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4 uses that you should not give to your toothpaste and that you may not know


The most traditional home remedies with toothpaste and the most current tricks that have emerged on social networks are not as effective as we thought. And we explain why.


Home remedies, those that our grandmother taught us; they are not always adequate and sometimes they are worse than the disease itself. Above all, those that involve toothpaste to remove acne or relieve spots on our skin. On the other hand, social networks have brought many effective tricks and hacks; but also a lot of hoaxes and fake news that make our lives a little more dangerous. In recent days we have seen on apps like Tik Tok how many influencers claimed that toothpaste served as a method for our nails to grow healthier and stronger. Ideas as crazy as false that we come to deny in this article We present four uses that we should not give our toothpaste.

Where and when we should NOT use toothpaste

We will say it one last time: Toothpaste should be used solely and exclusively to take care of our oral hygiene; not to try to improve the appearance of our skin or our nails. Each product has its function and the toothpaste, as its name indicates, is more than clear. Neither to eliminate acne, nor to end the problems of depigmentation of our skin, much less, to heal burns. There are many myths that revolve around the various uses (and multiple benefits) of toothpaste and practically all of them are false.

We have selected some of the most common mistakes and we will tell you why we should not make them. Take note and do not make these mistakes!


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toothpaste to get rid of acne

It is true that toothpaste contains ingredients that in some situations can help dry out our blackheads or pimples. However, these products are so strong that they can literally burn our skin. That is why we recommend not using it if what we are looking for is to eliminate our pimples.


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Toothpaste to relieve burns

If when applying it on a pimple or pimple, we run the risk of burning our skin, imagine if we spread it directly on our skin irritated by a burn. Absolutely not! This can cause an infection, make it difficult to cure or even generate much greater complications.


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toothpaste remove stains

There are many videos on YouTube that ensure that to remove stains from our skin we can use toothpaste and massage it lightly on the specific area. However, this lacks scientific validation and it is always better to go to our dermatologist to provide us with a suitable (and tested) product.


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Toothpaste to grow nails

Probably this madness that has arisen Tik Tok does not have too many contraindications; but no benefits. There is nothing to show that the toothpaste can help our nails grow, so we can use it, but we will not notice any change.

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