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The 50 best t -shirts in history according to Fourfourtwo

Adrián Marcos
fifty.Gamba Osaka 1996-97

Black and yellow rays descending from the shoulders to the chest on the blue background make a great combination that is also practical.The address refers specifically in the Panasonic logo, which they make of this "vintage" t-shirt of the J-League as beautiful as attractive advertising.

49.United States 1994

The stars on a blue background that almost brushes the cowboy style turned this visitor shirt into the favorite outfit of the mythical Alexi Lalas.A design as novel as it is striking that the giant Rubio Lucía when he represented his country.

48.Greenback U10S twenty06

A group of Lincoln children expressly asked Lemmy Kilmister to let them wear the motorhead logo, the artist accepted and said: "Patead everything really hard".The team recognized the favor and celebrated all the goals raising the horns.

47.Scotland 1978

Umbro designed for the 1978 World Cup in Argentina in which the blue color is the one that prevails above the white.The brand logo is repeated from the neck to the fists in a plot that, next to the shield, makes the shirt one of the most beautiful of that tournament.

46.Blyth Spartans 1993-94

This team of the sixth English division will not have large national or international titles, but for Fourfourtwo it has one of the most beautiful t -shirts in history.We speak specifically that they looked like places in the 1993-94 season.

Four. Five.AC Milan 1988-89

It is impossible to understand European football, especially from the last century, without the Italian team.AC Milan is one of the most laureate clubs on the continent and some of its titles managed to wear this adidas shirt that wore, among others, Gulli, Van Basten or Rijkaard.

44.Paris Saint-Germain 1993-94

That "less is more" did not go through the head of Nike's designers this year.The blue and red of the Gallic team are mixed in a succession of lines of different thickness that reminds a recent of FC Barcelona.And despite the numerous logos in the chest, the style liked and convinced as much as to enter this list.

43.Newport County twenty04-05

This curious shirt with the drawing of a chain around the neck has its explanation, strange.The comic rap was fashionable in Wales and the Goldie Lookin Chain collective became the main sponsor of the club and hence the golden color and the chain.

4two.FC Barcelona 198two-89

The Catalan brand Meyba design the Barca team shirt during the 80s and triumphed so much that there was no need to change it every year, as is currently.Simple, five stripes on the front and a plot from the neck to the fists so that the colors of FC Barcelona were what the most highlighted.

41.Colorado Caribou 1978

Only this American club existed, but what a year, and what a t -shirt.The Freedom of the NASL to play with the designs led the designers of the Denver team to wear a purely cowboy shirt with fringes included and in the colors of the west.

40.Fiorentina 199two-93

It was not a good year for 'La Viola', which descended to series B and also received numerous criticisms for his shirt.The Lotto brand had to redesign this shirt because at the top, in the drawing, they could look swastika.The company said it was an accident and soon remodeling it.

39.Matureira sporting club twenty13

This Brazilian team met the revolutionary Ché Guevara in Cuba back in 1963 and fifty years later they wanted to remember it with this peculiar shirt.The Flag of the Caribbean Island and the renowned guerrilla face intended to be an attraction for young people.

38.Tampico Madero 1980-8two

This simple shirt was the one that the Mexican club dressed in his home games in the early 80s.Seafood is one of the greatest attractions in the Tamaulipas region, the team was nicknamed as the 'brave crabs, and it was a matter of time that they both crossed.

37.Belgium 1984

The 80s were a good decade for Adidas because they made authentic jewels like this, that of the Belgian National Team.That strip with Argyle design is one of the most recognizable since then in the shirts of the European country and in the last World Cup they reissued it.

36.Tampa Bay Rowdies 1978-81

Las fifty mejores camisetas de la historia según FourFourTwo

From Colorado's filigree to simplicity in Tampa Bay, where a white shirt with green and yellow sleeves, green neck and a logo in the chest with a more typical source of a music band than a football club has beenenough to enter this particular list.And these lived more than a year.

35.Atalanta 1991-1993

You may get on you or you hate it, but what cannot be denied is that Lotto designers sought to attract attention with this shirt.The lines tried to imitate pen strokes in one of those typical designs of the early 90s.

