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The Nation address police dramas

The director of the Republican Institute of Strategic Policy (IRPE), José Ocampos, said that in addition to logistics problems and other aspects, police officers suffer from the lack of a positive perception of society sectors.

During a conference in the circle of retired officers, Ocampos indicated that this aspect determines that in many cases the relationship that is expected to have with society is not completed.

“When a police officer dies in action, there are no demonstrations, nobody sympathizes with their families.Are they not considered them in that aspect of their people?They are not human? ”, Said Ocampos.

La Nación Abordan los dramas de la Policía

Another problematic aspect that Ocampos pointed out is related to the fact that shortly after the police stop a thug, it goes out with alternative measures to the prison and returns to crime.“The police in 90% of cases arrest the offender.The problem is that he at 8 am he is released again.The law gives you so many guarantees that it is almost impossible to go to jail.The only ones who have human rights in Paraguay are criminals, kidnappers and leftist, the others not, ”he said.