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How to carry a natural manicure (healthy and easy -maintenance) in 6 products subscribe

Carrying extensions, permanent enameled, intricate designs or even fantasy appliques to Rosalia, is as natural as breathing, but it usually has a price ... It may seem that the nails are very resistant until, if so much testing them, itBreak, yellow or scam.

Make breaks to let sunlight, air and specific nutritional products treat the surface and surroundings, is an excellent idea.The complicated thing is to find the moment and the routine to do so.That is why we tell you how to carry a natural manicure of healthy appearance and easy maintenance in 6 products.Here we go!

Le Vernis Go Green in Beige Rosé, by Yves Rocher

The last launch of the French chain is this range of 32 vegan enamels and with an 80% of natural ingredients, among which are beet, sugar cane and wood.To strengthen and make the nail more elastic, they contain coconut oil and bamboo extract.Despite being ecological inspiration enamels, tones are not boring and the range covers red, fuchsias and even white.Our favorite, however, to give a careful appearance with low maintenance, is the Beige Rosé.

L’huile Biologique Rose Infusion, by Kure Bazaar

The recipes of this French manicure brand promise up to 90% of natural ingredients and free formulas of 10 toxic, among which are toluene or formaldehyde.Here we talk about a specific treatment that not only beautifies the skin, but is wonderful in any Shelfie for its design infused with rose petals.This 100% bio oil contains macerated pink to nurture, repair and return a healthy and bright appearance to nails and cuticles.A small daily massage with him and like new!

Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer, by Butter London

Cómo llevar una MANICURA NATURAL (de aspecto sano y fácil mantenimiento) en 6 productos Suscríbete

Do you visualize the good natural face effect that moisturizers with facial color contribute?Well, this Butter London treatment is nail equivalent.Available in several tones, we love the intermediate to give a coffee touch with warm milk to the manicure.A versatile formula that, at the aesthetic level, provides a healthy, bright and almost naked aspect, and at the cosmetic level, nutrients such as vitamin E, tea tree and arginine oil to prevent keratin from breaking, pele or split.If your hands ask for help, revitalize them and hydraters them without giving up some glamor.

Nail polish en Call me poetry, de Smith & Cult

The enamels of this English brand have such an appetizing container that if they were not for the color they contain, you would think that there are small design pisapapeles.Free of eight toxic and vegan, the color palette is so wide that the difficult thing will not to develop a collector impulse ... the chosen one to have a careful manicure is this new call me poetry, a semi -transparent pink with golden pearl that will give ourHands a clean and feminine appearance, but nothing boring.

Lakur Enhanced in Cheerio, from Londontown

If you are looking for that perfectly neutral enamel similar to the color of your nails, but in improved version, we must tell you that here you have the answer.The American firm Londontown offers free 16 toxic enamels, nothing less, but spare no color options including glitter and metallic.On this occasion we stayed with a classic difficult to find: the classic enamel of French manicure perfect to recover natural pink among other more striking tones.Luminous, with a peach touch, semi -transparent, but modulable in coverage and certified by Peta!, This cheerium has conquered us.

Natural Remove, from Gitti

To have healthy nails, you have to forget (at least for a while) of acetones and chemicals that dry them out, which is quite complex if we join it to the need to remove the enamels after a while.Just for those cases, we like the welcoming of the German brand Gitti.100% natural formulated based on a mixture of argan oil, jojoba and lavender.We will not say that it is as effective as the classic removal, but it makes the function very dignity and best, it does not spoil anything.

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