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Kate Middleton's tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh and Diana of Wales: wears the Queen's Japanese pearl necklace for the second time

Kate Middleton on her arrival at Windsor Castle. Photo: Getty

The Duchess of Cambridge has worn the same necklace with which she attended the celebration of the platinum wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and the late Duke of Edinburgh. Lady Di also wore it in 1982.


Sober headdress, coat with a discreet bow and black dress with an asymmetrical neck by Roland Mouret to match the inevitable mask. Kate Middleton's stylistic choice to attend the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral, held in St. George's Chapel, in Windsor Castle, has been as discreet and elegant as could be expected. The prominence of her appearance, however, has been left to jewelry. The Duchess of Cambridge has chosen for such an important occasion two pieces with a lot of meaning that belong to the queen's jeweler. In addition to some earrings that, according to various British media, were one of the wedding gifts Elizabeth II received when she said "yes, I do" to her late husband in 1947, Middleton has chosen a spectacular pearl necklace that also belongs to the monarch.

Kate Middleton repeated a Roland Mouret dress that she had already worn in 2018 and accompanied it with a coat with a bow. Photo: Getty

El homenaje de Kate Middleton al duque de Edimburgo y a Diana de Gales: luce por segunda vez el collar de perlas japonesas de la reina

This choker, known in English as the Japanese Pearl Choker, was commissioned from the Garrard jewelry house by Elizabeth II herself from some pearls she received as a gift from the Japanese Government on an official visit to Japan. It is a four-strand pearl necklace sealed with a diamond clasp in the center. The queen herself has worn the piece on multiple occasions, with special mention to Margaret Thatcher's 70th birthday, and even lent it once to Diana of Wales, when she attended the official presentation of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands at Hampton Court Palace. in 1982, the year Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge herself were born.

Diana of Wales wearing the necklace in 1982. Photo: Cordon Press

It is not the first time that Kate Middleton wears this piece. The first time she was seen wearing her necklace was in November 2017 to attend the platinum wedding celebration dinner – 70 years of marriage – of Queen Elizabeth and the late Duke of Edinburgh. The choice of these two jewels can be interpreted as a clear tribute: the necklace is a nod to the two women who have defined the British monarchy for the last century and the earrings refer to the 73-year marriage of the monarch and her late husband. .

The Duchess of Cambridge is an expert at choosing jewelry steeped in symbolism and history: from the pendants with the initials of her children (Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte) to the impressive Cartier necklace that was probably given to her by her husband, Prince William , on his 30th birthday. Nor is it the first time that the queen lends her some jewels. We have previously seen her wearing the four-leaf bracelet, a diamond bracelet that had belonged to the queen mother, or the Halo de Cartier tiara, which she wore on her wedding day.

Queen Elizabeth II with the pearl choker in 1995. Photo: Getty

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