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Neutrale, the organic fashion company with which Nacho (the youngest son of Emilio Aragón) and his two best friends succeed

Who are the founders and why did you jump into this business? How did your business union come about? The founders are Nacho Aragón, Jaime Gil and Rodrigo Fernandez. Nacho and I (Rodrigo) have known each other since we were little, we are lifelong friends. I met Jaime at a school in England when I went to learn English. The three of us are part of the same group of friends as always and that made it easier for Neutrale to get ahead. We have a very similar idea of ​​what we want from the brand in the short and long term and that makes us trust the project even more. The three of us have studied business administration, Jaime in London, Nacho in Miami and Rodrigo in Madrid. We had been seeing for some time how designers and creatives focused on inspiring new generations by bringing out innovative products were emerging, but without taking into account the needs of the client or the environmental impact they had. And that's where Neutrale was born. We are in love with timeless products and designs that do not go out of style. On the other hand, we were always clear that we wanted to create something to feel proud of and with which we could contribute our grain of sand in caring for the environment. After all, our generation is the one that has and must change things and our mission at Neutrale is to promote the importance of conscious and ethical consumption among consumers.

What is your life and business philosophy? “We don't inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. In 2018, Neutrale was born with an ambitious vision. We were concerned about the mindless consumerism we see all around us, which is making fashion one of the most polluting industries on the planet. We wanted people to pause, to get back to basics without having to sacrifice quality or style. At Neutrale we design and produce products made with organic, natural and recycled materials. We work with the best textile producers: people who share our values ​​and are ready to incorporate the latest innovations and technologies in sustainable production. We merge style, comfort, quality and sustainability. We hope to spread an awareness message and with our products contribute to a healthier and cleaner world. We hope to build a community that encourages responsibility and understands how much can be achieved by consuming less, but better.

Neutrale, la empresa de moda orgánica con la que triunfa Nacho (el hijo pequeño de Emilio Aragón) y sus dos mejores amigos

How do you differ from other eco-fashion businesses of the style? We believe that our point of differentiation is the effort we put into creating sustainable fashion, respecting the planet and doing it because we really see a need for it. That is to say, it appears due to an intrinsic concern that arises from ourselves. We want to educate our consumers on the importance of leading a sustainable life in all possible areas and on the positive impact that each one of us can have if we contribute our grain of sand. To do this, we continue to work day by day in the search for new fabrics, processes, factories, that help us to continue developing products that respect the planet and that serve as a means to transmit this message to the world.