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A film premieres arrives at a Movistar Plus+ Prize

February is the month of the Goya Awards and in Movistar Plus+ we are preparing everything to enjoy as always the best Spanish cinema.

Favorites such as ‘Maixabel’, ‘Mediterranean’, ‘Chavalas’ and ‘Josefina’ can be seen in Movistar Plus+ before the Goya Gala on February 12.

In February we will also have the best international film premieres, with prominent names such as M. Night Shyamalan, Matt Damon, Toni Collette, Émilie Dequenne, Guillermo Francella and Diego Peretti.

Mediterranean of the great favorites in the Goya 2022, for which he accumulates seven nominations: film, actor (Eduard Fernández), photography, music, song, effects and production.Starring Fernández, Dani Rovira, Anna Castillo, Sergi López, àlex Monner and Melika Foroutan, 'Mediterranean' narrates the complex trip that in September 2015 undertake two lifeguards of Badalona, Oscar Camps and Gerard Canals, after seeing the terrible photograph of the littleAylan Kurdi, lying without life on the banks of the Mediterranean.In the words of Oscar Camps, "nobody approached there except backpackers and volunteers alarmed at what was happening."

Rolled after more than four years of documentation in which producers and director (Marcel Barrenat sea.More than 1000 extras, mostly refugees from the fields of Greece, are also part of the cast of ‘Mediterranean’. Since Friday 4

CHAVALASLA Spanish film more fun, spontaneous and free of prejudices of 2021 is this customary comedy about friendship, starring Vicky Luengo, Carolina Yuste, Elisabet Casanovas and Àngella Cervantes, "with a starting point as excellent as its four protagonists" (Cinemania).Goya nominated for the best Novel address (Carol Rodríguez Colás) and the best revelation actress (Cervantes).

‘Chavalas’ starts presenting a universe of frivolity and posture, where the young and enthusiastic Marta struggles to earn a hole in the photography sector, only suitable for chic people, rich children and Pitiminí artists.However, and unfortunately, her dream is interrupted and she returns to the humble neighborhood of her long before expected.There, she will meet her with her best life of her, some young people with aspirations as far as possible from her.

Public Award at the Malaga Festival, this generational portrait involves the raw opera by Carol Rodríguez Colás, who adds to the new quarry of filmmakers that are revitalizing Spanish cinema in recent years, with names like Pilar Palomero ('Las Niñas''), Arantxa Echevarria ('Carmen y Lola') or Carla Simón ('Summer 1993'). Since Tuesday 8

Josefinajavier Marco, winner of the Goya for the best short in 2021 for 'face', debuts in the direction of feature films with this tender, intimidist, simple, sad and nice film that «speaks of the encounter of two human beings in need of love, ofaffection and company, of a shoulder on which to laugh or cry », in the words of the framework itself.

Nominated for three Goya 2022, ‘Josefina’, starring Emma Suárez and Roberto Álamo, follows Juan, an introverted prison official who knows Berta on the bus that takes him to the jail where he works.Berta goes to prison every Sunday to visit her son, imprisoned in the male module.One day, Juan manages to talk to Berta on the bus ... And he is surprised by himself by posing as a prey: the fictitious Josefina. Since Wednesday 8

Llega un febrero de estrenos de cine en un Movistar Plus+ de premio

MAIXABELNOMINED TO 14 GOYA 2022 Awards, eight fierce and innumerable more awards, 'Maixabel' is the real story of the widow of the socialist politic, despite the doubts and the immense pain she still feels for the death of her husband, she agrees to meet face to face with the people who ended the life of who her partner had been since she was 16.

With Icíar Bollaín in the direction and Blanca Portillo and Luis Tosar in the roles of Maixabel and the Etarra Ibon Etxezarreta, the film addresses, in the words of Bollaín, «the consequences and the human cost that the violence has, especially for those who suffer it, but also for those who exercise it and for the whole society that houses it.With ‘Maixabel’ we wanted to tell this story of our recent past with emotion, sincerity and, above all, a lot of respect for its protagonists.

Wrong Turn: Path to infiernocuidate with that strange route of the forest ... that owns.Spooky reset of the saga ‘km.666 ’, written by the screenwriter of the first film Alan B. Mcelroy.A horror survival about young hikers in danger involved in the presentation of the Spanish Charlotte Vega in Hollywood.She accompanies her, in this feast of kidnapping, blood and sadistic tribal hunters, veteran Matthew Modine.

