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What does the term 'Arcane' mean in the Netflix series of League of Legends?

Arcane is one of those jewels that Netflix opens from time to time and stays with us forever.The series inspired by the League of Legends universe had long been awakening interest and, after its premiere on the 'streaming' platform on November 7, the public's reception has accompanied him.It is already one of the titles to take into account in 2021 and it seems that it will be for a long time.The company has already announced its renewal for a second season.

Fecha de estreno7 de noviembre de 2021|45 min.
Series :Arcane
ConHailee Steinfeld,Ella Purnell,Kevin Alejandro,Harry Lloyd,Katie Leung

The series has been released in three 'acts' of three episodes each, which have been broadcast weekly.Between so much adventure and challenges, you may have asked yourself a question: what does the term 'Arcane' mean in the series?They do not talk about it directly, but we can draw a conclusion thanks to their theme and atmosphere.

If we look for the meaning of 'Arcane' - or Arcano in Spanish - we find that it means "known only for those with special knowledge; mysterious".This can be easily transferred to the universe of magic in general and the series in particular.Arcano can refer to the magic that sorcerers can control, either innate or through training.Refers, therefore, to special knowledge, a hidden secret and difficult to know.

¿Qué significa el término 'Arcane' en la serie de Netflix de League of Legends?

Arcane's plot presents two enemy cities that are transformed by the creation of Hextech, a way in which anyone can control magical energy, and Shimmer, which transforms humans into monsters.Until that time, normal people do not acquire the magical ability, but with the creation of hextech, they can reach it.The term 'arcane', therefore, simply refers to the magic of the series.

'Arcane' - Temporada 2: Fecha de estreno, episodios, trama y todo lo que se sabe sobre su regreso

If you have devoured its 9 episodes and asked when you could see more, you will like to know that Netflix has renewed the series just a few hours after uploading the three final chapters to its platform.Moving the world of League of Legends to the television format is not easy, but creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee have achieved it.They have also done so, offering a product that is not addressed only to fans of the famous video game and putting according to criticism and the public.

"We are much more than happy for the positive response that Arcane's first season has had and we are working hard with the creative magicians of Riot and Fortiche to develop our safe delivery," the creators said in a statement when they announced Season 2 of Arcane.At the moment, the release date is not known, but you have to have at least one year between the first installment and its continuation.Of course, production is already underway.

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