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News the last dart from Eva Zaldívar to Ivonne Reyes

Eva Zaldívar has spent seven very hard months, she can no longer, she is tired that Ivonne Reyes do not stop talking about the paternity of Pepe Navarro and that she has turned this fact into her only source of income.The latest novelty is that the Venezuelan prepares a law."That lady takes seven months and nothing comes to us," Zaldívar said for look.For the businesswoman it is "outrageous" that Ivonne continues to parade through the television sets telling the same history of always and, above, contributing a version that little or nothing looks like reality, according to Zaldívar.For her, while her daughter is forced to work as a fellow perceiving a low salary and she "fights" every day because her clothing store in La Moraleja works, Ivonne goes to the sets to "go through a box laughing at everything".

This has assured this medium: «How do you think my daughter can sit and watch her on television taking it (money) when we work hard every day?I work like a donkey and my daughter Andrea is as a fellow to be able to pay the race.The contrast is outrageous ».The only consolation for Zaldívar before such injustice is that the European Court of Human Rights of Strasbourg acts quickly and reflects the truth that the family defends.

Actualidad El último dardo de Eva Zaldívar a Ivonne Reyes

They took a step forward when they knew the Supreme Court's car, which turned their backs, something that, according to the businesswoman, does not do Ivonne and gets back to repeat the same thing: «If you want to sue, you shut up and do it and do itIn intimacy, but it is very important for this lady to go through the box every so often ».Pepe Navarro, her daughter Andrea and she are calm: "Here we have been waiting for that demand for seven months".

Eva Zaldívar defends that the only thing her daughter did is exercise her right: "Andrea clung to the institutional law that protects him while Ivonne parades through the sets lucrating".Look has contacted the Venezuelan to know her opinion, but the contestant of ‘Big Brother Vip’ has limited himself to ensuring: «Everything is in process and I will not enter the replica».Along the same lines, the presenter Pepe Navarro has been shown, who has refused Redondo to address this issue: "I have nothing more to say".

At this time what Eva Zaldívar really wants is that none of this affects her daughter - who is focused on her career and work- and that judicial things are executed where they owe and not on a television set after payment.