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Paz Padilla reveals what her dress will be like for the Chimes in Mediaset

war of stylists

Designed by Alejandro de Miguel, the dress has more than 500 crystals and 30 meters of silk tulle

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Paz Padilla desvela cómo será su vestido para las Campanadas en Mediaset

Paz Padilla already has everything ready to give the Bells in Mediaset this year. And she wanted to enter the competition to wear the best New Year's Eve dress. It is not easy for her since Cristina Pedroche continues to know how to play her cards very well, although the Cadiz woman already warned a few days ago that she was not going to leave anyone "indifferent".

What's more, Paz Padilla herself has participated in the design of what she has assured will be a most dazzling and special dress. A unique suit that has been created and made by designer Alejandro de Miguel, in collaboration with the Mediaset group's styling team.

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The style has been made exclusively by more than ten seamstresses who have invested around 600 hours to sew, along thirty meters of silk tulle, 500 aurora borealis class crystals. This is a type of stone that captures light and transforms it into flashes of brilliant color, according to the chain.

Undoubtedly, the Cádiz-born comedian intends to be radiant on New Year's Eve that Mediaset will broadcast from Vejer de la Frontera and in which she will surprise all viewers with a wardrobe full of light. The designer himself, Alejandro de Miguel, points out that "it is a unique, sexy and elegant dress. A creation full of magic, in which I have been involved body and soul. Paz is light and no one better than her to show off this dream" .

This is not the first time that Paz Padilla gave clues about how her dress would be for the 2021-2022 Chimes. The presenter of Save me already announced that she would go "daring and sexy", something that designer Alejandro de Miguel seems to have made a reality.

"He adapts to me and I blindly trust him," said the presenter, who also confessed that the dress she was going to wear will be "very striking." Although Padilla is aware that the competition, with Cristina Pedroche in front, she is not going to make things easy for him in terms of styling.

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