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Of 'Survivors', to sell 'vintage' jewels at the fair

Elena S. Herrero

Surviving the past.She not only did it six years ago in the television program 'Survivors 2010', where she consecrated as the top winner of the island but she also does it as a seller.María José Fernández, who was baptized as 'Mariajo' by her 'companion' of the screen Beatriz Trapote, 'survives' another year at the Asturias unpackage fair, which meets its XVII edition and that is held until tonight in the enclosureLuis Adaro.

«I always went to the fairs and one day I told myself: 'And why don't you do it?And here I am, I have been selling three years, ”says the former television consistent.The profession of her that consists of an Tasar Jewelry has led her to step later and launch the best of these pieces to stardom."I have old jewels of thousands of euros that come to buy."There is no doubt, yesterday morning she sold "a 'cartier' clock of 1,500 euros and a coral of 3,000 euros."Pure luxury in which she is "happy."

"How much is it?" A man asked as he held a piece that shone despite the years he dragged."There are 20 euros," the seller replied to man, who did not hesitate to negotiate: "I give you 15 euros for it."Done deal.In this way the curious hours, collectors and walkers who approach the Luis Adaro Fairgrounds spend.A place where you "travel to the past" through all gadgets, as it is "inevitable" to listenBack to childhood with the question game 'pear' of the successful seventies television contest 'one, two, three ...'.

De 'Supervivientes', a vender joyas 'vintage' en la Feria

Some of the antiques are "bought from other collectors" or simply requested online.But there are others that have a lot of history and "sentimental value.""This porcelain doll was given to me my newly married husband and is 51 years old," explained the Galician Pilar Sobrado who "enjoys" the fairs next to her husband César Conde.A position that have been "together", for two years, and in which you can find "things of a lifetime" as the typical fruitman with glass grapes that confuse the walkers when passing: "Look, look that is theJarrón my grandmother has at home, ”said a young woman."No daughter, this is mine," he answered with shine in César's eyes.

For brightness, the "huge" clock valued in "2,500 euros" that received visitors just at the entrance of the enclosure from the post of Francisco Scale.An invitation to glory.

A "carnival of memories" that approaches each year a few traders, such as Candasín José María García, who opens this edition to "bring the joy of the past to all."Those who want to find something vintage can do it until nine o'clock tonight.