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In praise of the snack in winter

The plates are smaller than the dessert ones and the cutlery is just that, the snack ones. There are few things that give as much downturn as dividing a lemon cake with the steak knife.

And now comes the mess, which increases depending on what we are going to drink, but this time we will focus exclusively on tea.

The ceremony of this drink is in all the countries that practice it, from China to the Tuaregs, an act of welcome and friendship that has its times. The English, who are so practical, adopted tea as if it were their own and have precision instruments to prepare it, from the kettle —where they heat the water to just the right point— to strainers, measures or jugs for everything.

The ideal, say connoisseurs, is to serve it in a clay, porcelain or silver teapot. To do this, you must first heat the kettle with hot water, throw it away and put a teaspoon of tea per person dry, cover it for a minute, then add the hot water, but checking that it is not boiling, and let it rest. The geeks serve the milk first (always cold) and then the tea, which the purists drink without sugar.

Elogio de la merienda en invierno

The drink is accompanied with toast, sandwiches, pasta, sponge cake or cupcakes. But beware! Croissants should never be dipped in tea like chocolate, and never served with churros. Another aspect that must not be forgotten is that absolutely all the accompaniments that are on the table must be able to be eaten by hand, never with a knife and fork.

Just like the snack ritual, the tea ritual should not only be taken into account in the private sphere. Ordering a tea is, without a doubt, the test of nine in any self-respecting public establishment. There is nothing worse than a pretentious restaurant, hotel or cafe where they don't know how to serve you. Once I ordered a tea with milk in a well-known cafeteria in Madrid and they brought me a kettle with hot milk and a bag inside. No comment!