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The best whiskeys in the world in 2021

Inside its bottle, of 70 CL format, we can find a deep amber whiskey where notes are appreciated and fruity, on the one hand, and wooden and vanilla touches resulting from that second and determining maturation.These characteristics have earned him a new prize to add to previous recognitions.

Glenfiddich Amontillado Sherry Cask Finish, de William Grant & Sons Distillers

Nos encontramos ahora ante una nueva expresión de Glenfiddich, un Amontillado Sherry Cask, lanzada como edición limitada y en exclusiva para el mercado asiático. Más de 200 whiskies escoceses han desfilado este año ante la mirada y el paladar del jurado del International Spirits Challenge; de todos ellos, esta variedad escocesa de malta producida por William Grant & Sons ha sido merecedora de la distinción especial Trofeo, la máxima condecoración.

GlenfidDich is, in fact, the best -selling malt wiski brand in the world and also the most awarded in this international contest.The jury has granted the trophy to this distillate that provides flavors of fruits, touches of almonds, cinnamon and berries that combine with nutmeg notes and caramelized apples.The result?The creation of a spirit drink to savor with the five senses.

Aberlour 18 Year Old, by Chivas Brothers

Another Scottish Malta whiskey rises with a trophy in this 2021 edition.18 years in selected barrels that turn out to be the perfect exponent of the distillates that occur in the prolific Speyside region.

It has copper color, aromas ranging from the toffee to the peach or orange, flavors to apricot, apple, vanilla or honey, light spicy touches and licorice and a deep memory of oak wood.

Royal Brackla 21 Years Old - Sherry Cash Finish, by John Dewar and Son's Ltd.

We continue in Scotland, this time, to talk about the next whiskey that has achieved trophy distinction at the ISC 2021. This is the Royal Brackla 21 Years Old Sherry Cash Finish, a whiskey finished in a combination of odorous barrels, cut stick andPeter Jimenez.The resulting notes and flavors are caramel, cinnamon and moscoto sugar, thus obtaining a faithful drink in the style of the distillery from which it comes: Royal Brackla, founded by William Fraser in 1812 and located in the fertile cultivation lands of the farmCawdor, in Scottish highlands.

Two centuries after his birth, this Shotly whiskey sanctuary is still recognized with international ISC such a prizes.In this edition, the trophy has been for its 21 Sherry Cash Finish, 100% made with malted barley, distilled twice in traditional copper wires and that, according to its expert distiller, is enjoyed better alone, with ice or with awater splash.

Jameson Black Barrel, from Irish Distillers (Pernod Ricard)

From Scotland we now travel to Ireland to discover Jameson Black Barrel, another of the trophy winning spirits by the International Spirits Challenge 2021. It is a triple distillate and doubly carbonized, an ancient technique that serves to revitalize the barrels and intensify the flavorsand nuances.

And thus the Jameson Black Barrel de Irish Distillers is made, a whiskey that is given an additional carbonized in the barrels of Bourbon where it is made.The result is a rich, complex drink and with a powerful flavor that does not leave indifferent to those who taste it for the first time.

Irish Distillers elaborates the best known and successful Irish whiskeys in the world, which are exported to more than 130 countries around the world.The ISC has recognized the excellence of this spirit as one of the jewels of the Irish distillery, in turn endorsed by the group of Alcoholic beverages Pernod Ricard.

Double gold medal for the best whiskeys in the world

Continuing with the classification, we now enter those whiskeys that have taken double gold medal, the second most important recognition granted by ISC 2021. This year, the distillates from America and the World Cups are out of classification, remaining asprotagonists a total of 14 whiskies;11 of them Scots, a single Japanese and two Irish.

Johnnie Walker Double Black, Diageo

We continue the list with the winning whiskeys with a double gold medal, and we do it with Johnnie Walker Double Black, a drink inspired by the most representative flavors of the brand.Diaego distillery manages to accentuate all of them to create a unique mixture of doubly remarkable intensity.This distinction in ISC 2021 recognizes the excellence of this Scottish whiskey influenced by those born on the west coast and the islands.

Los mejores whiskies del mundo en 2021

When tasting it, Johnnie Walker Double Black is recommended to take it alone, with ice, combined in any cocktail, or even with a little water to release their spicy and smoked notes.

Royal Salute 21 Years Old The Signature Blend, by Chivas Brother

We returned to the popular distilled from the Chivas brothers, although this time to focus on the 21 -year -old Royal Salute that has won the double gold medal in this edition.We talk about one of the distillates that make up the Royal Salute collection, prepared as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.This whiskey celebrates the tradition of the greeting of the 21 cannons with which the great occasions are celebrated between the British performs.

