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Red Dead Redemption 2: where to find the widow and the missions and scenes you can see

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In Red Dead Redemption 2 we have a lot of secondary missions and very interesting encounters that we can carry out together with some characters that we will not see in the "normal" story, as has become usual in Rockstar.

In this case we are going to show you how to find the widow Charlotte Balfour and the missions and scenes that you can see with her. One of the most interesting secondary characters in the entire game, with a very moving story.

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Where to find the widow and the missions and scenes you can see

With the widow we will have several encounters throughout our adventure. Although you have to be careful and follow our instructions step by step, because if we do any of it wrong or leave it for another time, she can change her story and even die.

First meet

The first encounter is the only one that is optional, it will be north of Annesburg and more than an encounter we will only meet a peasant who talks about it. It is not essential to see the rest of the scenes and secondary missions.

second meeting

Red Dead Redemption 2: dónde encontrar a la viuda y las misiones y escenas que puedes ver

The second meeting will also take place in the northern part of Annesburg. In this we can already see the widow, whose name is Charlotte Bulfaur and is next to the grave of her deceased husband.

She tells Arthur that her husband has died and that she cannot take care of herself. In order for her to survive, we will carry out a small secondary mission where we protect her from some wolves, so that she has food from her and we will accompany her to her house.

third meeting

In the third encounter we will have to go to her house where we left her in the previous mission, although it will be marked on the map. We have to make this meeting obligatory, since if we don't do it, the peasant with whom we spoke the first time will kill her.

Once we go to her house, we will find her practicing with her rifle shooting some bottles. However, Charlotte cannot hit them and she will ask Arthur to teach her. As a reward she offers Arthur an invitation to lunch, which she accepts, but she begins to cough violently from tuberculosis and passes out. When we wake up we will have a letter thanking us for our teachings.

fourth meeting

For the fourth meeting, the last one with Arthur, we have to go back to her house, where it seems that she is in much better condition. She will thank him again for what he has done for her and says that he can take anything from her house, where you will find several packs of cigarettes.

fifth meeting

The last encounter will take place in the Epilogue of the game with John Marston. In this case it will only be a small scene, to see it you have to go to her cabin and John will inform her of Arthur's death. Charlotte will thank you and welcome you into her home whenever she needs you, ending her story in the game.

So far our guide on . If you want more information about where to find the widow and the missions and scenes that you can see in Red Dead Redemption 2, we remind you that you can consult our RDR2 analysis to know more about the title and that you also have at your disposal our Red Dead Redemption guide two.

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