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It is not a Hermés or a chanel, but the most pijas Spanish will have an arrow with this brand of bags

There are classic bags that are so iconic that, no matter how much the years go by, they will always have a hole in our closet (who can afford it, of course).Dreaming is free, I know, but from time to time we have to put your feet on the ground and, although a chanel timels will make the simplest look elegant, it is worth opening our heart and making match with other bag signaturesMade in Spain.Lilian Urquieta, Monpiel, Lafloid or Leandra Bags are some of my favorites, now I just discovered the brand of bags that will fall in love with all the cocks of Spain: Unsarao.


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No es un Hermés ni un Chanel, pero las españolas más pijas van a tener un flechazo con esta marca de bolsos

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And it is not that they seem taken from the Instagram looks of Tamara Falcó or María Fernández-Rubíes, Spanish Spanish and with an impeccable style, but by name many pijas will identify with them.Fernando Bonastre, designer of the firm, of Santander origin and based in Paris, grew up in an imposing matriarchy and has always been the great reference of him in matters of style.

In that female universe of mother, grandmothers, auit's-.Are there more pijos names than those?The designer paid tribute to the collection of five bags that Unsarao has just launched, which he manufactures in Ubrique with the best materials, with genuinely Spanish name.

The skins used stand out because they are selected top -quality snapks as well as soft bovine leather of national origin.Both exceptional skins that guarantee the passage of time and that make the bags of this firm have a quality similar to that of large firms such as Loewe or Hermés, which also manufacture in the Cadiz town.But Unsarao is affordable luxury -their prices do not exceed 500 euros and their cheaper bag is around 375 euros-.

Pilucas, Natis, Cucas, Covas and Catas, how lucky ours to have a bag with our name!Jane Birkin, this did not expect it!

As alternatives we propose this design by Gloria Ortiz that you can find in the sales of El Corte Inglés.