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The tiaras of Letizia: these are the jewels (and their five -digit prices) the queen's favorite

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Letizia has looked at the gala dinner she has had in Sweden her most valuable tiara.This is the Tiara Flor de Lis that Alfonso XIII gave Victoria Eugenia on her wedding day, in 1906.Is valued at about 60.000 euros (three times its weight in gold) and has a very special meaning since it looks in the Center La Flor de Lis, the emblem of the Bourbon dynasty.The queen uses it in the acts of maximum protocol, but in her jeweler she has six other very special tiaras.

Letizia, last night in Stockholm

The Ansorena Tiara, Don Felipe's gift

On the occasion of Queen Margarita's 75th birthday, which took place in April 2015, Doña Letizia premiered the tiara given by Don Felipe for her fifth wedding anniversary.Valued at 50.000 euros, has 450 brilliant and ten Australian pearls.As commented on the Mentideros de Zarzuela, Letizia waited more than a five years to release it because the bad economic situation that Spain happened between 2008 and 2013 was not appropriate.

The Prussian headband, the day of her wedding

On the happiest day of her life, the queen wore this jewel that was a wedding gift that Doña Sofía's great grandfather gave the grandmother of Emeritus on her wedding day.Greek inspiration, since their forms remind those of the part, it is made in platinum.The queen does not use it since her time as Princess of Asturias and the last time we saw her with her was in 2011 on the occasion of a gala dinner held at the Royal Palace on the occasion of the visit of the President of the Republic of Chile.

The Russian Tiara, the first post-covid

Las tiaras de Letizia: estas son las joyas (y sus precios de cinco cifras) favoritas de la reina

Last week, the monarchs celebrated the first gala dinner after the pandemic on the occasion of the visit of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella.For such an important appointment, the sovereign wore the known as Russian Tiara.This is a jewel of Queen María Cristina made in Platinum, pearls and diamonds.The design forms inverted tears and owes its name to the traditional Russian headdresses of the Tsarinas.

The Chata headband, in fallow since 2007

You should not like this tiara to Letizia, since it is the jewel that takes the most time without leaving the real jeweler.He has not used it for 14 years: he used it in 2007 on the occasion of an agape in honor of the president of the Philippines.The Chata headband, also known as the headband of the shells for their marine motifs, dates from 1867.This is a tiara made by Isabel II for her daughter's wedding the infant María Isabel.

Cartier headband, used only once

The Tiara de Cartier is one of the most used Queen Emerita during her reign and has only been used once by Letizia: at the welcome gala dinner to the president of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa that took place in the palaceReal in 2018.The last person who had wore her was the Infanta Cristina who put it for the Wedding of Victoria de Sweden.Designed by Cartier in 1920, it follows Art-Decó lines and is ord with diamonds on a platinum base.

The floral tiara, the most used

This is the tiara that Queen Letizia has worn the most times.Prepared by the Parisian jewelry Mellerio in 1867, it is made of platinum and diamonds and its design represents three flowers: two equal to the sides and one central, larger, larger.It was a gift from the Spanish people to Mrs. Sofía when she married Don Juan Carlos and we have not seen her since 2019, when she was put for a gala dinner at the Royal Palace with the president of Peru.On that occasion she accompanied her from the slopes that Letizia took at her wedding.


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