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Used cars that are a Chollo (XXI): Hyundai Kona, Jaguar F-Type, Mercedes EQC and much more

Un viernes más en Motor.es traemos una nueva entrega de la recopilación semanal de coches de ocasión que no puedes dejar escapar. Una selección de modelos de diversas categorías y/o segmentos que combinan diferentes características que los hacen muy atractivos a ojos del comprador que está en la búsqueda de un coche de segunda mano. Entre otras cuestiones, y como cabría esperar, presumen de un precio de venta más asequible frente a lo que costarían si fueran nuevos.Coches usados que son un chollo (XXI): Hyundai Kona, Jaguar F-Type, Mercedes EQC y mucho más Coches usados que son un chollo (XXI): Hyundai Kona, Jaguar F-Type, Mercedes EQC y mucho más

But what kind of occasion cars will you find here?Utilitarian, SUV, electric cars, sports, 4x4, etc ... There is a great variety!Well, let's not delay time and enter this list to make a wide and detailed review of the models selected for the twenty -first edition of our weekly "chollometer" of used cars.

4x4 (SUV/SUV) - Hyundai Kona

We start this new edition of the "Chollometer" by looking at the ideal vehicles for the driver lovers of the countryside, nature and, ultimately, from the life away from the great city.SUV or SUV -type vehicles with 4x4 traction system presume to have a faithful audience.Our choice is a small SUV that enjoys great popularity, the Hyundai Kona.

Hyundai has a wide line of todocaminos.The Kona is one of its most affordable models.In the range of this segment B SUV it is possible to find versions with 4x4 traction.However, they have lost some weight since the launch of the current model.A new Kona with whole wheel traction is available from about € 32,600.However, in the used market it is possible to find much more affordable units.

This specimen of the Kona was enrolled in 2019 and has traveled approximately 35,000 kilometers.It is propelled by a 1.6 T-GDI gasoline engine of 177 hp associated with an automatic DCT change and a 4x4 traction system.In addition, it is configured with the Tecno Red finish. Its price?Only € 23,900 if we opt for cash purchase.In this link you can consult the rest of the information.

Sports-Jaguar F-Type

Coches usados que son un chollo (XXI): Hyundai Kona, Jaguar F-Type, Mercedes EQC y mucho más

We make a radical change of category and enter the world of more passionate and sports driving.Sports are not oblivious to all the changes that are taking place in the automobile industry in Europe.However, there are certain brands that, despite everything that is coming, maintain their particular flagships and flagships.The F-Type Jaguar is an icon among British sports.

In recent times Jaguarha given a great priority to his SUV range.Now, he has not set aside the F-Type.An exclusive sport available with Coupé and Roadster body that, without a doubt, does not stand out precisely because it is economical.New cost approximately € 76,500.Is it possible to find a more affordable specimen?Let's take a look at the supply of used.

We bring a unit of 2020 with about 26,000 km behind it.With Coupé body and a 3.0 -liter V6 gasoline engine and 340 hp.An engine associated with an automatic gearbox.The sale price is only € 59,990.You can expand the information of this copy by accessing this link.

Electric - Mercedes EQC

Once again we make another radical change of category and we enter the incipient electric car market.Electrification and, more specifically, totally electric mobility, gains popularity at an accelerated pace.Both in generalist brands and Premium.The Mercedes EQC is one of the most outstanding 100% electric luxury SUVs.

Mercedes has structured the EQC range in a single motorization and its new sale price is about € 84,300.However, and although it is a prohibitive price for most drivers, we can find much cheaper units of occasion and, therefore, affordable.

We present a copy of the EQC enrolled in 2020 and with less than 10,000 km.It is offered with two years warranty and in cash is priced at € only 75,000.In case of financing the purchase, the price is even lower.Accessing the sale advertisement you can consult all the equipment you have.

SUV - Nissan Juke

The so -called "SUV fever" is far from referring in Europe.SUVs represent more than 40% of new car sales in the old continent.That is why manufacturers have been careful in recent times to quickly increase their offer of this type of vehicles.The direct consequence of this particular fashion is the emergence of a wide offer.The Nissan Jukepue presume to be one of the precursors of the B-SUV segment.

Nissan has some of the most popular SUVs in Europe.Juke is a really interesting model within the competed segment of subcompacts.The second generation allowed to give a strong push to its sales by incorporating numerous novelties.A model that can be found in dealers from about € 22,500.Now, there are more affordable units.

We present a specimen enrolled in the year 2020. It has traveled about 9,700 km and is propelled by a 117 hp DIG-T gasoline engine with seven-speed DCT automatic change and front-wheel drive.It is configured with the N-Connecta finish and its cash sales price is only € 20,900.Accessing this link you can consult the rest of the information.

Utilitarian - Fiat Panda

Finally, although not less important, we put the point of view in the segment segment segment A. Urban cars are a fantastic option of urban mobility.The Fiat Panda is an Italian automotive icon.A model that, despite its great veteran, continues to enjoy remarkable popularity in certain European markets.

Fiat has adapted the panda to the new times that run thanks to light hybridization (MHEV).This allows you to wear the ECO environmental badge of the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) with all the advantages of mobility that this means.A new Panda is available from approximately € 14,250.

The selected unit is 2020 and it is an urban model that has acceptable equipment for daily life.Under the hood there is a 1.0 70 hp 1.0 firefly engine with 12 volt light hybrid technology.It is associated with a six -speed manual change and a front -wheel drive system.Its price?€ 11,800 in cash.But as can be seen in the sale announcement, if the purchase is financed, the sale price will be reduced remarkably.