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What happened to Jane Seymour, Dr. Quinn?

How I liked Dr. Quinn. I have always admired those who work in the health field and are able to save lives with their knowledge, and in this series the protagonist was not only a doctor, but also a woman in the Wild West who broke molds and prejudices as much as others. they fired bullets. At her feet, Mrs. Quinn.

As if she weren't enough of an incentive, there was also Sully, the Cheyennes' friend, with whom it was impossible not to fall in love… Oh, Sully!

It was one of the most successful series of the 90s. Thanks to the misadventures and difficulties of Michaela Quinn in asserting herself as a doctor in the middle of the 19th century, the series also served to denounce homophobic behavior of the time that unfortunately is still in force today.

The series premiered in 1993 and was canceled in 1998 amid great protests from its fans, nothing like it had been seen since the cancellation of the Star Trek series in the 70s.

That forced CBS to continue the adventures of Dr. Micaela and Sully, now husband and wife and with a daughter in common.

But they did not do it with new chapters, but with a telefilm (which was much cheaper), Dr. Quinn: Revolutions, released in 1999. The script was so forced that the characters did not seem like themselves, which caused an even more negative reaction. furious among the fans.

They finally managed to placate them with another telefilm, Dr. Quinn: The Heart Within, in which Jane Seymour herself took part as producer. This itself was considered a worthy finale for the series, which spanned a total of 147 episodes.

The Doctor Quinn series lived much longer in many European countries, even books about her adventures were published not only in the United States but also in France, Germany, Holland, Hungary and Poland.

Was the thing there? Well no. Two years ago, driven by nostalgia, the channel Funny or Die managed to reunite the main cast of the series to shoot a parody, Dr. Quinn, Morphine Woman with Jane Seymour, as a crossover between the original series and Breaking Bad:

The parody is infamous even as a parody, but the short is curious to see what the actors are like today.

The truth is that Jane Seymour is very well preserved but, to my heart's pain, I have to admit that Joe Lando, the actor who played Sully, has completely lost his mojo. Where is that fur?

¿Qué fue de Jane Seymour, la doctora Quinn?

Jane Seymour was already considered a beauty in her youth, another of her great roles was Solitaire, the Bond girl in the movie Live and let die (1973). She actually made it to number 10 on the Top Bond Girls.

Postcoital moments from 'Live and let live', with Roger Moore. (Metro Goldwyn Meyer)
With Geoffrey Holder in 'Live and Let Die' (1973). (Metro Goldwyn Meyer)

In 1981 she did another of her great roles, the film East of Eden, based on the famous novel by John Steinbeck, and whose role earned her a Golden Globe. The following year she worked with Ian Mckellen in The Pimpernel scarlet.

With Gandalf in her younger days.

Truly, Jane Seymour was considered a sex symbol, although she assures that she never understood why. “I asked for long legs, but they never arrived. My eyes are very strange, one is gray and the other is green. I have a crooked smile and my nose is like a ski slope,” she once claimed.

Yeah, I didn't realize it either, but it's true. Jane Seymour was born with heterochromia, just like Siberian huskies!

Eyes aside, the truth is that at 65 she is enviable. Here we have her in February 2016 at the Grammy Awards ceremony, where she wore palm hearts. When I grow up I want to be like her.

And she has recognized merit to spare: she has won an Emmy, two Golden Globes, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in 2000 she was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire and in 2005 she became a citizen of the USA. What more could she want?

Her stage name already foreshadowed that she would reach the top: actually her real name is Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg but she called herself Jane Seymour in honor of the third wife of Henry VIII .

She seemed to him that she was more commercial.

The real Jane Seymour. The truth is that she has won over the centuries.

The Doctor Quinn series not only brought her success, awards and one of her most beloved characters by the public, but also her fourth husband: the actor and director James Keach, the one who lasted the longest and with whom she wrote stories for kids.

The actress has another lesser-known facet, that of a writer of self-help books, and that is after a total of four marriages and four children (the last, two twins, she had when she was 44 years old), she is considered a true expert in conflicts of love (or quite the opposite, I would say).

Thus, Seymour has jewels in bookstores such as Seymour's Guide to Romantic Life (1986), Two at a Time: Having Twins (2002), Remarkable Changes (2003) and Among the Angels (2010).

For many years she has dedicated a large part of her efforts to collaborating with associations that help children with health problems and to two great passions, fashion and home furnishings. In fact, her house was used to record the album OK Computer by the rock band Radiohead.

Her first husband was Michael Attenborough, son of famed director and actor Richard Attenborough. They got married while she was filming Live and Let Die (1973). During filming, she visited a psychic who predicted that she would marry three more times. Though the idea came as a shock to her at the time, it turned out to be an oddly accurate omen.

That same year her marriage ended. Next on the list was Geoffrey Planer (from 1977 to 1978).

The third came in 1981, David Flynn, with whom she had two children, Katherine Flynn (who is an actress like her mother) and Sean Flynn. They divorced in 1992.

With her daughter Katie Flynn in 2011. (gtres)

The following year, Seymour married the director of Dr. Quinn and in 1995 they had twins John Stacy and Kristopher Steven, named after Johnny Cash and Christopher Reeve, who were close family friends. In fact, the Superman actor was godfather to little Kristopher.

Her divorce from the director of Dr. Quinn came in recent times: last year. And in June 2016 she was already seen at the Monte Carlo Television festival with a new boyfriend.

Jane Seymour and her companion at the Montecarlo Festival, June 2016. (gtres)

This is David Green, another director for her list. Apparently they have known each other for over 30 years, but coincidentally they were 'single' at the same time, and found love.

In the professional field, Seymour has also enjoyed good form: she has participated in series such as How I Met Your Mother and Smallville, where she played the villain.

We could also see her in the comedy De boda en boda (2005), in countless romantic telefilms and in the series Modern Men, in the legal drama Justice, in In case of emergency, which she starred in 2007, and Franklin and Bash (2014).

At 59 years old, she also showed her skills as a dancer in the Dancing with the Stars contest; where she was in sixth position.

As for Dr. Quinn's love, actor Joe Lando, currently 54 years old, happily married since 1997, is the father of four children. He has participated in numerous telefilms and series such as Highlands JAG. She red alerted The Secret Circle and Wildfire but she never managed to break out like her partner, Jayne Seymour.

She will always have Colorado Springs.

She with her twins Kris and John at Buckingham Palace, where she received the Order of an Officer of the British Empire in July 2000. (GTRES)
She visits the hospital in Machakos, near Nairobi (Ethiopia), in 2002. (GTRES)
With her fourth husband, James Keach, at the 2010 Oscars. (GTRES)
With her son Kristopher Keach in 2016. (gtres)

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