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"Pandora", the "it" bracelet that everyone wants to have

Imposible entrar. Salvo durante los “sales” del día de Acción de Gracias, no es normal ver filas de clientes en el Aventura Mall de Miami. Ni tampoco encontrarse un día de semana cualquiera, con locales abarrotados de compradores en la Via del Corso de Roma, en el Covent Garden de Londres o en el Odakyu Mall de Tokio. Y mucho menos, si la tienda en cuestión es una joyería. ¿Qué producto es el que provoca esta pasión extrema? La pulsera Pandora. Un brazalete de metal precioso con dijes intercambiables y coleccionables que desde hace casi dos décadas se ha convertido en la pieza fetiche más buscada a lo largo del planeta. Una prenda de lujo accesible, pero personalísima y única que atesoran con fruición celebrities como Catherine Zeta Jones, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift y hasta la mismísima Kate Middleton. Una moda emocional que llegó para quedarse y que ahora está a punto de desatar el mismo furor en nuestras tierras.

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Hital story.The word "pandora" comes from the Greek and means "full of gifts".According to mythology, Pandora was the first human woman created by the gods.Endowed with great beauty, each divinity gave it a unique gift, so that men were attracted to it.Today is the women of all ages and along the planet who fill the premises of the Pandora label, attracted by the beauty of their products.

Pandora, jewelry, has broken sales records. Es la tercera firma de su rubro en facturación solo por detrás de Cartier y Tiffany & Co.His bracelets have become one of the most famous jewels in the world, "for their ability to adapt to the personality of its bearers," according to Vogue magazine.

Pandora began in 1982 as a small jewelry in the suburbs of Copenhagen.Its owners, the marriage of goldsmiths per and winnie enevoldsen, used to make trips to Thailand.They began to export jewels of that country and commission their own designs to manufacture there.In 1987, they launched the wholesale and after several years as wholesalers, opened their own factory in Thailand and hired designer Lone Frandsen to expand their line.Later, they also incorporated designer Lisbeth Enø Larsen.

The duo built the prototype of the omnipresent bracelet of Pandora, based on a concept that per imagined.The base had a unique design that resembled a silver rope in which gold, silver accounts, Murano crystal and semi -precious stones could be easily added and removed.After obtaining a patent, Pandora began selling it in 2000.The rest is already known history.

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Eternal fashion.As many think in the fashion world, there is nothing new under the sun;But if it works, the thing is to reinvent it.The pandora bracelet is a clear example of this aggioring motto.Loaded with mystery and romance;The trail bracelets have been incorporated as one of the most personalized accessories of civilization since the 700 BC century, when the Babylonians became the first known culture that used them.Since ancient times, men and women have brought talismans to reject evil and bring good luck and amulets in bracelets and necklaces have always been considered protection objects.With the passage of time, the new bracelets have crossed several waves of trends.Not for nothing, they were the favorite jewel of Queen Victoria of England and she was fundamental when popularizing them among the European nobility.He used to give “charms” (Dies) of birds and flowers to his children and friends, and when his beloved prince Alberto died, he made the amulets of grief, like medallions with the hair of the deceased and miniature portraits of the deceased.In fact, he sent to make a bracelet with his image carved in stone and with 16 hearts enameled in black on gold that is exhibited in the real collection.

Later, in the ‘20, the fashion of using this type of bracelets, more luxurious, with platinum and diamonds, in large part thanks to the Socialité Wallis Simpson.Her husband, Prince Eduardo, gave her a very expensive Cartier model with 9 precious stones crosses that was the favorite of the Duchess.

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In the decade of ‘50, the rage returned for the charms.The first American lady, Mamie Eisenhower was an inflexible collector, and on her gold bracelet 21 amulets of the same material, who represented important moments of her life: her marriage, World War II and victory in her husband's presidential elections.But she was not the only public figure with amulets in Hollywood, stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and Natalie Wood were photographed with their new bracelets and helped feed the interest and popularity of these jewels.But 50 years had to spend the trend became a planetary fashion, this time by Pandora's hand.

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Universe.Pandora is sold in more than 100 countries around the world through 12 thousand points of sale and in 3500 brands of the brand.In Argentina, it has just landed with a strong and special move for the region: the installation of its own premises.Calcked spaces of other cities in the world, "where each element, from the lights to the floors, is imported from Denmark and supervised by its Danish architects," says his country manager, Fernanda Pirosanto.A luxury landing that caused an important commercial rumble, with the almost simultaneous inauguration of five stores (in Capital, Rosario and Córdoba), of the various that has planned for the country in the next five years, which were a successful sales successFrom the moment of opening and are among the most visited for Mother's Day Purchases.

Designed at its Copenhagen base and armed by more than 13 thousand artisans in its Bangkok and Lampung factories in Thailand, there are more than 100 million jewelry pieces each year, which reach an income of almost 3 billion dollars annually.“The accessible luxury term fits the brand, because it is possible to acquire a pandora piece from 1.650 pesos, ”says Pirosanto.Another quality according to the times is that the brand is one of the leaders in sustainability in the industry.100 percent of the materials discarded in the industrial process are recycled and reused.And if it is social networks, Pandora not only has a Facebook followers club of more than 15 million people, but is the most visited website of the jewelry industry, ahead of Tiffany and Swarovski, despitethat it was only introduced into electronic commerce in 2015.

Within this huge loyal customer base that everyone likes to add the 800 charms that exist to their collections, several brand -confessed celebrities are included.Just see Goldie Hawn dolls, Miley Cyrus, Hailey Baldwin Maisie Williams, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, Victoria Beckham, Selena Gomez, Anna Kendrick, Emma Watson, Venus Williams, and Catherine Zeta Jones and Katie Holmes.Women as famous as heterogeneous who are Pandora's fans.

"We have all kinds of customers who like to spice up their bracelets with amulets for special moments, such as loves, trips, sports, memories, what each one has lived," they say from the brand.Guillermina Valdes, María del Cerro, Oriana Sabatini, Luli Fernández, Candela Ruggeri or Zaira Nara, among others, are some of the famous premises that have risen to the Pandora Passion.Stephanie DeMmer model is a clear example.His "pandy", as some say, was a gift by tennis player Guido Pella as a courtship proposal."It was given to me six months ago with a Disney charm that says," Believe in Magic "to remember our almost magical encounter," he says excitedly."I bought my first bracelet with a flower in Spain and became addicted," confesses Zaira Nara, another fan, who says that her two -year -old daughter Malika, every night, asks her to tell her stories with each of the charms thatShe adding to her original piece.

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Personal brightness.Thanks to the rage bracelet, which was once a local jewelry store in Copenhagen became less than two decades in the third company in the field, behind monsters such as Cartier and Tiffany.A millionaire business that reigns in the world of jewels (which could be the reason why its logo presents a subtle crown above the "or").The curious thing about Pandora's story is that there is no image that identifies it.There are no faces, no strong concepts.A blank identity and a lack of almost intentional narrative, because they seek to reach a wide range of audience without specifically representing anyone.Needless to say, he didn't miss competitors.Even if you surprise, a decade before the Pandora explosion, and in its same country, the Trolbeads firm exploded the same concept, the difference?His predecessor offered to create the "own jewel", while Pandora proposed to recreate "unforgettable moments".Where one sold fashion, the other summoned memories.Where one sold product, Pandora accompanied the emotions.Each pandora bracelet became a unique and own story that no one could provide.And as is well known in the business world, the best sales argument is to have a good story to tell.

By Gabriela Picasso

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