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All ways to clean a vinyl or LP disk (without spoiling it)


In full resurgence of the old Elepés albums, also called acetate or vinyl discs, the passionate of this musical format run the risk of spoiling their ‘jewels’ if they do not resort to correct cleaning methods.

Whether they are freshly pressed or obtained second -hand, all vinyl records require adequate cleaning to remain rotating and playing as if they had just left the factory.

There are several methods and options to remove dust or any other residue that puts the high fidelity of your discs at risk.

It is only a matter of taste and, of course, of your budget.

How to clean vinyl records homemade?

Wash them with soap and water is the simplest and cheap method you can do.

But, eye: forget about using the tap running water, because some impurities could remain on the surface and furrows of your discs.

The best option is to use distilled or deionized water- fáciles to get in pharmacies or supermarkets- and liquid soap for frets (use only a little).

Todas las formas de limpiar un disco de vinilo o lp (sin estropearlo)

Just be sure to rinse them conscientiously to completely remove any possible soap.

Use a clean microfiber towel to dry correctly, making circular movements.

Specialized articles to clean your vinyl records

It is the best way you can use to keep your disco brand new without spending a lot of money.

In the market there are several brands and products that will avoid damage or scratches.

You can use special cleaning solutions and a wide variety of antistatic brushes, preferably that are carbon fiber, which will remove dust and other impurities that may be embedded.

There are also exclusive rollers for this task that will keep your albums clean

Professional Cleaning Kits

They are the ideal option for your albums to remain in good condition for many years.

But unfortunately their prices are quite high, due to the special vacuum they have.

First you must remove any dust or dirt with a brush.Then apply the cleaner liquid and, finally, place the disk in the vacuum, which sucks the cleaning liquid of the slots along with all the dirt.

With this system your discs will end cleaner than with any other method and the risk of damage is also much lower.

Here we recommend a fairly affordable option.

Can I use alcohol to clean a vinyl disk?

NO!Never use alcohol to clean your discs or run the risk of spoiling them forever.

The use of alcohol causes your albums to lose shine and will eventually end up permanently damaging the furrows.

Other homemade products that can serve

Vinegar is a good ally when cleaning your discs, because it contains acetic acid and water.It is recommended to dissolve it with water in equal parts.

Liquids to clean glass can also be used to clean your discs, just make sure they are free of ammonia.

Basic cleaning tips

Follow these simple tips to take care of your vinyl collection well: