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Bye, Bye, jewelry: Queen Letizia breakfast with diamonds

For years, we have talked about Doña Letizia's passion for jewelry.Well, specifically from the proclamation of Felipe VI in June 2014, at which time he brought his at the same time inseparable Chanel diamond stars to give way to a wide variety of slopeMango, Etsy or My Collect.That led us to catalog Felipe VI's wife as the queen of the jewelry, a title that today no longer adapts to her tastes.

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After her return from the summer holidays, in each of her public appearances, the queen has opto the jewelry that are not of quality and that have a low price).Now the diamonds, the precious stones and the gold have become the best friends of the Queen, that she only wants to wear Joyons and does not take off from them.

Doña Letizia has changed Parfois for Bulgari, from Grisogono and other large international firms, either with new pieces or rescuing others she had in her jeweler for a long time, but did not look for various reasons.One of them, perhaps the most important of her, is that during the time of the crisis she was asked for moderation with the ostentation.

Next we show you the slopes that the queen has worn since September so that you can see that, which is a large part of them.

The 'good' jewels of Letizia

Bye, bye, bisutería: la reina Letizia desayuna con diamantes

1. Pearls of white gold pearls and diamonds signed by Tous.Price: 284 euros.

2. Lot pending to move from the queens of Spain.He looked for them for the first time during the state visit of Argentina in February 2017. Their value is incalculable.

3. Chanel earrings, Plume model, representing a pen and made with diamonds and 18 carat white gold.Price: 6,800 euros.

4. Chanel earrings, Comète model, representing a star and made with diamonds and 18 carat white gold.Price 4,950 euros.They were a gift from the firm on the occasion of Leonor's birth.

5. Pendientes de Gold & Roses, modelo Crawler Skyline, elaborados en oro blanco de 18 quilates y diamantes. Precio: 1.565 euros.

6. Pendientes de Gold & Roses de oro amarillo combinados. Por un lado, el modelo Sun Balance, con una bolita y una cadena, cuyo precio es de 99 euros; y en la izquierda el Milky Way, con una estrella y un precio de 120 euros.

7. Pendientes de Gold & Roses, modelo Doble Daga, elaborados en oro blanco y diamantes. Precio: 1.985 euros.

8. Diamond slopes florally.They were a gift from his in -laws, Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía, on the occasion of her link with Felipe.

9. Diamond slopes, white gold and Australian pearls.She has taken them in the baptism of her two daughters.A similar model can reach 1,500 euros.

10. White gold earrings and Bulgari Aguamarinas.They were a gift from the Maison on the occasion of Leonor's birth.Approximate price of 4,000 euros

11. Blind and black bright pending of the Grisogono firm.He has the matching necklace, although he never looks.The jewels of this house do not go down from 2,000 euros.

12. Butterfly slopes of Elena C. White gold of 18 carats and diamonds.Price: 595 euros.

13. Yellow gold earrings composed of a gold shell chain.Signed by Tous.600 euros.

14. Aro -shaped earrings with brilliant.He wore them in the delivery of the Cerecedo award.Unknown signature, approximate price of 500 euros.

15. Cube -shaped yellow gold earrings with a diamond inside.He has them since 2005 and it is unknown what house they are.They can be around 300 euros.

16. White gold earrings and tear -shaped rubies.Its origin is not known.Approximate price of 700 euros.