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A woman converts breast milk, placenta, hair and ashes into personal souvenir jewels

A mother of two children of Hampshire (United Kingdom) has specialized in producing jewelry from breast milk, placenta, hair and ashes, so that their clients can have a piece of their loved ones forever.

Sarah Hewes, a NHS worker, began doing jewels for friends and family and specialized in this peculiar hobby during the first pandemic confinement, renouncing her business as Under The Pale Moon in early 2021.

"I am an occupational therapist and work in a community team with adults with learning problems.I love my work in the NHS, my team and the people and families to whom I support, but my jewelry business allows me to be more creative and do something that is only mine, "he shared in his interview for Mirror.

Sarah, who is a five -year -old mother, and Luna, two, was inspired by her own experiences to celebrate breastfeeding, but also wanted to offer different options of memories.

Una mujer convierte la leche materna, la placenta, el pelo y las cenizas en joyas personales de recuerdo

"The experience of breastfeeding my daughter made me see how precious this trip is and made me want to help other people who breastfeed," he clarified, adding that he always wanted to feed his first child but failed.

Breast milk and hair are some of its most popular options within the business, creating something striking with prices ranging from about 40 pounds to 120 pounds.

As Sarah Hewes has communicated in the middle, we must first keep breast milk, then dry and spray it, before finishing treating it."I can make combinations of inclusions, for example, breast milk and hair is a popular option," he adds.

"One of my clients told me that his father -in -law had died, that his daughter and he were very united and that he disliked that he was not present on the great occasions of his life, but that having his ashes in a necklace would mean that a little pieceI would always be with her, "he recalled, with pride.

In addition to using breast milk and ashes, it has also begun to use the encapsulated placenta and, in the time it has been with Under the Pale Moon, has not experienced any negativity about its products.

And it is that the NHS worker now receives orders from the entire United Kingdom, with people who send them breast milk, placenta (which must be dry, powder and in capsules), pieces of hair or ashes so that I can creatependants, bracelets or rings.