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The day - Hyundai Tucson 2022 arrives in Mexico with new image, more luxury and technology

Mexico City.The fourth generation of Hyundai Tucson 2022 changes in its entirety.It opens a platform, it is larger, it has a more powerful image, but above all it takes a quantitative and qualitative leap in terms of quality of materials, connectivity, technology and safety, with the firm objective of becoming the rival to win within themedium SUVs segment in our country.

This model is already available in the 67 distributors of the Korean firm in the Mexican Republic, with a price of $ 479,900 for the GLS version, $ 559,900 the Limited and 624,900 pesos for the range of the range called as Limited Tech.

“The new Tucson 2022 is our first launch for this 2021, we are sure that this model, one of the best selling worldwide, will be placed as one of the favorite SUVs of the segment in the Mexican market, thanks to its unique characteristics as soon asto technology, security and design, ”said Claudia Márquez, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor de México.

More dynamic and seductive

This vehicle plays a fundamental role in the business and growth strategy of the South Korean automotive manufacturer, as it is Hyundai's best -selling model, with more than seven million units marketed worldwide since its launch in 2004.

Hyundai's new compact SUV reaches the market with a revolutionary and ambitious appearance rather than a simple evolution of the previous model, the new Tucson 2022 represents a revolution for the brand in terms of design.In general, it presents a bigger and older body than its predecessor.Its most muscular appearance combines marked angles and dynamic proportions with generous surfaces, which guarantees a progressive appearance without compromising its strong SUV inheritance.It is Hyundai's first sport utility that develops from scratch according to the design identity "sensuous sportines" of the company.

This design address is characterized by harmony among four fundamental elements: proportion, architecture, style and technology.Its purpose is to provide a sensual and emotional touch to Hyundai vehicles thanks to innovative technologies and solutions.

The progressive design language of the new Tucson is inspired by the Hyundai Suv Vision T prototype, presented at the 2019 Automobility.Also inspired by sensuous sportinesos philosophy, the creative resources of Vision T revolve around the concept of dynamism and represent an SUV design towards the idea of "urban adventurer".

Abstaining the traditional methods of drawing and sketches, Hyundai designers have conceived the new Tucson futuristic design elements through geometric algorithms produced by Vanguardia digital technology.

La Jornada - Hyundai Tucson 2022 llega a México con nueva imagen, más lujo y tecnología

This process, known as "parametric dynamics" ("parametric dynamics"), uses lines, angles and forms created through digital data to conceive a daring and unprecedented design aesthetic.The result is that prominent geometric patterns appear in the whole SUV design, known as "parametric jewels", which gives it a progressive character.

The most relevant sample of these parametric jewel.When the lights are turned off, the front of the vehicle appears covered with dark geometric patterns, without distinction between them and the exclusive Drls day driving lights, which are perfectly integrated into the grill.

Thanks to the latest generation medium mirror lighting technology, when daytime driving lights are lit, the dark chromed appearance is transformed into shapes similar to those of a jewel, which brings an elegant appearance to the vehicle.This outstanding feature is the first of a series of innovations that underline Hyundai's ambitious design approach.

In general, the new Tucson body is larger and more wide than that of the models of previous generations, showing a long chest and short splashing in a elongated wheelbase that gives it a very elegant character of “coupe” very elegant.Seen from the sides, the angular panels of the body even offer another interpretation of the parametric design.

Tucson's sporty spirit is accentuated by inclusion of a chrome line with a sharp parabolic shape, which begins in the side mirrors and continues to Pilar C.On the sides, the enveloping doors are complemented with a bold style line, which is based on harmony with the robust and resistant appearance of dynamic and angular splashes.

In the back, the wide optical groups with details of parametric hidden lights give continuity to this design scheme.The defense also integrates details of parametric patterns with a three -dimensional effect, together with a sports decoration.

It is the first model of the company that uses hidden rear windshield, which hide under the spoiler.The high -tech design elements find their maximum expression in a smooth -glass Hyundai logo that seems three -dimensional, but that does not really stand out from the outer surface, which is an alternative to the traditional emblems used in the automobile industry.

Broader and more technological interior

As outside, the cabin of this model has been completely renewmake a more cozy and inviting atmosphere.

The interior design with continuous lines links the doors with the board that offers spatial opening and management comfort.It has a 4 -screen cluster.2 ”In its two entry versions, and 10.25 ”In its highest version, speed-speed speed change palettes, E-Shift gear selection, triple area air conditioning in the highest version and a new design on the steering wheel, offering users a better experience, connectivity andcomfort.

Thanks to its new exterior dimensions it allows you to offer greater comfort in your cabin.It is 20 mm longer, 15 mm wider and has a 10 mm wheel distance greater than the previous model, which makes it more spacious than ever.

As a result, the rear seat passengers can enjoy 26 mm of additional leg space.At the same time, the trunk capacity has been increased: it offers up to 620 liters for luggage with the seats in vertical position and up to 1,799 liters with folded seats, according to the finish and the propulsion system chosen.

The new Tucson does not neglect any detail, and this time adds a rear occupant alert that detects by means of an ultrasonic sensor to detect children or pet movements.It also has Premium Krell audio formed by 8 speakers with acoustic and dynamic quality without distortions in addition to the panoramic roof in its Limited Tech version.

Likewise, security plays a very important role in this truck, which now has the Hyundai Smartsense system made up of active security technologies as Front Collision Assistant (FCA), Smart Cruise Control (SCC), lane maintenance assistant(LKA), front collision assistant with intersection braking (FCA-JT), assistant to avoid blind spot collisions (BCA) and also integrates passive safety elements such as an additional air bag between the driver's space and the co-pilotand multicolision braking system.

These elements, in addition to providing extra security to users, gives them the opportunity to improve their management experience, making it more friendly to them and the environment, helping to create a better community on the road.

Tucson 2022 has high safety and quality standards, its structure is made with third generation steel plates, which offers greater security in case of collision.It also has curtain, front and side bags.

“We are very happy with this new release, one of the most anticipated and important for the brand this year.Without a doubt, the new Tucson 2022 will redefine the perception of the SUVs of its class thanks to the important innovations it has.It is exciting to think about all the possibilities that this model offers to users to help them discover their power in each path they travel, ”said Juan Carlos Ortega, Hyundai Motor Marketing Director of Mexico.

As for engines, Hyundai Tucson 2022 uses a 4 Smartstream cylinders of 2.5L GDI that Eroga 187 HP and a torque of 178 lb-fo at 4,000 rpm, which is associated with a new 8-speed e-shift automatic transmission, which dispenses with the typical gear selector lever, to give way to buttonsIntegrated in the console to make speed changes, thus offering greater space and comfort.