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7 traditional manicure trends (for short and long nails) that you can do at home

Desde los tradicionales diseños hasta las clásicas que se reinventan, te revelamos las tendencias de manicura que vienen pisando fuerte y que te salvarán cuando no puedas ir al salón.

Por Redacción GLAMOUR7 tendencias de manicura tradicional (para uñas cortas y largas) que puedes hacer en casa 7 tendencias de manicura tradicional (para uñas cortas y largas) que puedes hacer en casa

The manicure trends that come next year offer us options to try on any nail length and range from the most elaborate that require a lot of patience, to the simplest and minimalist with which you can obtain elegant finishes and extremely cool.The best?Many of them can be done at home!

And at this point we have seen countless nail designs on Instagram, but to select what we can really practice taking into account what stores offer and what is within our reach at home, we have done this compilation of trendsof traditional manicure that are a must to take the following months.Let us begin!

Crescent Nails

It is not really a new trend, but it is traditional and remains among the favorites due to the simplicity with which it is done, being something that we can execute ourselves at home.It is about painting the entire nail, except for the bottom, and one of its advantages is that it can last longer because it does not notice that the nails are growing.

Another version of the most elaborate crescent nails is to paint the lower part for a polished finish and more combinable with outfits.

Designs of different colors

7 tendencias de manicura tradicional (para uñas cortas y largas) que puedes hacer en casa

There are many simple geometric nail designs starring solid monochromatic tones with blank details, black and glitter points that are the most requested manicure trends in the rooms.These can also be done at home painting a finger of each color, combining tones of the trend ranges.

The colors range from the most natural or nude, gray, blue, burgundy and brown tones to any color with diamond and glitter.

Natural Base Manicure

Any detail that is based on a color similar to that of your natural nail will be a great success to look sophisticated and on point.You can make some simple points, draw a crescent on the cuticle of a color or make a french manicure.With this idea, you have the opportunity to create traditional and minimalist manicure trends that do not require too much expertise with the nails!

With crystals

Nails with miniature jewels and diamonds are also a great tendency to manicure easy to replicate because you just have to go to beauty stores, buy these little crystals and adhere to your nails.The best thing is that details do not even apply in all fingers and that is what makes them even more discreet to carry in different situations.

You can also get diamonds in sticker and make wonderful nail designs in a short time.

Metal colored manicure

The metal and the glitter on the nails is part of the manicure trends for this 2022, so it is!We can continue having a festive atmosphere and express ourselves through our looks, without having to make risky designs and, the best, is that enamel brands already facilitate all work by offering us varnishes with glitter, colors and different finishes.Easier?Impossible!

Artificial nails

And if yours is speed, postpage and clip-on nails are the solution.Forget about going to the beauty salon because you can already acquire the sets with different designs through a super simple mechanism to paste them.In fact, putting them is as simple that practically works as sticker, although you have the opportunity to file them so that they perfectly fit the size of your nail and taste.

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Nail forms you can do at home

Speaking of the forms of nail that enter the hardest manicure trends for next year, short nails will be part of the new 2022 trend because there are many that continue to bet on the simplicity and comfort of the process.

Now that we continue using gels and constantly wash our hands, the practical one resists abandoning ourselves as far as manicure is concerned.This influences the length of the nails that, the shorter, prevents bacteria and dirt from accumulating.Therefore, the length remains restrained in many of the proposals and triumphs those that have rounded edge, because it is the simplest natural way that we can make ourselves with a lime.

However, other forms that are also burning are the stiletto, the almond and the semi -squares.What is your favorite for this season?