3. 4.France 198two

It is difficult to find a bad job of Adidas for the gala national team, all those that occur to me are authentic works of art.This, the 198two, is probably one of the least known, but the blue background with the thin red and white lines, and the unmistakable rooster, make this one of the most beautiful in the World Cup in Spain.

33.Soviet Union 1970

The simplicity made a shirt thanks to Umbro with a totally red sweater, of course, and the acronym CCCP, equivalent to the USSR, in Ciríllica.The Red of the Ten de Campo was complemented with the completely black luggage that wore the goalkeeper.

3two.New York Cosmos 1979

Ralph Lauren himself design the New York team shirt to close the 70s in a team that was more marketing than football.While Warhol and Bowie filled galleries and rooms, Carlos Alberto, Franz Beckenbauer and Johan Neeskens wore this elastic.

31.Brazil 1986

It is clear that the best Brazilian footballer in history is Pelé, but the best shirt of the 'Canarinha' is an issue that has more discussion.With so many idols in different times, this one that Socrates, Zico, Josimar and Falcao among others may be among the most appreciated by the soccer players.

30.Gremio 1989-1990

The elastic of the late 80s does not differ largely to the current one that players like Everton, but that year both embroidery and sponsor help the shirt win points in this ranking.

two9.As Rome 1981-8two

The Italian capital team is another one that rarely has ugly luggage because both its colors and its symbology, with the wolf above all, make it an easy dam for good designs.On this simple occasion as elegant with the colors of the club.

two8.Nigeria 1994

The typical Nigeria green, present in all its shirts, and designs inspired by African influences make this a beautiful shirt.The Nigerians led their group to fall into sixteen finals at the United States World Cup.

two7.Nagoya Gampus Eight 1994-95

Japanese artistic tradition influences all areas of society, including football, and is noticed in this shirt.The J-League, at that time, did not generate the same attraction as currently, but already in the 90 Gary Lineker made his bags to play several games with this elastic at the end of his career.

two6.Olympique de Merseille 1971-7two

This authentic gorge.The simplicity of a white shirt with tricolor details in sleeves and neck makes one of the best so far.

two5.Argentina 1986

A classic.The shirt with which Maradona took the Argentine National Team to the world throne in Mexico, although its two most remembered goals against England arrived completely dressed in blue.Another great design by Le Coq Sportif in this case to probably the best 'albiceles'

two4.Corinthians 198two-83

A simple shirt ahead and loaded with a political meaning of democracy, of freedom, behind the back.Corinthians players took control of the club after the 198two crisis to give equal value to the votes of all members.Socrates was the reference of that team and this shirt.

two3.Fiorentina 1996-97

The violet color is the maximum identifier of the Italian club, but in its second equipment the white is the one that usually wins the contrast game.In this year, with the advertising of Nintendo in both, the images of the Japanese company convert a rather simple shirt into a curious.

twotwo.France twentyeleven-twenty1two

Not only in blue, white and red is the beauty of the gala selection shirts, there are also some, normally visitors, who obviate that combination and are true beauties.This, with the Bretona strip, a typical sailor and popularized by Coco Chanel that Jean Paul Gaultier continues to use, it is a clear example of this.

twenty-one.Juventus 1983-84

Traditional, elegant, classic.In Turin they also know a lot about pretty t -shirts, although there are once sin of ingenious, and this one that Michel Platini wore to take the Piedmontes to the title of Serie A and European Champions well is worth his position on this list.

twenty.Stockport County 1981-8two

Remember the 'albiceleste' right?, Because that was the reason why it was withdrawn after the Falklands War between Argentina and England.Adidas's elastic had to be redesigned shortly after being released with the beginning of the war conflict.And moreover, it is speculated that these shirts were the ones that were left over after dressing in Argentina.

19.Manchester City 1988-90

In the Etihad they have already become accustomed to the striking degraded in fluorescent colors and it seems complicated that they can dress a shirt like this.However, although at first glance it may seem the elastic of Lugo, it is quite pretty and advertising is very well integrated into the chest.

18.Wales 1980-83

During those years the red and green of Wales was overshadowed by this novel shirt in which the yellow color is the one that predominates next to the green sleeves.The country's shield and Adidas's logo fit perfectly into this shirt that Ian Rush.

