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The big lie of one of the most luxurious 'youtubers' families in the world

The one known as ACE Family on YouTube, where they have more than 19 million subscribers on a channel where they publish videos in which they tell their audience about their life of luxury, jokes and sports cars, could be in serious financial trouble and about to lose his mansion in Los Angeles (United States), according to Insider. La gran mentira de una de las familias de 'youtubers' más lujosas del mundo La gran mentira de una de las familias de 'youtubers' más lujosas del mundo

To get an idea of ​​who the members of this family of 'youtubers' are and why their economic situation has become news, just take a look at the videos on their channel, where the contents in which Austin and Catherine McBroom exposes aspects of her private life and that of her children to her public. They have three, Elle (5), Alaïa (3) and Steel (1). And they too are part of the family business.

In fact, the two girls are the protagonists of some of the most recent videos. One of them is dedicated to recounting, with great luxury of expensive details, how the birthday party was in style for the little girl, who was turning three. Another focuses on an excursion in Lamborghini of the eldest with her father to school. Both are just a sample of the life of high standing that the McBroom family leads, who tell almost everything to their followers. In recent weeks, her mother was visibly emotionally narrating a surgery on camera.

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La gran mentira de una de las familias de 'youtubers' más lujosas del mundo

All these videos start with a header in which the members of the family pass before the camera with a sign that indicates their name and, in the background, some part of the luxurious and immense house in which they have lived for a couple of years. . Only in this introduction can you see a living room with a multi-inch TV, a room outside for the father, a dressing room only for the clothes of one of the little ones or that plane of the baby sitting in an electric car for children with a sports car in the background in the garage.

High-end cars seem to fall within the expensive tastes of the family, which has come to record the contractions of the coming into the world of at least one of their children. In fact, one of those videos is among the most viewed on the channel with more than 32 million views. Although the most successful, with 39 million reproductions, is that of the couple's proposal four years ago.

What all those videos and posts on Instagram have in common, where they are not very active and have 'only' 1.1 million followers, is the luxury that accompanies everything they do and that now could be in danger of confirmed the information published by Insider and that, according to the information of the aforementioned medium, had been circulating for some time.

The mansion is located in Los Angeles and is the protagonist and scene of a good number of their videos since they moved there in 2019. The property is valued at 10 million dollars and, according to the property records consulted by Insider, it would have left to be yours. Austin and Catherine McBroom, explains said publication, are the CEOs and secretaries of Ace Hat Collection, the company they own through which they signed an agreement with a lender, a borrower and a trustee to acquire the mansion in July 2019.

In May of that year, this property was at risk of foreclosure. According to records consulted by Insider, the couple no longer own the house they live in, although they cannot be evicted because California law states that you must file and win an eviction lawsuit to kick them out. So the McBrooms can avoid having to leave the house if they pay off the debt. It's either that or go voluntarily. They also have the option of waiting for the legal process to begin for their eviction, which would be lengthy.

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The rumors about his financial situation have been moving since this summer for several pages and have now been confirmed by Insider, who has had access to the records. They cite a notice of default sent by a debt collection company in May giving them three months to pay off $8.7 million in debt to the lender. After the deadline, another notice arrived, this one at the end of August to indicate that the property would go to public auction.

The couple has denied that they are going to be kicked out of the mansion. In July, Austin posted that “no one is being evicted, no one is moving. Stop believing everything you see haters say on the internet!”

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