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Netflix is silent to build a list of Christmas classics: these are your best films

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Una de las principales características de Netflix es su misión de cubrir todos los géneros y nichos de audiencia con sus contenidos. Series, miniseries, cine comercial y de autor, documentales, realities, true crime… La plataforma tiene de todo para todos y esa es una de sus máximas. Por eso, de un tiempo a esta parte, no nos extraña nada que hayan querido conquistar también el mercado del cine navideño, que en los últimos años ha encontrado su hogar en el streaming.Netflix está consiguiendo en silencio construir una lista de clásicos de Navidad: estas son sus mejores películas Netflix está consiguiendo en silencio construir una lista de clásicos de Navidad: estas son sus mejores películas

Netflix Christmas films have gradually become an annual guarantee and although many of them are of doubtful quality, there are very good, especially compared to clonic movies TVs for which American chains have become famous Hallmarkand Lifetime.Some are even enduring the passage of time year after year, something very rare in Netflix, where except for honorable exceptions, the premieres usually forget in a week.Thus, new modern classics are being born with which the platform is uploading the ribbon of a genre that does not always give us the best of itself.

That is why we have decided to collect here the most recommended Netflix titles that can be enjoyed at these holidays.There is a bit of everything: romantic comedies, adventures for the whole family, animation, musical and even series, but above all we have chosen those that, either they have become very popular and have generated sequelae at popular request, or differ by theirhigher quality and their wicker to stay in memory and ask us to return every year for these dates.Merry christmas!

Romantic comedies

Christmas and romantic comedy are practically synonyms and Netflix knows.In its catalog we can already find countless romantic titles set in these parties, idealistic love stories and fairy tales that offer a light hobb.It is not a genre for everyone, but it has its unconditional fans that every year devour all premieres.And in this field, Netflix has already generated several balls.

One of his first Christmas successes was a Christmas prince, where an unknowns.Quality is not its forte.In this line we also found the Saga Change of Princess, another comedy of palatial intrigues starring Vanessa Hudgens playing twins -and later to Trillizas;and love of calendar, with Emma Roberts following in the footsteps of her aunt, Julia Roberts as a princess of the romantic comedy.

But beyond these friendly titles for these dates, it is worth highlighting the new incorporation to this genre of this year, single to Christmas, with which Netflix offers us his first Christmas romantic comedy with Gay protagonists, a film that follows the rulesof the Rom-Com contributing representation for the LGBTQ+ collective in a field where queer people do not usually star in their stories.And in addition, it has Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus), which is always a point in favor.Finally, white nights: three unforgettable love stories invites us to spend Christmas Eve with a choral group of friends in a kind of Love, Actually Juvenil that is much better than it seems.


Netflix está consiguiendo en silencio construir una lista de clásicos de Navidad: estas son sus mejores películas

Another terrain in which Netflix is standing out lately is animation.Two years ago he surprised us with Klaus, his first original animation film, Spanish production directed by Sergio Pablos and Carlos Martínez López.The film is an original and endearing story that overflows dedication and craft.An absolute delight that was nominated for the Oscar for Best Animation Film (lost to Pixar, for the disgust of many) and that has become one of the most imperishable films on the platform.

Recently, Netflix has added another little jewel to its Christmas catalog in the form of an animated special of the Magicians of Aardman, the study of Wallace and Gromit and evasion on the farm.This is Peti Roja, a beautiful half-hour short film made in Stop-Motion animation, in which a petirrojo called Robin is raised by a family of mice, which is proposed to demonstrate that it can be like them despite their differences.A short film, yes, but fully satisfactory, which only needs half an hour to soften the hearts and seize the spectator in a Christmas spirit with his endearing story, his original songs and his beautiful and warm visual finish.And speaking of Aardman, this year they have given us the Shaun sheep: the flight before Christmas, special starring the popular plasticine character, ideal for the little ones (and not so small).


If what you like is the musical, you are in luck, because in Netflix there is one of the biggest jewels of the genre that has given us streaming and that, sadly, does not know many people: the magic Christmas of the Jangle, a storyChristmas full of magic, imagination and energy that could well be the adaptation of an original Broadway musical for the quality of its original songs (composed of John Legend and Philip Lawrence) and their musical numbers, with first choreographies and a creative setting inScene that makes it the most careful Christmas production of Netflix, in addition to a family film above the average.Highly recommended.

Another foray into the Christmas musical that we are by diving the menu is Dolly Parton: Christmas in the square, which, as its name indicates, has the mythical Country Dolly singer Parton as host, interpreting an angel to an angel.The film is modest (for using euphemism), it is full of clichés and the songs are not much, but the presence of Parton and the always divine Christine Baranski (The Good Fight) in Scrooge mode, added to their good intentions,From it a pleasant and recommended stop on our Christmas Tour for streaming.Moreover, the Academy liked it, because it won the Emmy for Best Television movie.

Adventure for the whole family

From a lifetime, Christmas has been the family parties par excellence.That is why one of the genres that has given us the most classics is that of adventure for all audiences, films that invite you to sit in front of the family screen (ideally with a chimney, but not we all have) and enjoy together.Christmas chronicles stands out in this field.In it we find Kurt Russell giving life to a perfect Santa Claus in a fun burst of visual effects and action where true protagonists are children.He had a sequel, Christmas chronicles 2, in which Goldie Hawn - the couple in Russell's real life - plays Dad Noel's wife;But she is much lower, despite being directed by an eminence in this type of cinema, Chris Columbus (only at home, Harry Potter).

And since this goes from new potential classics, this year it adds to the list which is one of the best Christmas films that the streamer has given us, the boy who saved Christmas, a very tender Christmas story that, like Klaus, Rein and the history of origin of Santa Claus, with great doses of fantasy and classic adventure.With an unmistakably British style and using a narrative that reminds the promised princess, the film manages to be sweet without falling into the ñoño and captures the magic of classical children's cinema, that is, from the movies we saw again and again.In addition, he has a cast to fall on his back: Michiel Huisman, Kristen Wiig, Sally Hawkins, Toby Jones, Jim Broadbent, Stephen Merchant, the great Lady Maggie Smith and the revelation Henry Lawfull, fantastic as the protagonist.


And we end with something different.Because lately, Christmas is not only exclusive to cinema, but there are more and more thematic series set on these dates.From Netflix we have to highlight several. En primer lugar, Dash & Lily, una original y resultan propuesta juvenil que se puede ver como una película dividida en ocho partes. Centrada en dos adolescentes que se enamoran intercambiando mensajes y retos en un cuaderno rojo a través de la ciudad de Nueva York, Dash & Lily es una serie con encanto a raudales y buen humor, un dulce capaz de embargar de espíritu navideño al más Grinch.A pity that Netflix will cancel it and leave us without a second season.

On the other hand we have less known titles as the German Visit of Christmas Visit, the Norway Christmas at home or the Spanish Christmas days, in addition to two very recent additions that provide alternative visions to the genre: Christmas flow, French series that narrates the unexpected romanceChristmas between a famous rapper and a tenacious journalist;and Elves, Danish series of only 6 episodes that propose a nothing conventional version of these Christmas creatures, here represented as thirsty monsters of revenge, with a history of mystery and terror around the holidays of a family that become an authentic nightmare.For those who prefer a less cheesy and idealistic vision of the holidays.

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