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Telva Luxury jewelry to give to your most beloved beings

Basque donkey accessories for those who have no price, although they are not available to everyone

Watches, bracelets, pendants...pieces made with the exquisiteness of the great design and jewelry houses that will leave you breathless.These are some of the proposals of firms such as Barcena, Cartier, Rolex or Longines (among others) for this Christmas.

The exclusivity of the luxury of a high jewelry piece is available to a few.A jewel, that complement that distinguishes you in your look at every moment, also serves to give notoriety to a special gift, demonstrating the love that is professed to that person for whom you do not seek only surprise, but leave speechless.Take note of our select parts extract among the best and most luxurious jewelry brands.

Tag Heuer Lady Clock Clock

It has quartz movement, stainless steel box of 36 millimeters in diameter and fixed stainless steel bevel with 54 diamonds.Its pearly white sphere is crowned with indices and needles plated in Rodio.The belt is crocodile skin and stainless steel drop -down closure.Price: 3.700 euros.


Telva Joyería de lujo para regalar a tus seres más queridos

A nail that becomes a jewel, designed in New York in the 1970s, is the reflection of a festive and free time.Made in 18 carat pink gold with diamonds.Price: 88.500 euros.

Marine Dame 9518 of Breguet

The box is pink gold with 34 millimeter diamond bezel.The sphere is white, such as the belt, and its closure is airtight up to 50 meters.Price: 34.200 euros.

Bárcena jewelry hangers

Hanging from the 30s of Art Decó style, made in Platinum with Esmeralda and Diamonds.Price: c.P.V.

Conquest Classic by Longines

A perfect combination of the femininity of materials with dynamic lines that remains faithful to the elegance of the brand.The line has a selection of spheres in which the pearl, diamonds and pink touches are mixed.Price: c.P.V.

Rabat earrings

For this Christmas campaign, Rabat has decided to focus on its prominence in four precious stones: the ruby, emerald, diamond and sapphire.In the case of the image, these earrings are made in white gold with ruby drops and diamonds bright size.Price: 18.350 euros.

Rolex Day Date

36 mm.Price: c.P.V.

Dior earrings

With the promise that each gift brings a moment full of dreams and generosity to its recipient, Dior has these earrings among his campaign proposals for Christmas, adding the magic J'a Dior to the magic of these parties.Price: c.P.V.