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What are comedones and how to treat them

We all want impeccable and uniform skin, but if you have oily skin, you are likely to be familiar or even experienced comedones, a type of acne that is generated by the obstruction of pore and that manifests itself in the form of white protuberances or colorof the skin that are formed under the dermis.They can appear anywhere in the skin, but you will see them more commonly on the face, chest, back and shoulders.Patricia Rúa, head of Image in Nezeni Cosmetics, tells us how to differentiate them and how to get rid of them.

First, we should differentiate between the types of comedones, which can be black points or white points.In the case of blacks, they are open comedones that develop when a skin cell cap and excess fat are trapped inside the hair follicles.Being exposed to the air, they oxidize and turn black.Whites are closed comedones that appear when the pore is obstructed with dead cells and sebum.Above pore there is a thin layer of skin that makes the head slightly white or fleshy, since the cap is not exposed to the air.That is why they are colloquially called white points even though they do not have a visible head that can be burst.If you try to burst them, or bacteria penetrate the follicle, a comedon can become inflamed grains or inflammatory acne.Any of them can appear on the skin accompanied or not more severe acne.

How to eliminate comedones

Qué son los comedones y cómo tratarlos

It is true that closed comedones can disappear for themselves without any treatment, but it is generally not so and even if they do, it can take weeks or months until their complete disappearance.If they are not treated, they can get worse, becoming red, painful and more difficult to treat.In addition, they have a tendency to reappear after the treatment ends.What you never have to do is squeeze them, because only they will be irritated, inflamed them and over time they will become red papules or pustules sensitive to touch.On the other hand, we must uncover the pores, reduce excess skin on the skin and eliminate harmful bacteria.To do this, Patricia Rúa, head of the image of Nezeni Cosmetics, suggests following these simple steps:

1/ Carry out a correct facial cleaning, for example with micellar water, to remove excess fat and skin dirt.

2/ Exfoliate the complexion regularly, helping to eliminate dead cells from the epidermis to keep the pores clean and without obstruction.

3/ Use only non -comedogenic cosmetics, with less chance of provoking outbreaks or obstruct.

4/ Try benzoyle peroxide or resorcinol.The first is a classic to combat acne, killing bacteria that often feed the pimples, and the second is very useful to remove dead skinned cells.

5/ consult the possibility of effective but invasive treatments such as cryotherapy or microdermabrasion.

6/ resort to home remedies such as tomato mask (which contains salicylic acid naturally), lemon juice due to its antioxidant properties, tea tree oil that is the natural alternative to benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid,or apple cider vinegar, which dries the comedon and helps to heal faster.

To prevent them, Patricia Rúa gives us three main tips: "Take care.