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Unicaja Banco Oviedo, between permanence and playoffs

Oviedo Club Baloncesto enters the 21/22 season with a base of 6 players from last season and some signings that will try to make up for the losses of its three most outstanding players in it (Norelia, Speight and brown).


Two players from last season remain, Frey and Alonso Meana.

The Norwegian is before his revalidation. His previous season was not what was expected of him (he came to be first baseman and ended up being totally overshadowed by Micah). His good outside shooting and his IQ in management should make him one of the point guards to watch this season. In preseason he is currently responding to the challenge and showing himself to be one of the most successful players in attack. For his part, the young youth squad Meana who helped the team from the middle of the last league, will seek regularity that will allow him to perform as The one achieved in Almansa, in the second phase, does not remain an anecdote. A combo guard remains to arrive, who can play as 1 but with points in his hands and who can also help in the position of 2 accompanying one of the others two bases.


Only Bartholomew remains there from last season. The Andorran is another one that he liked but he was "almost" last season. He alternated good performances with very discreet ones and lost weight at the end of the season. He will provide a rebound, a 3-point shot and versatility, being able to alternate in the 4 on some, albeit rare occasions.

Andrew Kostecka. American guard-forward who after a year without playing reappeared on the OCB's radar (he was about to come last summer) and this time they have managed to sign him. Talented player and more physical than he may seem, if he is able to adapt his game to FIBA ​​standards, he could be one of the most interesting players to watch in this upcoming campaign.

Unicaja Banco Oviedo, between permanence and playoffs

Mathieu Kamba. The Congolese will celebrate his fourth season in Gold in his fourth team. After passing through Araberri, Coruña and Melilla, the forward comes to replace the top scorer in the second round last season, Brown. He will contribute both behind and forward, being from his experience the man called to lead the outside line at first.

Raul Lobaco. The shooting guard on loan from Zaragoza, who was part of the modernization campus set up by the club in July, will occupy the outer fourth place. With 20 years and a more than good 40% in triples last season, the player of 1.90 is not being able to demonstrate his abilities in this preseason due to various physical problems. We will have to wait to see how he can help the team.


Three players repeat last season with veteran Oliver Arteaga at the controls. He will give the team the necessary break in positional attack that they will need so much, since due to physicality and height this will be a team that will have to run to be able to reach their figures in attack.

Kabasele. The other Congolese on the team. He showed a good level, especially defensively, for a large part of last season, although on many occasions premature fouls prevented him from helping the team further. You will have to control those foul problems and go one step further in attack. He has been injured in preseason and we will see how he evolves and if the club has to bring someone in order not to overload Arteaga in this preseason.

Marc Marti. Player who was "almost" last season and this year will have to give more. Without a player as decisive as Norelia sharing the position of 4 with him, he will have to grow to even fight McDonnell for the title. Otherwise, the team will suffer excessively from the loss of the Haitian.

Sean McDonnell. The other non-EU member of the team. 2.03 cm power forward. who can do everything without excessively standing out in anything. A fighter and worker who will surely connect with the fans, although his not excessive height and his type of game (it's a manual 3-4) will mean that the team has to play something very different from what they played last year with a more Norelia leaning towards 4-5 role.


Coach Natxo Lezcano said it, just landed from the African Cup with the silver medal around his neck achieved with the Ivory Coast, it will be time to fight again to avoid permanence like last year . Only the good work of him and a positive evolution of the signings and renewed players with potential will make it possible to look higher.

Juan Carlos Iglesias (@juancaraqk)