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A little more he will have to disburse who wants to get elplymouth Road Runner Superbird from what he talked a few days ago and will not 'fall under the hammer', as he says textually in English, for less than 400.000 euros. Eso sí,esto sigue siendo poco al lado de una de las mayores joyas de estasubasta: un Lincoln Indianapolis Exclusive de 1955construido por Carrozeria Boano Torino, cuya foto puedes ver debajode este párrafo.This prototype was one of the most acclaimed cars in the Turin Hall of the same year and, of course, one of the most important 50s of the 50.

Gian Carlo Boano was then a little over 20 years old and Erabastant womaniego, so he decided to give this creation the curved same that he liked to find in the body of his lovers.In addition, he was very interested in the design of aircraft, this car is also clearly inspired. El resultado es queeste Lincoln Indianapolis Exclusive de Carrozeria BoanoTorino no se parece a ningún otro coche construido hasta lafecha, ni después.Henry Ford II bought this vehicle after Elsalón de Turin and the legend says it gave it to actor Errolflynn. Sí se sabe que lo poseyó mucho tiempo el coleccionistaThomas Kerr.He had fallen into the oblivion of the masses, when after a thorough restoration, he amazed the public and the jury of the Concanciade Pebble Beach in 2001.With all original, including its 200 hp engine, its current owners will not be content with less than two minions of dollars: 1.48 million euros.

Spain will also be present in this collection of art overrueda at auction. El lote 130 está compuesto nada menos que por unPegaso Z-102 Series II Berlineta by Carrosiere J. Saoutchikvalorado entre 600.000 and 750.000 euros.With chassis, original body and motor, this unit of the successor of Pegaso Z-102 has the serial number 0148y is one of the best works of one of the only three curse that was responsible for manufacturing boxes for pegasos for pegasos.This escape from reaching 200 km/h and much of its components were produced in Barcelona by the brand.

Arte sobre ruedas, a subasta -- Autobild.es

Enrolled in February 1956, in Madrid initially in the name of Don Julián Sánchez Araguena, he had two other Spanish owners that was acquired by the Captain of the US Air Force, Granland W.Burque, who ended up taking it to his country where he locked some time until he put him in hibernation. Es uno delos únicos 84 coches fabricados por Pegaso y sigueestando en perfectas condiciones para circular por carretera, esosí, sea por dónde sea, con su matrícula M-138 223. A pesar de ello,su valor no se acercará al del Talbot-Lago T150-C SS TeardropCabriolet carrozado en 1938 por Figoni et Falaschi -abajo-,otra pieza de arte sobre ruedas a subasta que alcanzará un preciode entre 6 y 7,5 millones de euros.

In fact, the car you can see above was the first of Loscabriolet that Figoni and Falaschi built on Talbot-Lago.Although there are those who prefer bodybuilders for this Italian firm, in addition to the madness installed in collectors around the world for this mythical French, the high value of this specific unit lies in the part of which he won in the first category of the Pebble elegance contestBeach 2012.Sinceramente creo que hay mejores inversiones, como otra de lasglorias que van a salir a la venta en esta subasta de RM Auctionses el Chevrolet CERV II de 1964, el vehículo de pruebas quesirvió de inspiración a los primeros Corvette.

In GM they should be taken very seriously by the car that is up to the car, since it is the first prototype that mounted a few innovations from the mythical engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov.For example, Total Traction Susystem carries the first dectorque-vectoring example.In addition, it carries a 600 hp engine and a defrene system capable of developing another 500 hp. Ni qué decir tiene queeste Chevrolet CERV II se ha pasado más de media vida enmuseos del automóvil y, seguramente, a algún otro irán a dar sus'huesos'.

There are many more examples of mythical classics and art on wheels in this sale, but I will end the one that probably monopolizes the headlines when the bidding is over.Surely, the one you see up does not become the most expensive car of the world when the auction is celebrated, but little will be missing because it is visible with it between 9 and 11.2 million euros. Con elchasis 6107, su valor reside en su impecable historial encompetición, con un octavo puesto en la clasificación general delas 24 H de Daytona de 1968 y primero en su categoría,además por supuesto, de que desde ese momento no ha vuelto a servisto en público. Si te interesa ver repasar los lotes y fotosde esta subasta de arte sobre ruedas, puedes visitar elsitio de RM Auctions.