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Join the 'layering', the trend of wearing several necklaces and bracelets at the same time

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Wearing a single jewelry accessory is a thing of the past, and today it is wearing many chains and bracelets simultaneously. This fashion trend is known as layering, the new trend in jewelry that you must use properly.

Sold by Sterling Forever

Silver Plated Wishbone Pendant Necklace

Rhodium-plated shiny silver-tone slim chain with a reflective silver-tone lucky bone dangle charm.


But don't worry, this layering of gold necklaces, pendants and bracelets has nothing to do with excessive or vulgar saturation; on the contrary, it is synonymous with forceful distinction.

Sold by Sterling Forever

Sterling Silver Star Pendant CZ Layered Necklace

You are a star, you know it well, show off with this Sterling Forever pendant.


Rest assured that, wherever you are, this fashion trend will highlight your delicacy and even more so if you combine them with large earrings and hoop earrings.

Sold by Sterling Forever

Heart Charm Necklace

Rose Gold Color Heart Charm Necklace


One of the benefits of layering in jewelry is that with it you will give free rein to your imagination. Choosing which new necklaces, pendants, pendants, bracelets and bracelets for women you will acquire also becomes an exercise in creativity.

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To achieve an impact layering it is important to consider that the set of pendant layers you choose will integrate a personalized jewelry set.

Únete al 'layering', la tendencia de usar varios collares y pulseras a la vez

Sold by Sterling Forever

CZ Slider Bolo Necklace

Rose gold-colored chain that has two reflective metallic spheres on its edges, and a matching circular charm encrusted with sparkling crystals.


Therefore, a single combination is not enough, it is not the same to use this trend for a casual look than for a regular day, especially when you mix jewelry in different shades.

Sold by Sterling Forever

Simple Horn Pendant Necklace

14k gold plated chain in bright gold color that features a horn charm in a circular design.


Now, although one of the principles of layering is excess, it should not be forgotten that the jewelry sets you create must express harmony, which is why it is advisable to assemble sets with components of similar materials.

Sold by Sterling Forever

Mini Starburst Pendant Necklace

Thin chain with 14k gold plating in bright gold color and small pendant with a star-shaped design with stripes in low relief.


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Although metal and precious stones are the most used, do not limit yourself! Just remember to keep the Aristotelian principle of unity.

Sold by Sterling Forever

Egyptian Pendant Layered Necklace

Layered necklace with a classic twist. From Sterling Forever, available in 14k gold or rhodium-plated brass.


In the opinion of lovers and connoisseurs of this growing trend, it is advisable that the layers of necklaces go in ascending order, this to create an inverted pyramid effect that accentuates your facial features.

Sold by Sterling Forever

Swimming Siren Bar Necklace

Silver-colored chain with rhodium plating and rectangular metal plate with engraved mermaid design.


A slight neckline, either V-shaped or oval, is a perfect fit, but a monochromatic background also works; yes, avoid prints, because they will make your necklaces visually lost.

Sold by Sterling Forever

Chain Link Lariat Necklace

Brilliant rose gold-plated 14k gold-plated wide link chain with tonal safety lock closure.


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You can also opt for thick contrasting chains, in the form of rings or rectangular, it's up to you if you prefer only one hue, but combining silver and gold tones is equally valid.

Sold by Sterling Forever

Faith Disk & Birthstone Charm Necklace

Silver-colored and rhodium-plated thin chain, which features a blue zirconia, textured circular charms and with the engraved "faith" legend.


This choice is one of the favorites of street style, check it out. Keep in mind that, due to its quality, it is always better to buy 14k chains.

Sold by Sterling Forever

Round Disk Long Chain Necklace

Its delicate hoops make it glamorous. Available in gold, pink and silver tone. Shine with it!


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Meanwhile, layering is also applicable to hands. Adorn your wrists with various 14k gold bracelets and bangles, it's simple and fun. Adjust each of them well, so that when you move, that combination that you put together with care does not spoil.

Sold by Sterling Forever

Bar Slider Bracelet

The pendants that it includes make this bracelet a fundamental accessory. Available in 14k gold or rhodium plated brass


Another aspect to consider is that it is preferable to wear this trend in just one arm, so that the effect is more convincing and does not lose that bit of authenticity that you want.

Sold by Sterling Forever

Gold Double Cross Pendant Necklace

Two beautiful gold cross pendants on the same chain, created by Starling Forever. 14k plated brass


There are quite a few jewelry models with which you can begin to delve into the art of layering. Choose the rose gold chains, the new star color of jewelry in 2021, and silver bracelets that you consider go according to your personality and dare to combine these accessories.

Sold by Sterling Forever

Mini Round Disk Chain Necklace

Rose gold necklace with 14k gold plating and designed with circular links in a smooth and reflective finish.



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