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Colombians will have to buy the most expensive Christmas pint due to shortage of supplies

It is a tradition in Colombia that clothes are released in December, the same thing happens with prices, because in a "traditional" way prices go up, and in the month of Christmas the merchants intend to make their August, that's why many take advantage of the month of November to buy the cheapest December “pint”.

The CCCyA, Colombian Chamber of Apparel, warned that in December clothing will increase in price due to a shortage of supplies that would affect more than 35% of consumers, which is why Colombians will have to pay more for the clothes we buy.

The world is experiencing a rise in cotton prices and could still increase in the coming months, an issue that the CCCyA does not want to harm consumers, although it recognizes that the mistaken policies of the rulers have protected imports from the East and have put at a disadvantage to domestic production.

“The insufficient policies of the governments in power in recent years against agriculture and the manufacturing industry have led to the alarming destruction of more than 88% of cotton crops throughout the national territory. The unrestricted benefits for the import of garments from the East, contrary to what the importers justify, do not benefit the national consumer, but on the contrary, they discouraged agriculture, industry and would harm about 35% of consumers' pockets. with an increase of 1.5 more in clothing for December”, said Camilo Rodríguez, president of the Colombian Chamber of Apparel.

Cotton cultivation in Colombia, a privileged nation due to its land and climate, has been declining dramatically, as the country went from being a good producer to having to import raw materials because cotton is no longer a profitable product due to to the policies of several governments that do not encourage production, but, on the contrary, make those who own cotton crops desist from them because it represents more disadvantages for them.

So we Colombians will feel a new blow to our already battered economy and we will have to get more money to buy the Christmas clothes, although if we want it not to be like that, we will be buying clothes imported from China, the same one that has bankrupted the sector. textiles, a line to which the pandemic and the crisis caused by it seem to have given a fatal blow and has many at the point of "getting out of the chiros".