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Hooded men assault residents of Manzanera with sticks to rob them

Several residents of the Manzanera neighborhood have had a great scare this morning, in Ceuta. A group of friends usually gathers in the neighborhood's social venue to enjoy the summer nights. Around 03:00 in the morning, when they were already sweeping the premises to put an end to a fun day, two vehicles appeared out of nowhere, from which several hooded individuals with sticks got out and entered the premises stealing different materials. Among the different things they took a PlayStation, screwdrivers, hookahs, a chainsaw... and other utensils that are property of the neighborhood and that they usually keep in the area for different jobs.

A real nightmare was what those young people lived when they were going home to rest. This event occurred in just minutes, and the authors, despite being aware that they were being seen, were not daunted and continued with their objective. Fortunately, there is no physical damage to the neighbors who were in the area, only the theft of the different materials. Minutes later, the president of the Provincial Federation of Neighbors, Francisco García Segado, appeared at the Superior Headquarters of the National Police to file the corresponding complaint for these events.

Of course, the president of the FPAV has wanted to make it clear to El Faro de Ceuta that this event "is not unusual" since the same events occurred on the same night but in a place in the neighborhood of the Campus, where even in the complaint The license plate of the vehicles used to carry out this misdeed is reflected. Mowing has wanted to influence the "little security" that has been taking place in the city in recent months and calls on the relevant authorities to reinforce security to avoid similar events, or that they end in a greater misfortune.