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Oscars 2019: ‘Green Book’ steals the prominence of 'Rome'

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In 1997, the Oscars Honor Award was awarded to Stanley Donen, creator of immortal jewels such as 'Singing in the rain' or 'Two on the road'.The filmmaker lived a golden era that - for better and for evil - is very far from today's Hollywood, where cultural diversity prevails among the academy prizes nominees, the presenters renounce the position for a 'tweet' and honorary awardsAs yours surrender in a separate ceremony.It is also a time where in memoriam forgets to mention him, although without him it would be impossible to understand the musical 'Hollywoodiense'.

This oblivion has not been the first clumsiness of the Academy in this 91st edition of the Oscars, for which it has had to recreate up to twice -by the infamous prize for best popular film and for wanting to give certain awards in the advertising space -And the one that has finally stayed, for the first time in 30 years, without a master of ceremonies.Rares of the organization aside, this has been a particularly surprising year, in which the countless controversies have not been able to with two of the great winners ('Green Book' by Peter Farrelly and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' of that-For-series), the predictability of much of the awards was almost ridiculous and the voters have not risked to give the Grand Prize to 'Rome'.

This has been the Oscars 2019.

1. Almost all roads lead to ‘Rome’

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No, 'Rome' has not made history becoming the first Spanish -speaking production to take the Oscar for best film, but he has done so in other categories.Alfonso Cuarón has won the best direction for the second time - the previous one was by 'Gravity' - and confirms the unbeatable streak of Mexican directors in Hollywood, along with Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro G. Iñárritu.In addition, he has shown that he does not need his eternal director of photography, Emmanuel Lubezki, to get an Oscar in that same category himself.Not surprisingly, he was nominated in four different categories, exhibiting his ability as a man-orchestra.

'Rome' has collected a third award, one that has always had since the beginning in the pocket: the best non -English speech movie.Nor 'Cold War' by Pawel Pawlikowski has been able to shade the Netflix film, which has become the first victory in this category for the country of Mexico.Indeed, Mexicans devastate American productions, but they had never succeeded with a properly Mexican.Cuarón continues to make history, although not as much as he would have liked.

2. Green Book and the necessary messages

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Peter Farrelly has not tired of repeating this season of prizes that 'Green Book' is a film that encourages understanding, and that his moral of the story to the Frank Capra is more necessary today than ever.We know that the marketing narratives in the Oscars campaigns are vital, and here it has been more decisive than ever: in effect, 'Green Book' has won the award for best film -also for best adapted script and best cast actor- Beating the one that seemed to be destroyed with everything, 'Rome'.Little have imported, already uploaded on stage, the Islamophobic comments of their screenwriter Nick Vallelonga, Farrelly's indiscretions in the 90s or criticism of Don Shirley's family about the portrait they make of his father.The controversies have placed themselves with the sound of the 'The Oscar Goes to ...' and now returns to that sweet moment in which he won the public prize at the Toronto Festival.

His intention has always been to talk about racism, with a portrait of the United States of the 60s that congressman John Lewis praised on the stage of Dolby Theater.However, in the era of demands on representation and new perspectives especially in the African -American community, the most awarded of the night has been a film made by white men talking about the black experience with a white protagonist.A redemption story for a racist who shines for his sympathy and exquisite taste for comedy, but that does not represent any of the values that Hollywood had been demanding in the last two years.Oh, how far it has been 'Moonlight'.

3. Without presenter there is no paradise

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Exactly 30 years ago, the Oscars stayed for the first time without presenter.It was a gala that is remembered as the largest disaster in the history of the awards, with a 11 -minute musical opening with Rob Lowe and Snow White that caused such embarrassment in the industry that, the next day, about twenty stars -including JulieAndrews and Paul Newman- signed a letter calling to the show of "a shame for both the academy and for the entire film industry."The Hollywood awards learned the lesson ... until 2019.

Oscars 2019: ‘Green Book’ le roba el protagonismo a 'Roma'

Last night, the Oscars were left without a presenter, and, well, he did not miss him too much.He helped the organizers shorten the gala to three hours - one less than usual in recent years - and save it with varied musical performances, from Queen to Lady Gaga.Level.Thus, the result has been a ceremony that has been taken successfully, with funny surprises and moments, but with a somewhat soulless joint direction.What has been of that humorous and even ideological line that marks from the initial monologue the presenter?Who will make joint selfies now without them?Who will comment on a jocular way all the nominees?Who will make the jokes that we all want to hear?Hopefully last year they think better.

4. Freddie Mercury is alive!

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In the middle of the ceremony, any could have predicted that something similar to the Golden Globes was going to happen, and that 'Bohemian Rhapsody' would rise with the Grand Prix of the night.As if not to think: the gala began with a Queen concert, with two of the original members of the band and the new vocalist, Adam Lambert, who put the foot to everyone and pay tribute to the figure of Freddy Mercury.In his life, Bryan Singer's film is mostly based (he is allowed to say his name or is that only for the team?), That, when taking the best assembly award, he increased his options to succeed.Remember that there is an unwritten standard that says that, who takes the assembly, usually takes the best film.Superstitions 'Hollywoodian'.

For once, the prophecy was not fulfilled.After taking the awards for the best sound and the best sound mixture in his pocket, the film won a fourth award, perhaps the most sung of all: Rami Malek as the best leading actor.Almost a newcomer to the industry, the actor of Egyptian origin gave an emotional speech thanking all the surroundings of his - including Lucy Boynton, partner of cast and sentimental - and giving way to a career that we predict very successful.

