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Vicente Fernández had four children. Know what they do

Born in 1971, he began his career encouraged by his father and has had a great career. He has won several Latin Grammys and other awards. He has five children; among them, Álex and Camila, who are also singers. (It may interest you: Vicente Fernández and his Colombian family. This is the legacy of "Chente") 'What am I going to do with my love?' Alejandro is also recognized for his social work, as he has participated in campaigns to help children, both in the United States and in Mexico. As for his business, ' Forbes ' reports that owns 15 trademarks; In addition, he is a partner and owner "of some 20 companies based in Guadalajara", in Mexico. (Also: This is how more than 7,000 people fired Vicente Fernández) Some of his brands are 'Flower by AF', which offers advertising services , business management and production and sale of flowers, among others. Others of his companies, such as 'El Potrillo', offer clothing, footwear and alcoholic beverages; he has also ventured into the jewelry business, as well as educational, cultural and entertainment services.

Vicente Fernandez Jr.

The first call to prolong the dynasty was Vicente Jr., born in 1963. Fernández Jr. also sings. However, he has not been as successful. Many attribute it to his kidnapping, which occurred at the end of the 1990s. For his release, the Mexican newspaper Reforma reported in 1998, his father paid 3.2 million dollars. He was kidnapped for 121 days and, to pressure the cancellation of the ransom, two fingers of his left hand were amputated. (See: 'Los Tres Potrillos', the home of Vicente Fernández and his mariachi tradition) 'Forbes' reports that he owns the Vicente Fernández JR brand -dedicated to perfumery, entertainment and the sale of clothing and tequila- and the Maraviri firm. He is also a partner with his brother Alejandro in various businesses: in Real Estate Projects, Ironing Services, Unicenter, Transhine, Meijun, Application Management, Fast Progress Holding, Prosperidad y Finanzas, Famfer Inmobiliaria, APP Leadership, Mando Digital, Open Growth and Chixen. .

Gerardo Fernandez

Although he is the furthest son of the 'reflectors', in 2011 he aspired to be a deputy in Mexico through the coalition of the Institutional Revolutionary Party and the Green Ecologist Party. However, he did not get good results. In the book 'The Last King', by Olga Wornat, Gerardo was related to Ignacio 'Nacho' Coronel, a member of the Sinaloa Cartel and who died in 2010. According to the text, Gerardo and the drug trafficker had a friendly relationship. (It may interest you: Vicente Fernández and the story of the controversial heir to his fortune) Gerardo and his brother Alejandro are partners in the following companies, according to 'Forbes': El Jilguero Real Estate, Western Show Organization, GDL Executive Connection, Santa Fe Developer -Zapopan, Inmobiliaria Ferabar and Grupo Cavae. He also owns the VFG label and Los Tres Potrillos. These businesses, respectively, are related to education and entertainment services; sale of alcoholic beverages and clothing. In total, says 'Forbes', Gerardo owns 20 commercial brands. With his father, he shared a passion for ranching and horse breeding. The media have reported that he is the one in charge of managing most of the family's economic affairs (See: The moving video of Vicente Fernández singing to his great-granddaughter)

Alexandra Fernandez

Vicente Fernández tuvo cuatro hijos. Conozca a qué se dedican

She is the only daughter of Vicente Fernández. She was adopted by him and 'doña Cuca'. As "Chente" explained on one occasion, she is the daughter of one of his wife's sisters. It is known that Alejandra works as a fashion designer. (See: Vicente Fernández: tribute to the idol of the ranchera)

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