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Laura Matamoros carries the most original Spanish signature slopes you'll see today

    Laura Matamoros is one of our great inspirations and we are always looking at her publications in search of our next object of desire.If at your time we copy the manicure with waves, Zara's most beautiful cowboy bib or the bucket hat of her, now we have fallen in love with the earrings she wears in her last post.

    Any basic garment of your closet can become a 'looko' if you know how to combine it with the right jewels.Laura Matamoros knows it, and that is why she trusts the most original accessories to give an immediate climb to her styles.On this occasion, we look at the last earrings she has worn.They are from the Spanish firm Barokah Jewels and they will love.

    Laura Matamoros lleva los pendientes de firma española más originales que verás hoy

    Fashion with a message continues to step strong and, specifically, the earrings with words.Those who have chosen the 'influencer' are one of the most original designs we have seen lately.These are slopes in which the word mom is read, a complement that she has chosen at the best moment, because she is waiting for her second son with Benji Aparicio.

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    As Laura demonstrates, these silver earrings stand out especially if you have long hair.And by the way, who said that silver and gold jewels could not go together in the same 'look'?The 'influencer demonstrates that they can, and in fact, are phenomenal.We aimed her idea!

    COMPRARBarokah Jewels

    If you also liked the earrings, we have good news: you can find them at the Spanish firm Barokah Jewels for 55 euros.Perfect for you or to give your mother on an appointed date.

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