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Summer jewels that it is impossible to stop looking at

TRENDSThey are forceful, hypnotic, they raise the intention of any 'look' and inspire many other pieces of (almost) daily use

By María José Pérez Méndez

We are very used to garments by seasons, but much less to dividing the jewelry box by seasons. However, is it possible that there are some summer jewels and others for winter, that pieces considered eternal understand something as volatile as cold or heat? The answer is that perhaps not in a formal way (after all, the materials are what they are and here there is no possible thermal functionality, but rather it is pure ornament), but it is true that there are a series of forms that can be associated without much problem with summer jewelry: XL silhouettes, wavy lines, doses of color and a certain (wonderful) eccentricity are some of the coordinates. And all of them are present in various jewels of the spring-summer 2021 fashion shows that, why lie, are hypnotic.

XL earrings by Ulla Johnson

Encapsulating the idiosyncrasies of summer in a jewel is not easy, but these earrings come close. Generous measures always seem to align with a certain hedonistic excess, one that is easy to identify with summer nights and a party on the coast. That is where the golden tones and the sinuous and curved shapes stand out best, along with colored stones that break the metallic effect. The different volumes and thicknesses of earrings that reach the clavicle only increase their magnetism.

The 'choker' + pendant combo, by Acne Studios

There is a summer aesthetic cliché that speaks of a multitude of necklaces and pendants together, as if they were overlapping on the neck as the holidays progress and little finds are bought, materializing some of the memories of those weeks. Thus, it is difficult to resist this particular layering, especially when there are blue tones in the equation. There is no need to fear the mixture of materials, textures and lengths, leaving a (large) gap for the choker, which will star in one of the great returns next season.

Chanel bag necklace

Joyas de verano que es imposible dejar de mirar

One of the great trends proposed by the catwalks has been figurative jewelry, that is, those that recreate everyday objects in a more or less reliable way and move away from abstraction and geometric shapes. Its nature alone explains why it is more than difficult to stop looking at these pieces.

Hermès link bracelet

Link jewelry has become a new essential in jewelers, despite being a classic with a long history behind it (one, in fact, linked to subcultures far removed from normative elegance). With the lesson of necklaces learned, it is time to place these thick chains in other places, such as the wrists: they may not be the canonical on-screen accessory, but they can have a great role in video calls and yes, also in face-to-face encounters. away from the screens. The good thing about Hermès? That is unavoidable without overloading the styling.

The starfish brooch by Versace

If an explicit reference to summer and the sea was needed, those two concepts that usually go hand in hand, it is in the Versace collection. To the multicolored prints of starfish and shells we must add a series of bright and impressive pieces that finished off a good part of the looks, among which is this brooch. Not only is it the opening of the parade, but it is also a more than deserved break between more usual pieces, such as earrings or necklaces.

The surrealist pieces, by Schiaparelli

And it is something general because any of the rings, pendants, glasses, brooches, earrings or body jewelry could star in these lines: the firm is putting a great focus on these surreal jewels that merge with clothing, visually giving a hit on the table that is very, very photogenic.

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