The film starts presenting Scott, a father who goes to the police station to denounce the disappearance of his daughter Jennifer, who was on the route on the path of the Apalaches.While the man goes to the place to investigate for his own account, he receives a shocking warning: the nature of the forest devours everything he finds, even the bones. Since Saturday 12

The things we say, the things that we doubt, one of the small jewels of 2020 for criticism, a brilliant choral drama about the contradictions of love, desire, the sex that César 2021 obtained for the best secondary actress (Émilie Dequenne) and 12 more nominations, including better film.Selected at the Cannes Festival of 2020, the tape starts with the presentation of especially, a translator with literary ambitions that travels to the Provence to stay at his cousin's house.Shortly after arriving, and after discovering that the host has had to return to Paris, the young man begins a very personal conversation with Daphné, his cousin's partner.

Emmanuel Mouret ('The art of loving') signs this magnificent work of encounters and disagreements that becomes intimate, tender and with clear universal vocation, to the extent that "its moral affects us all: we want to love, but we will never know how"(The reason).In this tenth feature film, the French filmmaker resorts again to the two great themes that vertebrate his filmography: sentimental relationships and chance.«Love is such an exciting theme that it may seem like a game, but, above all, it is an adventure;So exciting, playful and intense, as cruel and dramatic, which permanently questions our customs and societies »explains Mouret. Since Tuesday 15

Bloodmatt Damon (‘The Last Duel’, ‘Mars (The Martian)’ star in this dramatic thriller about a father who tries to save his daughter from a condemnation for murder in a country whose rules and language does not know.Damon gives Bill Baker life, an unemployed American who constantly travels to Marseille to see his daughter, firmly condemned for murder.The girl, who has been in jail for five years, is convinced that there is a new test that could exculpate her and, before the lawyer's refusal to investigate the fact, she will be Bill who is responsible for doing so.

Directed and co -written by Tom McCarthy (Oscar winner for the best script by 'Spotlight', which he also directed), 'Blood issue' is a film that, in the words of McCarthy, "addresses our desire to be loved and needy," "A liberation story that shakes the shackles of shame and the fault that keep us rooted in a place.

Moving a dreamer, funny and captivating movie Feel Good (of those that make you feel good) based on the real history of a community that joined to become a champion an improbable racing horse.Set in the beautiful rural landscapes of Wales and starring Toni Collette, ‘Dreamy horse’ leave aside the drama of other films about the search for sports triumph to narrate an endearing story of friendship and persecution of dreams.An imbueda Hwyl film, the Word Welsh to express an intense feeling of enthusiasm and energy from the dreamer horse to give and take.

Directed by the Welshman euros Lyn (tanned director of episodes of series such as 'Dark Matter', 'Daredevil' or 'Doctor Who'), this optimistic film to watch family also has the interpretations of Damian Lewis ('Billions'), Joanna Page and Owen Teale. Since Saturday 19

Time the most disturbing M. Night Shyamalan ('Glass (Crystal)', 'The Sixth Sense') returns to the big screen on this intense psychological horror thriller that adapts the graphic novel 'Castillo de Arena', by Pierre-OscarLévy and Frederik Peeters.Almost all the action of ‘Time’ takes place on a beach (as idyllic as infernal) to which some diverse characters come on the recommendation of the resort manager to which they have gone on vacation.The place (which, by the way, in the graphic novel is represented as the Asturian beach of Gulpiyuri) soon begins to show strange effects on visitors.

This restless trip through the pass

The theft of the century unique robbery ... but very ambitious.Reality surpasses fiction in this thriller of comic dyes on the most surreal robbery in the history of Argentina: the assault perpetrated to the Río Bank in 2006 at the hands of amateur criminals with toy guns.The film, starring some fabulous Guillermo Francella ('El Clan') and Diego Peretti ('The night my mother killed my father'), places the action in January 2005. A teacher named Fernando plans to hit a blow to abank.To achieve it and not die in the attempt, he resorts to Mario's help, a veteran scammer who works alone.Soon, the duo gets to work ...

Nominated for the best actor at the Platinum Awards (Peretti), the tape reproduces the rocambolesco robbery with great detail thanks to the collaboration as a co -manicist of Fernando Araujo - the ideologist and leader of the assault in reality - and for the actors had the opportunityto talk to the band involved.As Francella explains, "being in the filming set explained to us how each thing had carried out." Since Sunday 27