For its elaboration a blended of up to 21 whiskeys of at least 21 years of age is made.They are stored in the vault of the distillery, the safe box, stored in wooden barrels where they macerate, age and keep tradition alive.

Glenmarangie The Accord, by The Glenmarangie Company

"A delicious harmony of wealth" is the commercial slogan after which this distillate prepared by the popular Scottish distillery located in the town of Tain is presented.How could it be otherwise we talked about a Scotch Single Malt, the specialty of the house.This is a 12 -year -old whiskey first in American oak bourbon barrels and in the barrels of smell selected selected later to achieve its characteristic fruity, sweet and spicy flavor.

This "The Accord" is a distillate designed for traveling spirits and presents all the delicacy that is presupposed of one of the most popular brands within the world of whiskey.Its tasting note warns aromas to raisins, toffee, panela or roasted apples, a syrup and sugary taste and a wooden end and different spices such as nutmeg, nail or ginger.

Deanston 12 Year Old, by Distell Group Ltd

La destilería Deanston nació en el año 1785 como una fábrica de algodón. Así permaneció hasta 1966, cuando sus propietarios decidieron reconvertir su molino para destilar whisky aprovechando su privilegiada ubicación a las puertas del Parque Nacional Loch Lomond & Trossachs. Allí, varios artesanos locales siguen elaborando whiskies como este de 12 años, empleando para ello agua del río Teith.

It is part of the fixed catalog of the distillery by offering aromas and flavors that remind fruits, malt honey, vanilla and spices such as nail.In the same way as the rest of the products, the malts do not filter cold and have a natural and characteristic color.

50 Years Old Whyte and Mackay Blended Scotch Whiskey, from Whyte and Mackay Ltd

This whiskey, prepared from a mixture of different whiskeys with at least 50 years, aims.

We are facing a limited edition of just over 1500 bottles among the brands of the brand, and that reap fantastic criticism.Its small format (it is a 50 CL bottle) hides inside a distilled distilled in barrels of Bourbon, odorous Matusalem, Tawny pipes and barrels of the 30 -year -old apostles cut stick.The result is a balanced, harmonious and perfect mixture, Glasgow distillery seal and a true piece of collector quoted in auctions and bids internationally.

Chivas Regal Ultis, by Chivas Brothers

Without leaving Aberdeen distillery we find Chivas Regal Ultis, the company's first mixed malt whiskey.What can we find inside?A Blended of 5 Scottish Malta whiskeys selected by hand by the master Blender Sandy Hyslop, obtained by distillation in copper wires exclusively and in which it is intendedmarked the history of distillery.For storage, barrels are used, carefully selected by hand within the millions of the company's inventory and subsequently outlined.

That story continues to write day by day, for example with this elixir with a unique and complex flavor, a golden tone and an imposing aroma that should be consumed alone, with ice or with a drop of water.

Royal Salute Blended Scotch Whiskey 23 Years Old, by Chivas Brothers

Within the Royal Salute collection of which we have several exponents on the list we find the 23 -year version that the double gold medal also deserves in this edition.As her brothers, she is part of the collection that commemorates the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 and the famous armed greeting.

As you already imagine it is composed of a mixture of whiskeys with a minimum age of 23 years as its name indicates by the teacher Sandy Hyslop, who according to his own words was inspired by the spicy suggestive of the tea that can be found in the highestMountains of Taiwan, offering tropical fruit notes of those lands perfectly combined with the richness of the Royal Salute collection.It is presented in a purple porcelain bottle container inspired by the English and Chinese monarchies.


The next in the list of double gold medals is Lauder's 25 Year Old, the culmination of more than 180 years of tradition of Scottish Distillery Lauder's, by MacDUFF International.For the elaboration of this distillate, grains are selected that age for a minimum of 25 years in ex-Sherry and Ex-Bourbon oak barrels.

The result?A unique whiskey of complex and deep flavors, where the notes at nuts and spices are striking.Since the teacher and founder of the Archibald Lauder company opened the doors of this Scottish temple, Lauder's 25 Year Old remains a faithful reflection of the essence that defines his spirits;A whiskey rewarded for its character, its soft flavor and its mixture of unique luxury.

Aberlour 16 Year Old, by Chivas Brothers

In the portfolio of brands that works the distillery of Chivas is also the Aberlour collection that we present its 16 -year edition.This Scottish Malta whiskey, created in the town of Aberlour, is a perfect distillate made with spring water from an area like the Speyside river, known for the purity of its water and its alleged healing powers.

