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What to see in Galicia: ten corners of Vigo to visit this Christmas

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Luces de Navidad de Vigo. XOAN CARLOS GIL

Enjoying the lights and attractions is the perfect excuse to discover the charms of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the community

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Countdown for the ignition of Vigo Christmas lights.Galicia's most cosmopolitan city will give the departure gun to its parties on Saturday, November 20.An entire event that attracts thousands of visitors every year.If you are going to get closer to the city Pontevedra this weekend to see Abel Caballero's speech, make the first purchases in the craft market or get on attractions, you can take advantage to do some tourism.

There is no need to get out of municipal limits to enjoy a combination of heritage, leisure and nature within the reach of few places.Of Celtic origin, Roman past, marine and present industrial culture, the city was the scene of great events such as the battle of Rande and social changes such as the move.Walk through its streets, get closer to their squares or visit their museums are some of the plans offered by the city.These are ten corners that you can visit if you are going to enjoy Christmas in Vigo.


El Dinoseto, en la Mall. M.MORALEJO

A good part of Vigo's Christmas attractions will be located in the surroundings of the Plaza de Compostela, better known as La Mall.There will be installed the Cíes Market, a huge Christmas market where visitors can buy the first gifts of the season while walking between statues and gardens.The festive atmosphere will be added, as of November 20, to the already lively life of the area.Surrounded by historical buildings, such as the Correos and Telegraph House, it is one of the city's leisure enclaves.

La Mall is Vigo's most central urban park.It has a wide catalog of flowers such as camellias and trees such as chestnuts from Indies, which shape a botanical garden.For a few months he has also been home to the Dinosaur -shaped bush that became a mass idol and protagonist of selfies.He was transferred from Porta do Sol on the occasion of the works.But the tyrannosaurus is not the only animal that lives the Plaza de Compostela.Before his arrival there was already a stone zoo formed by statues such as a hyena, a giant snail or a goat.


Crucero atracado en el Muelle de Transatlántico. M.MORALEJO

Qué ver en Galicia: Diez rincones de Vigo para visitar esta Navidad

A short distance from the Mall is the port area.An essential place to understand the story of Vigo, always linked to the sea.Walk through the Paseo de Montero Ríos Yas Avenidas, where the famous Marisquiño is celebrated, allows a tour of some of the most emblematic places of the city, such as the sports port of the Yacht Club or the statue of July Verne.The writer dedicated a chapter of 20.000 leagues of underwater travel to the city, feeding the legend about Rande's treasure, and even visited it.

The transatlantic dock and its maritime station are also forced visit, from where you can enjoy one of the best panoramic views in the area.Another corner that you can not miss is the fishing port and the market, one of the city's economic pillars.

Helmet hair

Plaza de la Constitución, en el Helmet hair de Vigo. XOAN CARLOS GIL

Vigo was born and grew from his port.In front of its market the Plaza de O Berbés, the historic neighborhood of the city rises.Rodales, narrow streets and sailor houses make up the map of the area.A small fishing village within a huge industrial city.

O Berbés is also one of the entrance doors to the Vello helmet, where the marine tradition is combined with heritage jewels such as the Santa María Concatedral, better known as the Collegiate.Try the famous oysters in the da Pedra market, walk between traditional trades through streets such as Cesteiros or enjoy the wines atmosphere of the Plaza de la Constitución are some of the plans that can be made in the area.

Prince Street

Ambiente en la calle del Príncipe durante la Navidad pasada. Oscar Vázquez

If what you are looking for is to enter the modern Vigo, you have to go through the Prince's street.The main commercial artery of the city multiplies its atmosphere, already animated, on Christmas dates.In addition to seeing lights, shops and museums such as the frame, the area has two essential visit monuments.At one end is the Porta do Sol, where the famous statue of the Sireno rises.On the other, there is the Urzáiz lamppost, one of the traditional meeting points of the Vigels and where the giant Christmas ball is installed.

Marco Museum

Marco Museum.º M.MORALEJO

Prince's street hosts one of the most important cultural centers in the city.The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo is located in the old prison building and the courts, cataloged as a good of cultural interest.The framework houses temporary exhibitions of various artistic disciplines, from painting to cinema, marked by an avant -garde character.In addition, it has an extensive program of didactic activities.

Plaza de América

Plaza de América, con la Porta do Atlántico en el centro y el Instituto Santa Irene al fondo. M.MORALEJO

Another corner that mark the pulse of the parties in the city is the Plaza de América.There are congregated every New Year's Eve hundreds of people to take the grapes and welcome the New Year.The Santa Irene Institute clock, one of the most emblematic buildings of the civil architecture of Vigo, is the scene of the bells.

Located in the neighborhood of As Travesas, the square is also home to the Atlantic Port.A huge monument that, among Fuentes, serves as a tribute to the thousands of Galician emigrants who left from the port of Vigo to America.


Ambiente en Churruca durante la Nochevieja. Oscar Vázquez

The sea, industry or emigration are some of the elements that marked the history of the city.But, if we talk about the most recent era, we must refer to the Urderroground and countercultural vigo of the 80s, when it was the symbol of the move in Galicia.And, before competing with New York for Christmas lights, Madrid was measured on cultural and leisure offer.

The Churruca neighborhood was one of the icons of the movement and is one of the symbols of the Vigo Night.The indie and alternative area of the city brings together an endless bars where you have a cane and pubs with all kinds of music.In addition, the premises have an agenda loaded with concerts and leisure proposals.

Mount of O Castro

Vistas de la ría de Vigo desde el monte de O Castro. M.MORALEJO

To appreciate all the nuances of the city, it is always advisable.Among all, the O or Castro stands out.A place that allows you to enjoy one of the best views of the estuary and make a trip through the history of Vigo while walking through one of its green lungs.In addition to its historical heritage, this corner storytelling children's parks, skate tracks, monuments and a botanical garden.

Or Castro was the place where the first residents of the city settled.A footprint that remains alive in the military deposit located on the slopes of the mountain, dating from the third century to.C.If the rise in the park continues, you can see a set of anchors that remember one of Vigo's greatest historical events: the battle of Rande.Already at the top, there is the castle of O Castro, a medieval fortress that served to protect the city of English attacks before even the famous battle.

Samil Beach


Vigo's estuary has numerous beaches where to take a respite from the busy Christmas atmosphere and enjoy the sea breeze.But, if you have to highlight one, it is Samil's.A kilometer of white sand surrounded by all kinds of services.Pools, basketball courts, skating tracks, green areas or coffee shops make this urban sand a perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon.

Illes Cíes

Vista aérea de las Illes Cíes. Oscar Vázquez

Vigo has one of Galicia's greatest natural treasures: the Illes Cíes.The most famous community in the community is part of the Atlantic Illes National Park for its enormous natural and cultural heritage.To the diversity of its flora and its fauna, a postal landscape formed by paradisiacal beaches, crystalline waters and spectacular cliffs is joined.

The Cíes, which form a kind of natural barrier at the entrance of the estuary, are a must if you are in Vigo.To get there, it is necessary to go in one of the ships that leave the city.A perfect excuse to enjoy nautical tourism this Christmas.


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