouldn't be bad, right?Given this, the French firm offers such beautiful sets as this, in this case, with essential manicure basics.It is called Set Manucurela and for 103 euros you will have its iconic moisturizing hand cream, a nail prebase, the corresponding top coat...And a white bag with the maison logo that takes you anywhere again and again.