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The universe of Gipuzkoan luxury


Courage, intuition, daring, wisdom, know-how and an innate taste characterized Santiago Auzmendi, founder of Auzmendi, who knew how to anticipate the currents of the time, becoming one of the most prestigious and representative tailors of the 80s and 90s. thanks to a portfolio of 2,500 clients. First in Lazkao, then in Hernani and finally in San Sebastián; the creator dedicated his life to assembling and disassembling garments, applying his continuous studies and knowledge in sewing engineering. A fashion genius who broke molds and crossed borders.

30 years later, that vision of the future is still one of his greatest legacies. A symbol of modernity, exclusivity and differentiation, today the luxury multi-brand boutique is a true showcase of the latest international trends. «You had to diversify, differentiate yourself, work the market, the clientele and the product. At the beginning of the 90s, the implantation of the large 'low cost' multinationals in the territory materialized and at that moment we decided to bet on luxury as a business model”, recognize Itziar and Paul, sons of the founder. Currently located at number 30 of Donostia Avenue on the corner of Garibay Street, Auzmendi has three floors totaling 1,000 m2, where artisan tailoring and prêt-à-porter coexist.

Itziar, Nekane and Paul, sons of the artist, and his granddaughter Maddi, lead a business that maintains a contained and rigorous essence, embracing fashion and the city itself with strength and passion. «Personalized and direct attention seven days a week, and continuous advice, whether Monday or Sunday, is one of the characteristics that differentiates us from the rest. The value and commitment to work is something that we have inherited from our father”, acknowledges Itziar. «We try to be unique and continue to grow with a very defined personality. We don't pay too much attention to the rest," emphasizes Maddi, Auzmendi's granddaughter.

A dream space

El universo del lujo guipuzcoano

Prada, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Celine, Moncler, Balenciaga, Golden Goose, Marni or Dolce & Gabbana: the list of brands is as spectacular as it is endless. «Before we chose the product with a more local vision. With the explosion of online sales, borders have ceased to exist, everything has become globalized and we buy with a vision focused on the five continents”, Paul points out. In addition, the myth about Gipuzkoan minimalism has remained just that, a myth, since according to those responsible «young people listen to the same music and therefore wear the same product. The Golden Goose is wanted by a woman living in San Sebastian or Massachusetts. Currently, men bet on the 'sneakers' in any of its variants. Whether from Gucci, Prada or Burberry. The jacket has gone down in history with the pandemic, and t-shirts and sweatshirts have become an essential basic. As for the 'best sellers' among women, they opt for the 'Lou Lou' bag from Saint Laurent, the 'Tribute' in leather from YSL and the Golden Goose in footwear; or by the T-shirts and sports shoes of the Balenciaga firm”, highlights Nekane.

Although luxury is exclusivity, differentiation and inaccessibility, the Auzmendi universe is much broader than these terms represent. «The average ticket of our establishment is 1,000 euros. We have bags for 5,000 euros, but also garments and accessories for 300-400 euros. Therefore, the coexistence between the 'premium' and luxury brands is absolute", reveals Paul.

In a context in which the luxury firms themselves have focused their marketing budgets on democratizing products and creating shopping experiences through the online channel, Auzmendi has also joined in reinforcing this line of business. “Instagram has become an effective asset for the sale of our product. With naturalness as our flag, we will continue working to develop real and organic growth”, concludes Maddi, responsible for the digital strategy of the prestigious multi-brand boutique.


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