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Video: Jhonny Rivera was stripped of money and jewelry at a concert in Apulo

Jhonny Rivera has been characterized as an artist with great appreciation for his fans, that is why he is always seen taking pictures, recording videos in his presentations with those who remind him at some point how hard his life was before being a successful singer .

However, this time the artist experienced a bad moment in one of his presentations that took place in Apulo, Cundinamarca. In the clip, the interpreter of 'El mujeriego' recounted how he was robbed from a chain, the cost of which, he said, was about 250 dollars ($1,000,000 Colombian pesos) and a sum of money that he took with him to the time of presentation.

“ My chain was stolen, but I got it back. A lot of people were getting up on the stage and I told them, 'in the end I'll take the photos because that's how we interrupted the show', and in the end everyone got up on the stage”, said Jhonny Rivera while recounting that there was a danger that the stage fell and the equipment was damaging them.

Given the number of people on stage and the danger that existed, the artist made the decision to get off after taking as many photos as he could with his fans as he headed to the exit of the place, there, two policemen were waiting for him to escort him. , but Rivera did not count on the fact that the people who did not reach the photo were waiting for him at the exit of the bullring.

Things were not going well for the Pereiran and he had such bad luck that the agents directed him to a point where he was not the one to take the bus and be able to leave the place. People began to get much more upset and seeing that he did not get a response from the police, he decided to return alone to the starting point and drifting and in the middle of the struggle with the crowd.

“They grabbed me from one side, from the other, they put up a fence and I went over the edge and people knocked down the fence, it helped me get through, but at the same time worse because they came in a pack. I was looking for help and I saw the car there but it couldn't reach me, someone stretched out his hand to me and when I managed to reach him I felt the raponazo , ”said the artist.

In the story, Rivera said that he managed to struggle with the thief so that he would not take the luxury object until he finally released it and took the opportunity to point it out in the middle of the crowd, but he pretended to be a victim. In the end, the people began to help him to get to the bus and there he told them:

“I am going to take all the photos you want, even if you give me whatever time it is, but there are thieves here. Take care of your belongings” , mentioned the popular music interpreter.

Here is the full video of Jhonny Rivera :

Finally, the interpreter of 'Tu Veneno' pointed out that a little girl arrived at the place he arranged for the photos, carrying in her hands the money that had been stolen from the artist and who told him that the thief had dropped it when he struggled with him to get his chain back.

"I told him 'you are leaving the image of this municipality high, because what another did wrong, you are rescuing the image of your municipality' and I gave the girl a few cents because she seemed very honest to me" , he concluded in his story Jhonny Rivera.

The clip exceeds 47,100 'likes' with more than 890,000 reproductions and about 1.7 million comments from his fans, who highlight the artist's gesture of goodwill with the little girl who gave him the money and others apologizing on behalf of the municipality that he visited with his music.


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