5. Olivia Colman, an unbeatable queen

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In a film supported by the force of three women, it was difficult to point out who were protagonists and who secondary.The producer of 'La Favorita' decided to launch Olivia Colman as the main trio, and they were not wrong: his is an interpretation that is not easily forgotten.The British actress, practically unknown in the United States, has managed to convince a large part of the members of the Academy to put aside the historical redemption of Glenn Close (which with 'the good wife' already told her seventh nomination) or theMorbo of rewarding the tearful Lady Gaga (for 'a star was born) to give what is deserved to Queen Anne of Yorgos Lanthimos.Of course, although her speeches are not her, she always saves her that wonderful comic that she has been exhibiting on the United Kingdom's television for some time, and that reaches cosmic dimensions in the palatial dramas of the Greek director.

6. An African -American cast

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In the background of the interpretive categories we find a land dominated by African Americans.A joke of destiny to reference the brand new winner, 'Green Book'?Maybe.Of course, there was no doubt that the cast actors were sentenced.The first, Regina King, who left "the favorites" (Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone) on the bench for the umpteenth time and took the stage from where her mother watched her excitedly.She was dedicated to her speech, but also to James Baldwin, author of the novel on which 'Beale Street' blues of Barry Jenkins is based, and where she plays a mother courage.

In the male part, Mahershala Ali got his second Oscar in just two years - the first, remember, was for 'Moonlight', also as a secondary actor - and put himself next to the other African -American man who has achieved such merit in the history ofThe awards: Denzel Washington.Ali's interpretation in 'Green Book' like Don Shirley, a jazz musician tormented by his racial identity and the intolerant times in which he has had to live, did not deserve less than this award.In his speech he has recognized that the character has taken him to the limit, although it seems that there is nothing that resists the actor in recent years: as a double winner of the Oscar to the protagonist of the third season of 'True Detective' and present inGreat productions such as 'Alita: combat angel'.What will be next?

7. The most "sung" Oscars that are remembered

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Yes, the title is with double meaning.If something has been clear after knowing all the winners, it is that the surprises have stayed to a minimum.Perhaps we live today in the world of the Internet and social networks and we have enough information so that nothing takes us off guard, but it is undeniable that in this edition of the Oscars the predictability has reigned, especially in the interpretive categories.Is that bad?No, but boring to see yes.At certain times the body asked for an error with the envelopes or a spontaneous jumping on stage to encourage the environment a little.And, what are the Oscars without the occasional surprise?

A prizes sung, and a gala where the sung has predominated.The music has been the pillar in which the absence of presenter has been sustained, spinning with her what the lack of speeches could not.From the beginning with Queen to the various interpretations of the nominated songs (except that of Kendrick Lamar for 'Black Panther', which has been canceled at the last minute for unknown reasons), this has been one of the most musical galas that are remembered.Now, among all, there is a queen named 'Shallow'.The Momentazo that all on Twitter were waiting, and that has not disappointed: a plane from within the stage approaching a piano, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper placing and singing, sharing a seat in front of the instrument and looking at intensity ... with a filmmakerof more horny chamber perhaps we would have had a plane of Irina Shayk, Cooper's partner, to enliven the Salso.

8. Again it will be, Sorogoyen

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The Spanish, who was nominated for the best short film for ‘mother’, has not managed to take the statuette home.That honor has fallen to 'Skin', by Guy Nattiv and Jaime Ray Newman -totally unleashed on the Oscar stage-, a story starring two white supremacists.Rodrigo Sorogoyen, who already collected many Goyas this year for 'The Kingdom', became the seventh Spanish director nominated for an Oscar.His short film, which will become a film this year, tells the intense story of a mother who receives that a worrying call from her young son, who has stayed alone on a beach in France.Almost twenty minutes of pure anguish that conquered academics for nomination.In terms of Spanish representation, we could also find Núria González, producer of the Irish short film of animation ‘Late Afternoon’, which has not managed to win in its category either.We will always have chef José Andrés.

9. Losers and forgotten

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Neither forget or forgiveness for all those who stayed on the way in the nominations ('El Reverend' by Paul Schrader, 'Eighth Grade' by Bo Burnham, 'Private Life' by Tamara Jenkins, 'First Man' by Damien Chazelle, 'Leave did not bring Debra Granik or 'You were never here' by Lynne Ramsay) and either for those who have run out of statuette on this Oscars night.This is the case of Amy Adams, who loses the sixth -Sexta! -Nomination of her, while Glenn Close, much more veteran of her, lets a seventh with flavor pass.'Can you forgive me one day?'Marielle Heller goes empty despite being much superior to some of the winners of the night.

Even so, if you have to talk about a nominee who has not achieved everything he deserved, that is 'the favorite'.The Lanthimos Yorgos movie is going with the Olivia Colman award, but he knows little for a winner of the Venice Festival and one of the best films of the season.Not even the pompous locker rooms of the Palacie Cortes have been able to take recognition.Seen the results, we can say that it is one of the great losers of the night.Well, what a title irony.

10. Spike Lee and Hollywood's conscience

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It seems necessary to leave Spike Lee for the end, because he has been perhaps the most incendiary discourse of the night.Much more important and conscious than any dialogue of 'Green Book', that sure:

Perhaps the right side of the story, if I allow me to read his words borrow, it was not rewarding goodism, but the fight.Not reward the conventional, but artistically risky.Do not give victory to the same faces, but to put color to the Oscars stage.

But that will have to be on another occasion.

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