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Does money make you feel guilty or uncomfortable?There is no reason

Many years ago I had a very spiritual friend.He went to church every Sunday, helped in the young group, played the guitar in the choir, and was volunteer for many good causes.

It was very nice to talk with him, except when we talked about money, because we never agreed.

He firmly believed that if one receives more money, another more needy person will receive less.He donated most of his money and despised the rich.He said that the worst evil of humanity is ambition, or "the god of money."

As there are many.The author Shelly Bullard, in this article, ensures that there is a belief that if you are spiritual, you should not want money, because people who want money are ambitious and materialistic.For many, spirituality and money are not mixed.Even a definition of the word "spiritual" in the SAR is: "Said of a very sensitive person and little interested in the material."This makes many feel guilty when they have money, and have no peace with that area of their life.

I saw and keep seeing money as a neutral tool.If money were an object, let's say my friend saw him as a gun and I saw him like a hammer.The gun always serves to kill, but the hammer serves everything you want to use.Good or evil are not in the hammer, but in the person who uses it.You can build or destroy, it is your choice.

Of course, it also matters how you got the hammer.You can get it working decently or stealing, exploiting others, breaking the law, etc.If when getting your money you produce damage, then you could be right when feeling guilty for having it.

However, my friend believed that even if your money comes from honest, ecological, sustainable work, free of human exploitation and animal suffering, having it will take you away from good while there are others that have nothing.I do not agree: two poor are not better than one.Although I do not blame my friend for his ideas, because in reality money is usually used very awkwardly and this has given him a bad reputation.

But imagine if most money in the world were in the hands of the most conscious people!Imagine if it will be used to improve the lives of others and to take care of the environment!It sounds pretty, but in practice, what spiritual uses could be given to money that are not to give it away and now?Here I give you four ideas.

1. Help yourself

In the already very well metaphor of the oxygen mask, we must remember that our first social responsibility is not to help others, but to ensure not being a burden to others.Human beings are born totally dependent and require many years to achieve maturity that allows us to assess ourselves.Many never succeed.

Doing everything that is in our possession for never swelling the ranks of the dispossessed requires more than simply having a job and paying for our livelihood: it is also necessary to save for retirement, making sure not to endorse others the obligation to keep us in old age.

Also, a plan to be self -sufficient in difficult times is required: an emergency fund, insurance, etc.Once we cover our own present and future needs, we will have the great privilege of thinking about those of others.

2. Consume consciously and frugal

Have you heard the phrase "Poverty is expensive"?This refers to the fact that with few resources are usually spent more.For example, you must buy lower quality products that are almost disposable, and buy them again and again (which is lousy for the environment).

People who are telling cents usually base all their decisions on economic principles, but with healthy finances, you can base your decisions on other values such as environmental care.

Ecological products usually have more expensive raw materials with low -scale artisanal manufacturing and, therefore, be more expensive, for example, soaps with few toxins, recycled paper, organic tomatoes, etc.

¿El dinero te hace sentir culpable o incómodo? No hay razón

However, despite the fact that money gives you the freedom to take care of the planet, statistically, people with more money pollute more, with their travel by plane, gigantic houses, multiple cars, and excessive consumption.But this does not mean that wealth has to be so.As an example I will tell you from the millionaire Mr. Money Mustache, a man who saved 66% of his salary for 10 years to be able to "retire" at 30 years of age (here tells us how).

Although he could buy what he wants, he knows very well the effects of hedonic adaptation and resists falling into his trap.He every day he uses his bicycle, instead of the car, and his travels and hobbies are usually local and low impact.He uses money to buy tranquility and time to do what he wants, not to become addicted to comfort.In addition, this Frugal Millionaire donates part of his money to well -studied projects.

He tells us that when money is a tool and not a final objective, you can use it to have your priorities in order instead of using it to buy a lot of baratijas that accelerate global warming.It's up to you.

3. Protect your values and change the world

No one who has to work 18 hours a day to eat will change the world.It is necessary to have time and resources to move, to demand, to write, to film, to think, to read.If you want to improve the world, the worst thing you can do is become an enemy of money.

Of course, people with more money in the world are usually the least interested in change and the least indicated to start it (as you will see here).You can do a lot without being a millionaire (or thanks to you not), but first you have to remove the obstacle of money and have your finances in order.A few days ago I read about a trade union struggle that seems to be condemned to failure: employees cannot afford to be delayed the payment of the week or a day ... how will they pressure the company to respect the rights if they cannot dounemployment?People who live up to date are the ones who have the least negotiation power.

"Before changing the world you have to start for oneself" or "You are the change" are very sobbed phrases.Yes, we all have a responsibility to be good citizens, but it is never said that a good basis for that citizen responsibility is financial responsibility.

I will put as an example the "bites", when a person gives money to a traffic policeman who has stopped her for some fault.Last year a lady told me that she bite.She lives in a house with a ground floor and sheet roof.

I know her enough to know that her precarious situation is due to multiple factors: her bad luck, social problems and also her bad decisions that at the time she believed that they only affected her.

He was carrying plants to sell in a borrowed truck and stopped a policeman because he had broken the rear lights.She gave her the $ 100 pesos she brought.Would you blame it?The woman cannot afford to take the truck that is not even theirs to the corralón with her merchandise because then the next day she does not eat.If she were in her place, she would probably do the same.

But no, I have never given a bite for two reasons: one, I have the value of honesty and I know that corruption charges lives, and two, because my economic situation allows me to follow my values.But if I had to choose between eating and not bite, I would win my stomach."We are all capable of anything given the correct circumstances" is a very true phrase.It is better to have healthy finances to reduce the probability of living the "correct circumstances" that borders us to be corrupt, lie or steal.And of course, strengthen our values so that these “correct circumstances” are as extreme as possible.There are people who bite because it makes it lazy to pay the fine ... no comments.

4. Help others

No one should feel guilty for having an economic situation that avoids being a burden for his family and society, and that allows him to align his principles and values with his daily life and with the way he uses his time.But what if you get to that point and you still have a surplus to give?The money can be very helpful, but it is not enough to get rid of him waiting for him to do a good job he alone.

In my article "Alms are an enemy of your portfolio and society," I explained that charity is an art that requires not only resources, but of a conscientious planning.Improvised altruistic acts are usually the equivalent of throwing money in the trash.

But this not only applies to strangers.Many people make their family and friends skinny giving them a bear aid, that is, a short -term help that loses sight of the person's welfare in the medium and long term.I defined the bear aid in the article you can find by clicking here.

I will never forget a kitchen assistant who loved his parents and every weekend he bought them clothes.She spent all her salary on that, but the day her house was flooded, she didn't have a single weight to help them.To give you have to put brain to the matter.You need to invest time, effort and intelligence so that this money has optimal use at the right time.


Money is a tool with a neutral energy.We see all the time how it is used or wasted, but this bad reputation is not the fault of money itself, but of us.

However, the solution is not to get away from money, or think that the world is black or white, material or spiritual.The solution is to educate ourselves in finance, develop a clear financial philosophy and never allow the money to pass from slave to love in our life.Let's always put it in place as a tool, next to the hammer and the saw.Only then will it help us align our spirit, priorities and values with reality.

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