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Purchasing in Madrid: The best stores, neighborhoods and shopping centers

The capital of Spain hosts from February 18 to 23 a new edition of the Madrid Fashion Week, an essential appointment for the best designers in the world and fashion fans.If you are one of those that every time you plan a getaway wears a suitcase to return with it loaded with clothes and accessories, keep reading because in Skyscanner we show you the best stores, neighborhoods and shopping centers to go shopping in Madrid, one ofThe best cities in Europe to go from Shopping.

Neighborhood of salamanca

La denominada ‘Milla de Oro’ es sinónimo de lujo en todo su esplendor. Las tiendas de los diseñadores más prestigiosos, sólo al alcance de un puñado de privilegiados, se concentran en torno a las calles de Claudio Coello, Serrano y Ortega y Gasset. Si te apetece ir de compras por Madrid y no tienes problema de presupuesto, en el Neighborhood of salamanca encontrarás sucursales de las marcas más caras del mundo: Chanel, Valentino, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo… De compras por Madrid: las mejores tiendas, barrios y centros comerciales De compras por Madrid: las mejores tiendas, barrios y centros comerciales

Si te apasionan las joyas, éstas cobran protagonismo y lucen como nunca en los escaparates de Cartier, Bvlgari, Suárez o la archifamosa Tiffany & Co.And if you are one of those who prefer to go to a single space to make their purchases, in the area you will find two shopping centers: the Garden de Serrano or ABC Serrano, which concentrate a good handful of stores, some of them affordable for all pockets.

Escápate a Madrid

The salts

De compras por Madrid: las mejores tiendas, barrios y centros comerciales

One of the emerging areas to spend a shopping day in Madrid divides the Paseo de Recoletos with the street of Hortaleza, around the convent of the royal salts and bordering with Chueca.In a few years this Madrid neighborhood of the Centro District has been seeing how some of the most exclusive and independent clothing stores settle in the rúas of Argensola or Barquillo.A clear example of success are the male accessories of Le left Aux Puces, the sophisticated Ailanto or Fish, one of the favorites for fashionable actresses and bloggers.Bicycles in Slowroom, loin cameras in Lomography Gallery Store Argensola or Flores in Margarita is called my love, in addition to classics such as Carolina Herrera or Purification García, other highly recommended stops for any purchase lover.

Do you feel like a stop on the way to replenish strength?From the original and glamorous proposal of ham and champagne snack to Sergi Arola's Take Away and his hooligan chicken, through the sweet delights of MamOriol Balaguer.And if you can afford a true meal with star Michelin included, Dstage is your restaurant.


Epicenter of the gay environment of Madrid, Chueca is much more than party and fun.The street of Hortaleza has a good handful of establishments where to acquire the most daring, brief and tight fashion, especially thought for the LGBT public.There are also sex shops, such as City Sex Store, which offer a wide selection of fun sex toys, lingerie or magazines, in addition to specialized bookstores, such as Berkana and Different Life, where to get with movies, gifts or memories related to the rainbow flag.

And, if you like shoes, Augusto Figueroa concentrates a good number of shoe stores, many of them with sample, where to find the most original models, loose pairs or footwear of past seasons.

Chueca is also full of design and bars restaurants to relax with a good cocktail.But if, in addition, you feel like a small gourmet purchase, do not stop making a stop in the San Antón market, whose terrace is also one of the most chic in the capital of Spain.

Escápate a Madrid