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This Ikea adhesive tape will fix all the bass of the pants for 2 euros

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Measure 1.60 m has its good part and its less good part.THE FIRST: THE 13 YEARS OF ZARA IS FETEN.The second: there is no low pants, unless it is culotte or fishing.If buying monkeys of girls 25 euros on average is a luxury, having to fix almost half of the losses of jeans is not so much, but as you can't have everything in this life, you have to choose.Dress with bargains for preteen yes, and do a super expresion and preparation course, too.

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Esta cinta adhesiva de IKEA te arreglará todos los bajos de los pantalones por 2 euros

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To make our lives more pleasant, and therefore, less complicated, Ikea has in its catalog of objects-what-so-salvan-la-vida a double-sided adhesive tape that will avoid calling you home asking for instructions on how to sew thelow without doing any strip to the new or better pants, go to the dressmaker that someone once recommended but not keep the contact.

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For sewing dummies, IKEA's 2.5 euros tape serves to make fed -of -sew.How?These are the instructions of the product: "All you need to do is fold the fabric, put the strip in place and pass the hot iron until it adheres".Spot.You just have to do the hem, put the tape between both fabrics and iron.Of course, Ikea warns that in case of thick tissues they advise using two strips together and that does not work well with the tissues that are ironed at low temperature.