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How to be a gemologist.Requirements, salary and courses

To be a gemologist you have to obtain the title or diploma of specialization in gemology.You can get it by doing different courses, preferably after studying a higher degree (for example in geology).There are university masters that will form as a geologist and specialized courses taught by reference institutions, such as the Spanish Gemological Institute.If you want to know more about this fascinating profession, today we are going to review the work that Gemology professionals do: what their work is, what work exits there are and what average salary obtain.

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What does a gemologist

As its name indicates, the gemologist is the professional who studies the gems or precious stones.In its field of action we can also include semi -precious stones such as amethyst, aguamarine, garnet or topace, among many others.The tasks that a gemologist performs are the most varied: from study.Within gemology there is a specialization dedicated to forming diamond experts.

The demand for precious and semi -precious stones is increasing.As we all know, the economic crisis did not affect the world of luxury worldwide;Moreover, many experts believe that he even benefited.In fact, in our country the millionaires multiplied during the years of economic recoil ... now that it seems that things are better, money flows in high spheres and investment in jewelry is increasingly sought after.Even those people who, far from being rich, have some savings, consider investing in jewels, a safe investment that is always revalued.In this sense, the gemologist's work is essential to guarantee the value of the stones and their size.

This means that if you shape as a gemologist and get good grades, you will have many possibilities to find work when you finish your studies.Later we tell you what job exits this profession has.

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Requirements to be a gemologist

Adifference from other professions (such as Geologist, without going any further), there is no superior university degree that forms gemologists.To obtain the diploma that will certify you as such you will have to perform any of the specialization courses taught in different institutions.Perhaps the most appropriate is to pursue a university degree related to gemology (geology, physics and chemistry or even beautiful arts and/or design) and then carry out graduate studies that will grant you the long -awaited degree.

In this sense you have two possibilities.On the one hand you can take a master's degree at a Spanish public university, such as the University of Valencia (in the video under these lines you can see the presentation of its postgraduate degree in Gemology) or the University of Barcelona.There are also many private universities that teach them.And on the other, you have the option of conducting courses to specialize as a gemologist in such prestigious institutions as the Spanish Gemological Institute (IGE) or the International School of Criminology.Once you finish the postgraduate degree, you can continue forming through other specialization courses.For example, IGE itself offers a wide variety for graduated gemologists that include disciplines such as jewelry appraisal, diamond graduation, jewelry design, etc..

In this video, the Adeit (University-Company Foundation of the University of Valencia) gives us five reasons to study the postgraduate degree that will allow you to obtain the diploma of specialization in Gemology of the University of Valencia.A clear, concise and very interesting summary, of full news.Do not stop seeing it!

A gemologist's salary

The average salary of a gemologist in Spain varies according to the profession he performs.Broadly speaking and after consulting different sources, we can venture that the salary of newly graduated professionals is around 20.000 gross euros per year.However, as you get over -complementary experience and training you can opt for very interesting salaries.An example: a prestigious jewelry appraiser or a recognized carver can gain an average of 40.000 euros per year, and even more.In the same way, you can also opt for a place as a gemologist in bodies of the Scientific Police, Courts, Customs ... In addition to the salary, these positions have the advantage of being an official work, with all its benefits.

Then we list other professional outputs you can choose if you shape as a gemologist:

Gemology courses

If you are determined to be a gemologist, it is time to plan your training.As we mentioned before, the most appropriate (and taking into account that labor competence is increasing.In addition to the courses taught by universities and institutions mentioned above, there are other options that will help you complete a curriculum at the height of the circumstances.We have chosen two courses in online mode, perfect for you to follow them from anywhere and adapt them to your circumstances.Take note:

The gemologist's profession will give you many satisfactions, in addition to offering interesting job exits and a salary more than acceptable.If you like the world of jewelry, stones, design and research, this can be a perfect option for you.Do not stop taking it into account if you are valuing what to study in the coming years.