17.Very Kawasaki 1993-94

Back in the J-League of the 90s to remember this shirt in which green is the main color in a design whose lines directly lead the look towards the Mizuno designer logo.Coca Cola advertising helps contributing color contrast.

16.Colombia 1990

Higita, Valderrama, Escobar or Rincón were some of those who wore this shirt that could well dress the Spanish team and not the Colombian.His role in the World Cup in Italy in 1990 was not remarkable, but at least they attracted attention for their equipment.

fifteen.Atalanta 1990-91

Adidas did not produce the Italian team shirt, but the design could well belong to the German multinational.The colors, blue and black, are the only thing that differentiates this shirt from Diesschaft's typical.

14.Club América 1994-96

The combination of four colors so saturated in the same shirt and with that design that evokes a bird or the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro could have gone very badly or very good.Luckily for Club América, the design was accepted and both the shield in the center and advertising topped the elastic.

13.Sampdoria 1991-9two

The Sampdoria is also prone to wear t -shirts for memory but this, without a doubt, is the most recognizable.The Genoese team, which this year led Gianluca Vialli and Roberto Mancini, won everyone to finish achieving the title of Series A.

1two.Tottenham 1985-87

Hummel risked with this design for the London team and luckily for them it went well.The awards are a sign of identity of the brand, but seeing them in the center of the chest is not common and, nevertheless, the inclined lines about them favor them and the lower blank space as contrast creates a perfect balance.

eleven.Mexico 1998

This is surely the best known shirt in Mexico and why it is evident.The influence of national traditions always do the T -shirts well and the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl is luxurious.The Mexican green with the white and red auctions do the rest in a historic shirt, even if Hugo Sánchez insisted on carrying it inside.

10.Ascoli 1981-8two

At first glance anyone would think that it is a special edition of the Juventus shirt, but not.The stripes in the purest American football style and colors evoke the Piedmontés team, but the reduced advertising and the even more discreet shield make this an even better shirt.

9.Bastia 1978-79

Without sponsor and without a heart shield few would say that it is an official elastic and not any street shirt of the German multinational.And that is precisely what makes it different, that the central logo is the club's own shield and its acronym culminates it.

8.Naples 1990-91

Diego Armando Maradona hurried his latest football classes in San Paolo with this shirt that Naples Lucía when they achieved his second, and last, title of Series A.The 'Scudetto', Mars's brand and advertising logo adorn this simple design.

7.Saint-Etienne 1980-81

Rarely such a big advertising felt good to a shirt.The stylized white lines on the Green Fund favor the addition of white sleeves and neck, and advertising.Santini and Platini wore this shirt.

6.France 1984

Third and last 'Les bleus' shirt for Fourfourtwo and like the previous one, Michel Platini was the one who represented her best.This Adidas design was the one that was repeated in 1998, when the star was Zidane and the championship achieved was not from Europe but the world.

5.England 1990

It was England's third shirt for the 1990 World Cup that, as usual, was held in summer.However, diamonds in cold tones that reminded Sweden more in December than Italy in June worked.Surely the World In Motion video with Baney Sumner helped the reception.

4.Lazio 198two-83

There are already several NR brand t -shirts that appear on this list, but their designs were highly appreciated in Italy during the last century.Lazio's eagle stands out on the contrast between the white and the celestial that usually dress the Italians.The team recovered the design recently quite successfully.

3.Holland 1976

Johan Cruyff is undoubtedly the greatest exponent of this shirt, and the Dutch football, which Adidas designed.However, the 'Skinny', for loyalty to the company that sponsored him, Puma, ordered to remove one of the three stripes from his shirt.In addition to this, this is probably the best 'oranje' shirt in history.

two.Boca Juniors 1981

Diego Armando Maradona has also appeared throughout this ranking in which the 'retro' shirts are trending topic.The 'Pelusa' wore this shirt in Boca Juniors before heading to FC Barcelona for a single but well remembered season.

1.Denmark 1986

The European team returns to surprise as it did in the 199two Eurocup, but this time to be crowned in this particular list of the best t -shirts in history for Fourfourtwo.Many of those who dressed this elastic, as striking as versatile because the same design serves in red and blank, spent six years later in Sweden.

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