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Leah Singer and Jessica Abu undertake their fine jewelry firm


Leah and Jessica, two entrepreneurial women and with different professional trajectories unite talents and their love for fine, elegant and personalized jewelry to create Leahjassica Jewelry and turn their careers.Leah brings the expertise in design and innovation, while Jessica adds her knowledge and experience in high -end sales.

Por Cecilia Morales Andere

Its jewelry firm is an independent designer boutique that offers a variety of customs made accessories collections.Leahjesssica Jewelry is known by its rings, stackables, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and parts that are made by hand with metals and precious stones of the highest quality, which makes each creation a unique product.

Leah Singer y Jessica Abu emprenden su firma de joyería fina

They started the business in 2015 and focused their first collection in carved earrings, all cut by hand and with the idea of making a mix and match, which was something new that quickly placed them in large sales numbers between their relatives and friends of SanDiego, California, a city where they reside and where the showroom is physically located.

His tenacity and avant -garde promotes his creativity day to update designs, incorporating colored stones, different elements such as hearts, medals, stars and butterflies to position himself as an artisanal jewelry manufacturing firm with options that range from simple and delicate, to daring to daringand dramatic with which they generate a fan for all tastes, occasions and ages.

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