If there is something that characterizes this version are the fruity nuances, product of their passage through thorough and treated Jerez barrels.A soft Scottish, balanced in sweet and spicy notes, with a singular spicy touch and becomes in its own right one of the best distillates in the world when entering the list.

Glenfiddich Gran Cortes XXII, de William Grant & Sons Distillers

Turno ahora para otro de los whiskies de la famosa destilería Glenfiddich, el Glenfiddich Gran Cortes XXII, de William Grant & Sons Distillers. Tras el épico Grand Cru 23 Years Old, llega éste como la continuación más novedosa e innovadora por parte de la firma y que este año ha logrado doble medalla de oro en el ISC 2021.

Finish in special sticks of cut sticks, this whiskey is characterized by its balanced flavor between fruity notes and a mixture of different spices.Presentation, flavor and exclusivity for this drink thrown as a limited edition, and that presents in an elegant Jerez red box that also serves as a showcase.

The Balvenie Thirty, de William Grant & Sons Distillers

“Our commitment to crafts provides skill, knowledge, an experience and an invaluable passion at each stage of the whiskey elaboration process.In an automation world, The Balvenie maintains its distinctive character, and its heart. ”They are the words of the Balvenie distiller, David C. Stewart.

And under this philosophy is the whiskey that concerns us now, The Balvenie Thirty, which in this edition of the ISC has managed to rise with a double gold medal.In its elaboration, traditional and European oak barrels are combined that have matured for decades, resulting in a sweet, complex drink full of nuances to savor, either alone, with ice or as part of a combined.

Sumptory whiskey hibiki 21 years old, by suntory spirits limited

Our trip through the best whiskeys in the world now takes us to Japan.There is Hibiki, the most awarded blended in Japan, and one of the most prestigious and commemoil in the world.

And this was recognized by the International Spirits Challenge 2021, rewarding him as the only Japanese brand with double gold medal.And it is that suntory has been the pioneer of Japanese whiskey, offering since multiple products rooted to the nature and crafts of the country of the rising sun.

The Hibiki whiskey, launched in 1989 as a tribute to the 90th anniversary of suntory, stands out for its elegance, for its bronze color and its long end with an aroma to incense.A mixture of different malt and grain whiskeys that result in a subtle, refined and complex drink, like all those that suntory prepares.Since then, and with the recognition of prestigious international awards such as the ISC, Hibiki remains the best Wiski art ambassador to Japan.

Redbreast 21 Year Old, by Irish Distillers (Pernod Ricard)

We land again in Ireland to mention the first of the two Pernod Ricard whiskeys who have achieved double gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2021. This is Redbreast 21 Year Old, of the Irish distillery Irish Distillers, and which is theolder expression of the Redbreast line.

We are faced with a rich and complex 21 -year -old whiskey, thanks to an elaboration process in which they combine malted and not malted, it is distilled three times and, finally, it matures in a mixture of American bourbon barrels and bootsof smelled Jerez of first filling.As for its flavor, this Redbreast 21 Years Old of Pernod Ricard stands out for its rich, tropical and spicy fruit.

Redbreast 27 Year Old, by Irish Distillers (Pernod Ricard)

From the same Irish distillery, it is now the last turn of closing the list of best whiskeys in the world of 2021. It is the redbreast 27 Years Old, a drink that - according to its distiller teachers - “elevates even more the reputation of this emblematic whiskey”Also elaborated in a mixture of barrels of Bourbon and Jerez, surprising by the inclusion, in addition, of Oporto Rubí barrels, which gives it even greater complexity in each drink.

It is strong, with personality and that this year shares a double gold medal with its previous 27 -year -old partner.Without a doubt, a drink of those who leave their mark on those who enjoy tasting a high quality spirit.

Gold medal for the best whiskeys in the world

Finally, let's see what the whiskeys that have won a gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) of 2021. Nothing more and nothing less than a total of 237 Scottish references, 59 American, 24 from Japan, 34 from 34Ireland and 33 World Cups.Next, the complete list of the 387 whiskeys with a gold medal, a figure extraordinarily higher than that of the 2019 edition, when a total of 52 medals were delivered in the same category.

Scotland (237)

America (59)

Japan (24)

Ireland (34)

World (33)

If you are one of those who know how to appreciate the aromas, flavors and nuances of a good whiskey, do not hesitate to have this select listing that we have just served, so you can choose the most appropriate for each occasion.Although, we are sure, with all of them you have the success and enjoyment guaranteed.