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Heart Tamara Falcó exhausts in 24 hours the most special medal of his first collection of jewels

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"For a long time I wanted to dedicate a collection of jewels to our mother the Virgin."These were the first words of Tamara Falcó (39 years) by publicly announcing her debut as jewelry designer.Her message, shared on social networks with three photographs in which she serves as a model with some of her creations, already gave clues about what could be found in the first jewelry proposal of her.This collection has been possible thanks to her collaboration with Tous, and only hours after her launch could already confirm her success.

The catalog created by the Marquise de Griñón consists of 10 pieces, but among all of them stands out with special intensity, and which is also the favorite of Tamara: the medal with the image of the Virgin Mary.This is a Vermeil silver jewel with seven 2 millimeter white topacios and is presented in two formats, a small 22 millimeters (for 200 euros) or large, 30 millimeters (for 250 euros).Created in first law covered with 18 carat gold with a thickness of 3 to 5 microns.

Tamara Falcó wearing her most successful medal with the image of the Virgin Mary.Tous

By being able to create a piece in honor of the Christian figure for which he feels greatest devotion, Tamara's dream has come true to honor his Virgin.In addition, she has done it in a big way, since the medal has exhausted in record time.Just 24 hours have been enough so that there are no stocks in any of the sizes.This has been confirmed by the jewelry firm to El Español: "It has already been exhausted. It will be replaced soon, but we still cannot specify the exact date, that information is not available."

Corazón Tamara Falcó agota en 24 horas la medalla más especial de su primera colección de joyas

In this way, a new success of Isabel Preylser's daughter (70) is accredited, who in addition to being a fashion designer with her own brand -TFP-, is an advanced chef apprentice possessing the superior cooking title in School Le Cordon Le Cordon Le CordonBleu, collaborator of El Hormiguero, influencer, brand ambassador and writer, after publishing on October 14 her first book The recipes of my mother's house.

However, it has been the design of jewelry one of this year's most complex projects, as Tamara herself confessed in the presentation of her collection: "For me it has been a challenge as a designer to specify my thoughts and emotions in aDiscipline such as jewelry that had never worked, but that hooks. "

Its debut in the Jewelry universe has been carried out creating six medals, three bracelets and a necklace in which carved elements of very special and spiritual symbologies appear.They are based on a simple aesthetic, returning to the classic beauty of art and with very delicate strokes.Precisely that message behind each design is the conductive thread of this collection and what wanted to give Tamara Falcó in the creative process.

Detail of the Virgin Mary Medal of the Tamara Falcó X Tous collection.Tous

Among the symbology that stands out in the different jewels, the use of the cross is appreciated, which represents balance and protection;The flower of Lis, which is linked to strength, honor, loyalty, purity and balance of the body and mind;Azucena, which gives voice to innocence and purity and is related to love and goodness;and the star, which represents light, energy, immensity and harmony.

In view of how his fetish jewel has devastated sales, Tamara can be proud of her work in the Tous workshop, a firm for which she has been her most faithful ambassador for years and with which she has finally gone to action with aCollection that reflects his Christian faith and "his most personal style."

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